Area Churches

Grace free Lutheran

Grace Free Lutheran Church - established in 1987

Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran - established in 1882

Church of God

Church of God of the First Born - established in 1949

Cross Roads Rural Ministry

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The ladies of WELCA had the table ready for everyone to come and eat at Trinity's Christmas Party.

Odalen Lutheran Church


Odalen Lutheran Church was established in 1884. Many of the founding fathers immigrated from the Odalen Parish in Norway, so they agreed to call the new organization Odalen Norwegian Lutheran Church.

Odalen held it's last regular church services in June, 2000 with a special closing celebration. Memorial Day services are held in Odalen every May.

The "Church by the Lake" holds fond memories for many people.

Thursday, June 21, 2007 Odalen burned to the ground. The fire was called in about 7:30 PM. What a tragic loss. The Edinburg Fire Department put forth a valiant effort to save the Historical Landmark. We still have the memories.

Below is a poem written by Lowell Thorson's cousin, the Reverand Leighton Carlson and submitted by Linda Thorson.

(We called it Home)

There was a little white church in the country that stands in our memory today.

It seems we can hear the bells now ringing, tho' we are many miles away.

And many times in church on Sunday morning that whole countryside would gather there.

They would all kneel down by the altar as they lifted up their voice in prayer.

Oh, that church in the country. That little white church is the place that we loved so well.

Now we are sad and lonely for that little white church in the dell.

Whenever we cross over the river, the face of our Savior we'll see.

And we know some of them will be singing, "Nearer my God to Thee".

And whenever we enter that bright city in splendor forever there to dwell.

We know the faces there will be many from that little white church down in the dell.

The Odalen Norwegian Lutheran Church west of Edinburg, ND Burned to the ground in 2007