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market1 .gia,laith,landry

Lots of different meats and sausages for sale at the open market in Bratslava, Slovakia.


Three of my favorite people - Gia, Laith and Landry.

POW bracelet



I found this POW I have kept since 1966. Research told me this soldier was from Michigan and is still listed as "Missing In Action". A sad part of our history.

Another picture of t he people in line to eat at the Rib Fest.

myron gestson

church parking lot

This picture of Myron Gestson was submitted to the Facebook group, Edinburg Back When. Everyone should check this site out as it is amazing how many pictures have been posted. David Monson is in charge of the site.

The Trinity parking lot was recently chip sealed by the county. It didn't take them long to complete this job.



This is another picture that was submitted to the Edinburg Back When site. It is of Olive Brandvold and Verna Swanson. I am not sure where the picture was taken, but wondering if could have been taken in the old city hall basement.


The Altar in the cathedral in Gotweig, Germany.