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Ian Myrdal gave blood at the Edinburg Blood Drive. He is such a nice young man. It is fun to visit with him whenever I go into Citizen's State Bank.

David and Loretta Monson stopped at their son, John's home during their "western states swing". Pictured with John and Dave is Gerald Brandvold, who grew up in Edinburg, but now resides in Carson City. So fun to see this picture.




Bernice Flanagan has an extensive collection of all things Coca-Cola displayed in her store, The Edinburg General Store.

This is an actual picture of Pisces. I have an app on my phone called SkyView Lite. I hold my phone towards the sky and can see constellations in real time, I know young kids love to look at the Big Dipper and such. Each star grouping is identified like the fish above.

leland, loren, gary

auxiliary quilt

Three of the guys who worked on the back of the grocery store: Leland Denault, Loren Moe and Gary Monsebroten.

This quilt is being auctioned off at the Firemen's Big Bingo on Friday night, November 15th. It was donated and made by Karen Tveit Haugen, daughter of Conrad Tveit.



Mark and Cheryl Nelon posing for a 35th anniversary picture.


Chuck Mielke and Dennis Hammer busily working on putting up siding on the back of the grocery store.