Local Attractions

Welcome Sign

The Edinburg Welcome sign is such a nice addition to those coming into Edinburg from the South.



Hard to believe Memorial Day services will never be held in Odalen again. This is a picture taken from the north looking south. I received an email from Gunnar Nygard of Odalen, Norway. He has posted this picture on the District of Odalen's website in Norway.









Sights Around Town

John H. Johnson came in from Gardar today for Senior Meals. He mentioned it was hard to drive, as the sun was so bright on the ice-glazed fields. Despite having to squint, it is wonderful to have the bright sunlight outside.

Life is great in Edinburg!


ceiling light

What a gorgeous fixture this is! Am not sure if this picture was taken in India or Dubai. I just know it is striking.



pickle store1

A "Pickle" store in Istanbul, Turkey.