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DuWayne .lori,natalie,gloria
DuWayne Pewe is basting his award winning ribs. Dewey took 1st place at the rib fest. Lori, Natalie's mother-in-law, Natalie, and Natalie's mom, Gloria pose for a picture at Ella Pearl's baby shower.




Many ladies and younger girls enjoyed the evening at Alyson Hall's baby shower. There was such a nice crowd and beautiful gifts.

Randy Levang and Marji Jonasson handed out free watermelon to everyone at the rib fest.

locker door

fields turning

The locker is empty, but the door and keys remain. I remember as a child going into the grocery store to get meat.. I would get the key, then enter the freezing locker to find our drawer. I used to have nightmares about getting locked in the cold room.

The fields are difinitely turning. Harvest won't be far away.


Mike Spanier gave a thank you speech at the rib fest.


This rib fest entrant was all business with the huge smoker. It is fun watching the set-ups going on both Friday and Saturday morning.