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ellis .waterbug

Here is one of the next generation of potato farmers. Ellis was fixing the motor on his John Deere outside our house last Sunday. He got it going!

This was a large bug in a pail of water outside our back door. After some research, we think it is a water bug. It seemed comfortable in and out of water.

yellow quilt



I know this has been a great winter for quilting! Not much else to do when one is inside practically 24 - 7!

I know I have posted numerous pictures of the memorial cross at the site of the Odalen Lutheran Church. It still takes my breath away when i am standing next to it.


noah, gianna


Noah, Kinley and Gianna are the 5th graders who received their Bibles from the Sunday School at Trinity.

We had a few snow flakes on our patio table on Sunday, April 18th. It is time for the heat to turn on.