Local Attractions

Welcome Sign

The Edinburg Welcome sign is such a nice addition to those coming into Edinburg from the South.



Hard to believe Memorial Day services will never be held in Odalen again. This is a picture taken from the north looking south. I received an email from Gunnar Nygard of Odalen, Norway. He has posted this picture on the District of Odalen's website in Norway.




Thanks to these ladies, Katie Hall, Jill Troftgruben and Veera Brandvold for weeding the gardens in front of the Community Center. They were busy tonight!








Sights Around Town

It is fun to drive around town and see how the landscape has changed after many huge, old trees have been removed. The chainsaws have been busy. There is plenty of firewood for those that have wood burning stoves.

I look out my kitchen window now to see the trees in full bloom with their leaves. It is hard to remember how the trees looked last February. I know the limbs were bare though. We have had lots of rain, so everything is so green in the area. The grains are peeking through the beautiful black dirt in the fields and the ditches are lush with grass. Ah yes, spring is great.

Life is good in Edinburg!


kristen thomasson

Lt. Kristen Thomasson was the speaker at the Memorial Day program. She is from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is stationed at the Cavalier Air Station. This is her first assignment. She said she is thoroughly enjoying the area.



The Legionaires began their day at the Community Center. It was a cold and dreary day.