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dave's house .light festival
One last picture of brother Daves house after our March blizzard. They had lots of snow on their return from Arizona. (Their driveway was cleaned out though.) Lantern festivals are plentiful and beautiful in the Far East. This was taken by our grandson Cole.

barber shop


aa flaten

Another ad from the 1914 Edinburg Tribune.

Some of the services Edinburg and surrounding communities had in 1914.



The sundogs were really out in full force this past week. Cold, crisp weather with sunny skies made them so prominent.

These 3 church mice ate the chords in the church organ in Germany so it couldn't be used. That is why the Christmas Carol, Silent Night was written to be sung with a guitar.


This picture is very self-explanatory.

scandinavian news

They even carried news from the "old country"!