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jackson .lori,natalie,gloria
Jackson Hall helping his brother Taylor hang the flower baskets on main street. Lori, Natalie's mother-in-law, Natalie, and Natalie's mom, Gloria pose for a picture at Ella Pearl's baby shower.



tree with hole

Many ladies and younger girls enjoyed the evening at Alyson Hall's baby shower. There was such a nice crowd and beautiful gifts.

This tree fascinated me the other night while we were out for a golf cart ride. It looks like there is a big hole at the top. This tree sits on the berm across the street from Mike and Ina Spanier's home.

wall prism

fields turning

The sun came through our skylight onto crystal glasses of mine. I just happened to look when the prism colors shone on the other side of the room as it added some nearby twigs to the reflection.


The fields are difinitely turning. Harvest won't be far away.

jeremy moe

Jeremy Moe helped put flags on graves at Odalen during ceremonies.

firing squad

Legion Post 156 fired their riflies in honor of those fallen soldiers at Odalen Cemetery.