The Crow's Nest - OCTOBER 17, 2021

I can only start this sad, little tale out by saying, “I hope when I leave this earth my Heavenly Father has a special place for an almost 78 year old lady with an askewed, quirky mind to reside where common sense prevails”!  A few days ago, I noticed that my feet were really hurting.  This shouldn’t be as I had spent big bucks on a pair of Birkenstock sandals guaranteed to help these long-suffering appendages of mine.   About halfway into the day I decided to remove my sandals----only then did I realize I had them on the wrong feet.  Now really, any person with any sense would or should know how to correctly wear their shoes.  After the left shoe went on the left foot and vice-versa, did I once again feel comfortable.  Long lasting symptoms were lumps on the sides of my feet and pain in my arches.  And then to add injury to my dignity and capabilities, yesterday I was moving our riding lawn mower about 6 inches.  Only thing was, I forgot to get my foot out of the way and pushed the 1,000 pound (not really that heavy) mower right on to my foot.  My jaw dropped as I looked down and saw that tire on my foot.  It hurt so bad I couldn’t even get a sound to come out of my mouth.  A few good pushes and my foot was free—not pain-free though!  The moral of this story is:  If you ever want to see a true klutz at work, come over and spend a few hours at the Mielke household.  You won’t be disappointed.

Our community has lost some very dear people during these last 6 weeks.  It was so sad when Bernice Flanagan passed away.  Many people from all over attended her funeral.  It is during these times of sadness that we get to visit with people we haven’t seen in a long while.  Thelma (Rike) Kurtz, Judy (Rike) Evens and I had a mini 60 year class reunion in the kitchen at Trinity.  John E. Johnson joined in our little gathering.  It was so nice to see both Esther and Ruth (Christopherson) there also.   I find myself looking to see if Bernice is in her pew on Sunday mornings before services start.  Love and sympathy to Jamie and Joe and families on the loss of a wonderful lady.

We also lost Richard Holand who grew up on a farm outside of town and was school principal in Park River for many, many years.  Jody (Brandvold) Deibert left us at a much too early age from that dreaded disease, cancer.  Funeral services were here in Edinburg with burial at Odalen Lutheran Church.  Many, many friends came to celebrate her life.  I also saw where Curtis Mecham passed away out in Washington.  The Mecham family lived in Edinburg for many years.  Curtis’ younger brother, Richard, comes back each summer to visit.  He is always welcome at the Table of Knowledge.

There have been surgeries also in Edinburg.  Carol Bjornson and Ruth Hall both had roto cup surgery.  Ruth’s surgery was just this last Friday.  I wonder if Jim Kertz didn’t also.  Husband Chuck had back surgery two weeks ago (that is my excuse for being so late with the update).  Everyone is getting along even though there is pain involved.

Fieldwork is winding down with mostly beans, corn and beets left to harvest.  We have had some beautiful warm weather.  It was up in the high 80’s just the other day.  Here it is, the middle of October and we haven’t had frost yet.  That is unbelievable.  Didn’t get to “enjoy” the one night of predicted frost in early September where we rush to the garden to cover all the plants.

Just one little anecdote about my sweet little great-grand-daughter, Ingrid.  She passed the “pickle” test.  Her great-great-great-grandpa Mielke used to sneak a dill pickle to all the little ones when they were 8-12 months old. Most often the babies thoroughly enjoyed the sour pickle.  Must say, sweet Ingrid passed the test.  Great-great-great-grandpa Les would be so proud.

It has been a wonderful weekend.  Daughter Kris and husband Jason came from Minot to finish helping us get flowers discarded and outdoor furniture put away for the winter.  What a great help that was. 

It was so nice to run into Chuck Troftgruben and his son, Dan last Friday.  They were up from Fargo getting their hunting place ready for the season ahead.  Have a great day and we will talk to you all later.

Safe travels for brother Dave and Loretta. They left at O-Dark-Thirty for Fort Mojave, Arizona. They plan to be gone a month.



What fun to get together with Thelma and Judy. We callled it a mini 60th class reunion. Unfortunately, as usual, it was a sad event (Bernice Flanagan's funeral) that made this possible.





























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October 17, 2021

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1. The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it.---Nicholas Sparks

2. Sometimes you need to talk to a two year old so you can understand life again.

3. You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.-----Bob Marley

4. Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake uup with a purpose.

5. Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you'd preferred to talk.-----Doug Larson

Excerpts taken from New York Times Bestseller, I Really Needed This Today, by Hoda Kotb.



A fun time at the Fighting Hawks-Bison football game when 1st cousins, TJ and Kris along with their spouses, Katie and Jason got together. TJ was a bit out-numbered, but his team prevailed in the end!



Couldn't resist posting a picture of sweet great-grand-daughter sitting in a bowl of oranges.