Edinburg Community Club

Community Club - Is Alive and Well

Our Edinburg Community Club is an energetic group that enjoys sponsoring events for the community. Anyone wanting to join forces with friends and neighbors to participate in improving the community is invited to attend our meetings. Meetings are generally held at 7 PM in the Community Center the first Thursday of every month. We try to keep the meetings to an hour.

The Community Club has sponsored many different activities in the community. We have sponsored many social events from hosting tourists from Norway, having the UND Tour bus come twice, plus bike rallys and snowmobile events. We have held a Spring Brunch for the last 5 years.

We would love to have you come and be a part of our Community Club.

"Wish List" for Community

The Community Club has held fund raisers over the past years and have been able to complete many of the items that was on our original "Wish List". So far the Community Club has purchased a keyboard, a commercial dishwasher and a new microwave for the Community Center. We have bought new Christmas lights for Main Street and purchased decorations for the holidays. The City buys the flowers for the hanging baskets and the Community Club pays for the maintainence. Through the Wellness Program sponsored by ALTRU, Grafton and First Care Health Center classes in various fitness classes have been held also.

We would love to have more ideas of "wishes" for the community and will welcome any thoughts and ideas.

veras scarecrow

Vera Brandvold has her scarecrow up in the garden again this year. I don't know if it scares pests away, but it scares me if I'm in the garden and turn around fast. Always think someone is standing there!

Communities thrive when people care. Join us. Your ideas and support are needed and welcomed.


Alyson Hall is opening one of many gifts she received at her baby shower the other evening. Alyson and Taylor are expecting their baby in August.



Shane Johnson and Glenn Ohma prepare the serving area before the crowd gets to eat.