Local Attractions

Welcome Sign

The Edinburg Welcome sign is such a nice addition to those coming into Edinburg from the South.



Hard to believe Memorial Day services will never be held in Odalen again. This is a picture taken from the north looking south. I received an email from Gunnar Nygard of Odalen, Norway. He has posted this picture on the District of Odalen's website in Norway.









Sights Around Town

Last time I wrote I stated how fun it was to drive around town on my golf cart checking things out. As of yesterday, my golf cart is in hibernation at Carol Pewe's Playhouse"---which is her big steel storage building downtown. It is great to have great friends that let you use their building.

Edinburg is such a great place to live and raise a family. Come experience us!

linda seim-lynette

Some of the visitors. I recognize Ruth Hall, Linda Seim and Lynette Langerud.


bake sale1

Just a few more delicious items for sale.