The Crow's Nest - May 28, 2020

At long last it is great to have temperatures that feel “spring like”!    Hopefully, we had our last snowfall.  May 9th was the day we received about 2 inches of snow on the ground.  That was crazy!  I do not think Mother Nature would be so unkind as to deliver cold, freezing weather on or after May 26th.   Springtime is such a wonderful time in North Dakota.  After the long, harsh winter landscape, there is nothing better than being outdoors enjoying the scenes of green grass, and trees fully alive with green leaves.  The lilac bushes and the flowering trees are just beginning to show their beauty.  O, I love spring! 

Our vegetable garden is in.  We have lettuce and radishes coming up already.  And, do we ever have a bumper crop of asparagus.  Chuck brings in huge amounts almost daily.  We try and share as much as people want.  This year we put in quite a few “exotic” vegetables as our nephew in Seattle sent us seeds for hot onions, specialty corn plus something called exotic squash.  His girlfriend from China had these different seeds.  There are different seeds of peas, beans, radishes, etc.  It will be fun to see what will come up!

Continuing with gardening.  We always make a couple of trips each to All Seasons Garden Center in Grand Forks and Helen’s Garden Center outside of Minto.  Helen was completely wiped out of flowers for planting last week and All Seasons was getting low also.  I am speculating COVID-19 had something to do with all the early planting.  Everyone had been so cooped up for so long it was necessary to get outside and work in the dirt.

Sammy Johnson had a bad fall in one of the grain bins at the Farmer’s Elevator.  He ended up with a broken hip and spent some time in the hospital.  He is now home and has been seen out and about in his side by side.  I know he told Chuck that he was getting so bored being in the house day after day that he just had to get outdoors.

Just like clockwork the orioles and hummingbirds made their way to our back yard.  The hummingbirds arrived on the 13th of May and the orioles came the next day.  I have kept journals for at least 35 years and looking back in them I find the hummingbirds and orioles most often land at our feeders between May 12th and May 14th.  We had juice out for the little fliers and jelly out for the beautiful orange birds.  It is fun to have the goldfinches back again also.  Their bright yellow feathers make it so much fun to watch them at the feeders.

Memorial Day was observed here in Edinburg this past Sunday, May 24th.  It was a different celebration of the day this year.  Legion Post 156 did not go out to the cemeteries to pay their respects to the fallen.  Tanner Samuelson and Billy Seim heard the legion would not be going out, so Tanner came from Minnesota and Billy came from western North Dakota to honor the veterans.  Corey Cantrell drove 10 hours from Salina, Kansas to be a part also.  Chuck Mielke carried the US Flag.  The flag was raised down at the Community Center.  The 4 of them then went out to 8 cemeteries to place flags and read the names of those buried in each cemetery.

It is good to have Carol Pewe home and out of the hospital.  Hopefully, the time will come when we all can be together once again at the Table of Knowledge keeping up with all the local happenings around town.  This may take a while.

Have a great day.  We will talk soon.  I am also hoping the wood ticks will soon go away.  Are they ever thick!!































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May 28, 2020

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Things to Think About During this Pandemic!

1. My fridge just groaned, rolled its eyes, and hissed at me: NOT YOU AGAIN!! (Your fridge is not judging you, although it may seem like it).

2. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to locate a roll of toilet paper. This message will self-flush in 5 seconds. Good luck. Toilet paper seems like a must have, but believe it or not, toilet paper wasn't available in stores before 1857. So what did folks do? They actually used stones!

3. Due to the quarantine....I'll only be telling inside jokes!

4. Amazon: Your package will be delivered Wednesday. You: WHEN IS THAT!

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I had to post a picture of our grand-daughter, Madison. She just graduated from Law School and now is waiting for the bans to be lifted so she can take her bar exam. Maddy attended Richmond School of Law in Richmond, VA. We are very proud of her accomplishments.



Jayse Larson and Cylen Vargeson busily planting special memorial trees down at the city park.