The Crow's Nest - May 26, 2018

Wow!  Spring has come to this part of the world with a blast of warm weather.  Yesterday our thermometer registered 92 degrees.  Today it reached 93 degrees.  The heat is intense when I go outside, but there is a strong breeze that is circulating all that hot air.  The only downside to this hot, beautiful weather is how quickly the newly planted gardens dry out.  Chuck hauled water to our vegetable garden on the west side of Edinburg yesterday.  Water will need to be hauled up there again tomorrow.  I watered all the flowers in our yard last evening and Chuck is out watering again tonight.  It sure doesn’t take long for them to droop in this heat.  That is A-Okay though, as I complained about the cold all winter long.  I think this weather is wonderful!

It is now Monday, May 28th, the day the country celebrates Memorial Day.  Edinburg and many surrounding communities held their observances yesterday (Sunday).  It seemed par for the course the day would start off with rain showers.  The Legionnaires got wet at the first 3 cemeteries they visited.  As the morning wore on, the sky lightened, and it turned out to be a spectacular day for memorial remembrances and graduation parties.

Legion Post 156 ended their day with a Memorial Day program held at Trinity Lutheran Church in town.  About 100 people were in attendance for the program and approximately 85 people stayed for a meal prepared by the auxiliary.  I always reminisce back to years ago and the big Memorial Day program held at Odalen.  It was quite a day.  I know we always started the day by planting our vegetable garden on the farm.  Then it was off with the Edinburg City Band to play at different cemeteries ending at Odalen with the Legion.  The day was usually very warm, the program was always way to long, but the lunch was wonderful.  Lots of potato salad, jello salad, buns with ham or turkey, brown bread with cheese whiz and olives and many desserts to round out the meal.  I remember chairs being set up outside the church to accommodate the huge crowds that would come.  This is a magical memory for me.

Yesterday was Valley-Edinburg High School graduation.  Park River also held their celebration.  It was a fun time going to the various open houses to help the graduates celebrate.  These kids have great plans and aspirations for their futures.  They will make the community proud.

We drove out by Chris and Courtney Nygard’s new home situated on the former James Haug farm west of Edinburg.  They recently moved into their newly built home.  It is beautiful and is in such a nice location on the farmstead.  I visited with Courtney the other day and she was very excited to finally move in.  I know their 3 little girls will have lots of room to roam and play.

Loren and Debbie Moe recently returned from their winter home in Arizona.  It is nice to have them back in the community.  They seem to have a great time down south during the winter months.

We have had front and center stage to the re-shingling of Trinity Church.  My stars, the company that did the work really accomplished a lot in just a few days.  I couldn’t believe how fast and meticulous they worked.  Most impressive to me was the way they cleaned up EVERY little piece of litter that occurred because of the work being done.  They spent at least 3 hours just walking around the church yard picking up everything.  They used sweepers also.  The company was B & B Remodeling and Construction out of Walhalla.  Very impressed.

It was so sad to read about the death of Linda (Johannesson) Wehrman.  Linda was a classmate of mine our last year in high school when Gardar, Mountain, Union and Edinburg merged into one school system.  She lived in Donnybrook, ND.  She is survived by her husband, 5 daughters and 9 grandchildren.

It is good to have Ken Seim back at the Table of Knowledge.  He had major surgery and was out of commission for a few weeks.  He’s back to the good old Ken always ready to interject something important into the daily conversation at Cenex.

Also, a huge thank you to Curt Mecham for keeping up with the Crow’s Nest from his home in Washington.  It is always great to hear that people are tuning in and reading about some of the things that go on around town.  I also appreciate that our local friend, John H. Johnson, reads it also.  Thanks John. 

Have a great day and we will talk later.


























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May 26, 2018

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1. Spring is the time when life is alive in everything.

2. The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring.

3. If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.

4. Science has never drummed up quite as effective a tranquilizing agent as a sunny spring day.

5. Spring is the time of the year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade.




A quiet Sunday evening as Gia and Mariah Hall visited with passing golf carts.



Post 156 Legionnaires out at Odalen Lutheran Church Cemetery.




This little hummingbird got into a tussle with another hummingbird. He was stunned enough where Chuck held him in his hand while I took a video of him. So little and so fast.