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Another picture of the marriage certificate from before North Dakota was a state. It says the marriage took place in Gafton City, Dakota Territory.

Jon and Carol Mielke (Chuck's brother & wife) have been foster parents to over 50 childre. This little baby girl is special as she had been terribly abused. Jon and Carol got a call asking them to please take this little one in - even though they had retired from fostering. Of course, they could not say no to the request.




This darling card was given to Chuck and myself from Landry (TJ & Katie's daughter). She made it in Sunday School where the theme was JOY!

This is the inside of the darling card Landry made for us.




Landry's twin brother, Laith, also made us a card in Sunday School. Just love it.

The inside of Laith's card is so cute. We just love and enjoy these two plus their gorgeous older sister, Giana, so much. It is fun to watch them grow.