Welcome to Edinburg, ND!


Northeast North Dakota is a well-kept secret, especially the little town of Edinburg. It sits on the edge of the fertile farmland of the Red River Valley and the prairies of the west. Edinburg has a population of about 190 people with the drive, dreams and heart of cities 10 times its size. Edinburg could be a "throw-back" to the 50's with its pristine cleanliness, manicured yards and well-kept homes, but it is most definitely planted in the 21st century with citizens who strive to keep Edinburg very much alive!

Edinburg is a great place to live!

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This Week's news


This marriage certificate was found out in Washington by friends/relatives of my grandson, Cole's girlfriend. It was a W. F. Dangerfield and an A. M. Celernon who married. They were maddired in Grafton City, Dakota Territory, September 13th. Unfortunately, the year cannot be read, but it must have been before 1889.














"High Fashion" is the name of the game at the Table of Knowledge. Dave Monson loves to stir up conversations of any kind. Here it was his gorgeous pink and white striped shorts that caught the eye of everyone around.




This is ONE volunteer petunia plant that came up through the rocks. This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago. Today the plant goes out to the cement blocks. Unbelievable.