Local Attractions

Welcome Sign

The Edinburg Welcome sign is such a nice addition to those coming into Edinburg from the South.



Hard to believe Memorial Day services will never be held in Odalen again. This is a picture taken from the north looking south. I received an email from Gunnar Nygard of Odalen, Norway. He has posted this picture on the District of Odalen's website in Norway.









Sights Around Town

Gardens are being harvested and the fresh produce is being eaten, frozen, canned, dried or any other way they can be preserved for enjoyment later this winter.

Life is great in Edinburg!



Carol Pewe is back keeping everyone entertained at the "Table of Knowledge". Surgery for a shattered leg when fine, along with the therapy. Carol and Larry's daughter, Kim is moving to Edinburg. They will be in good hands as Kim is a nurse.



A beautiful, old castle sitting high atop the Danube River.