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bug on window .kristeena-grand
This bug ended up on our front window. Have no idea what kind it is--just know it was big! Family friend, Kristeena Smith, has a wonderful view of part of the Grand Canyon.




Chris DuBois along with Chuck Mielke's help, managed to get an electric snake made just before the turkey supper.

Rita Sveen and her son Sam were on the dish washing crew at the turkey supper.

locker door


The locker is empty, but the door and keys remain. I remember as a child going into the grocery store to get meat.. I would get the key, then enter the freezing locker to find our drawer. I used to have nightmares about getting locked in the cold room.

Amanda Sondeland received many wonderful gifts at her bridal shower. Her mom, Shelly and her soon-to-be mother-in-law helped Amanda open gifts.

white horse

Another picture painted by my talented daughter-in-law Nadine.

red trees

I think these colorful trees are so pretty. Taken down by the curves on Highway 9 heading east.