The Crow's Nest - December 29, 2019

I was sitting here so smug early this morning watching all the church services being cancelled south of here around Fargo, Grand Forks and into Minnesota because of blizzard conditions.  It is now noon, and I have changed my attitude.  We are getting dumped on also with snow and wind.  Interstates 29 and 94 are closed state-wide.  No travel is advised with Fargo even asking people not to go out within the city.  It is a good day to be at home.  Thank goodness we made it down to Park River for our weekly breakfast at Gramma Jo’s Café after church.  Had breakfast with Jackson Hall and his grandmother, Lois Ydstie this morning.

We had a great Community Christmas Party the first week in December.  There was a wonderful crowd of local friends and neighbors who came to help the community usher in the Christmas season.  We had around 40 young children there to see Santa.   Everyone had a great time, and no one went home hungry as we had barbecues along with lots of Christmas sweets.

Edinburg has been blessed with 3 new babies in about 1-week time span.  Chris and Courtney Nygard welcomed little Ace McKade to their family of five – now 6.  John and Lindsey Sveen added baby #5, Jedediah Louis to their family and Jackson and Mariah Hall became a family of 3 when little Luka Mark entered this world.  Congratulations to all the families.  It was wonderful to see these newborns in church on Christmas Eve.

The Trinity WELCA along with wonderful help from some men of our church, prepared and served 2 meals out at the oil spill site in December.  Each time we prepared meals for 80 people.  It is interesting to get some of the feedback.  Many of the men are from the south and some requested maybe not so many meals that included mashed potatoes.  Rice would be more to their liking.  I fully understand that, but-----when you are in potato country, it is hard NOT to serve potatoes!  The personnel went home for Christmas but will be back about January 8 to continue the clean-up.  We may serve more meals as the people in charge really want to keep everything local.  It has been a lot of work, but very satisfying to do something new and different.

I hope you will take the time to read about the Valley-Edinburg FCCLA chapter at the school and the project they are working on.  Chloe Gemmill contacted me asking if I would put their information on the website.  I got excited about it and am now going to be one of the knitters making scarfs and hats for them to distribute.  I think it is so neat the way the boys at school are taking an interest and learning how to knit and crochet.  Lori Fingarson, their advisor, said she is amazed and happy the way the students even take their lunch hour to work on their projects.  There are great and caring kids going to our school.

Each month there seems to be deaths of people we care about in our community.  Mary Seim died on Christmas Eve day.  Her funeral will be January 17th.  Wilma Gemmill died December 27th and her funeral will be at Grace Free Lutheran Church this Thursday, January 2nd.  Our sympathy, love and prayers go to the families of these two wonderful ladies.  Both were generous with their time at the “Quilting” table and will be missed.

Happy 80th Birthday to Bud Langerud who celebrated his birthday last Friday.  Special birthday wishes to Patsy Foseide who will be 101 years old January 4th.  Patsy lives alone and is seen around town at local events.  There is very few Sundays Patsy is not in her pew at church!

I can’t name them all, but Happy Anniversary to Larry and Carol Pewe and TJ and Katie Hall who celebrate wedding anniversaries on New Years Day and Chris and Courtney Nyygard who celebrate January 2. 

Have a great new year and we will talk later.
































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December 29, 2019

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Doesn't matter where you are, you can always run into someone you know!! Our son Mike and wife Lea connected with TJ Hall in New York City. Mike and TJ are first cousins. Mike and Lea were there for the Christmas lights and TJ was there for potato meetings. Neither one had any idea the other was there. Chris Byron was also there with TJ. The cousins got together over Christmas also right here in Edinburg!


for unto us

I am lacking photos this month, so you will get pictures of things I normally would not post. That being said, these are four of the 16 flags I made for Christmas Eve services at Trinity, Our young people carried these in the sanctuary as the choir sang a song called "Rise, Shine".


Jodi Hill

Jodi Hill is the owner of the new hair salon in town apty named Main Street Salon. We welcome Jodi as a new business owner in town. It seems she is staying busy cutting both men's and women's hair. We are fortunate to have her with us. Welcome, Jodi.