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jodi,katie,girls .odalen church
What a fun picture of Haidyn, Gianna, Halle, Jodi and Katie all dressed up for the wedding photo booth. An old picture of Odalen church. Do not know when it was taken, but most likely during the very late 1800's or early 1900's.

fire aftermath



The aftermath of the fire that took the Halls complex of potato warehouses looks so eerie in the daylight with all the smoke still floating in the air.

The 80-foot cross at Odalen looks very impressive when it is shown with "Haug's Lake" in the forefront.


first dance

kruse houise
Grandson Lane and his new wife Hope enjoying their first dance as a married couple.
Remember Helen Kruse's house? Sad to say it burned down recently. Fotunately, no one was home and no one was hurt.


These were just some of the beautiful quilts that were for sale at Trinity's Fall Festival. Alida Flom and her ladies to a marvelous job piecing and tying the quilts.

Winter seems to be here!