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fairy house .toni,loretta
Ina Spanier had husband Mike build her a place in a tree stump for a "Fairy House". Toni Monsebroten, Loretta Monson, Karen Kertz and Vera Brandvold were some of the ladies that made "Deli Day" at Trinity a success. People could purchase take out pulled pork, macaroni salad and baked beans. All the profits are earmarked for the local food banks and violence center. A worthy cause.




Grandma Carol and Grandpa Larry Pewe out for a golf cart ride with grand-daughter Alyson and puppy Mia.

Peonies in red, white and pink can be seen around the community. Pretty soon they will droop and drop their petals.



It is fun to see a beautiful rainbow after scary thunderstorm.
Little Audrey Evenson is busy entertaining Chuck Mielke while everyone visits on the streeets of Edinburg.

mike helt

Mike Helt, along with his daughter, entertained with their accordians while the listeners enjoyed cake and ice cream at Bernice Flanagan's 80th All Day Birthday Party.


jody lee

The Richard Lee family enjoying the ribs at the party in the park last Saturday afternoon.