The Crow's Nest - June 16, 2021

I wonder whoever told me that the wind does not blow in North Dakota!  We had wind gusts up to 200 mph last Friday---not really, but it was terribly windy.  At one point I thought I would need to call 911. The Back Story:  We have a beautiful, big wind chime that is right outside our patio door. The ringing on Friday finally got too much for me.  I took a piece of string out with plans to wrap the chimes into quietness.  Well, I had to reach a bit – that was my first mistake.  One of the long, steel chimes whacked me in the head causing me to lose my balance in the wind.  Another gust of wind flung me across a 3-foot retaining wall.  There I was, hanging like a dish rag with my posterior up in the air!  I had just had 11 stiches put in my left arm, so that was useless.  I knew Chuck would freak out if he came home from coffee to find me upside down on the wall.  So, I mustered all my Scandinavian strength and did a somersault on to the ground.  Whew!  Once again, I got myself out of a dumb situation.

The main topic of conversation is the lack of moisture.  We have experienced some very hot days with temperatures even into the 3 digits.  During Friday’s wind, John H Johnson came into town and said he thought he was driving in a blizzard, except it was dirt.  He could barely see the front of his car!  We do need the moisture badly.  Many of us just have lawns, flower beds and vegetable gardens to fret over.  The farmers are those who are really feeling the brunt of this drought.  I am thankful that we can water our yard and gardens.  It is not so easy to take a garden hose out to a 40-acre field.

The other day I was standing by my kitchen window when I saw something go by on the street.  Found out it was sister Ruth on her new motorized bike.  Like a safe cyclist, she was wearing a helmet.  She only had one problem – she did not know how to stop.  I heard these fleeting words as she went by the front door.  This was a gift for Mother’s Day.  She went by so fast; I did not have time to take a picture!

Changes have come to Edinburg.  As for now, the Edinburg General Store has shut its doors.  Bernice Flanagan is now residing in the Lutheran Sunset Home in Grafton.  For about the last 25 years, this store has been her life.  It became a destination place.  In fact, last week a couple from Missouri drove out of their way to visit the General Store as they had read about it somewhere.  It is tough to go uptown and see the closed sign on the door.  Everyone wishes the best for Bernice.  The last time I visited with her, she seemed very at peace with the move to Grafton.

Prayers are with the extended Nygard families.  Clint Nygard passed away earlier this spring.  Wayne Nygard died May 10th with his memorial service being held June 5.  Clint had lived in the Minneapolis area for many years.  Elin, Wayne’s wife summed up Wayne as an incredibly unique person.  That he was.  He used to bring me a Lady Slipper every spring but never would divulge its growing place.  He loved sharing berries from the bushes in the coulee and making homemade wine that he also shared. (The chokecherry wine was delicious boiled down as a topping for ice cream.)  Now their brother Rod is in the hospital with back troubles.  Our love, care, sympathy, concern and prayers extend to all the Nygard’s.

One more silly story.  About two weeks ago I woke up with a toothache.  I look back and I can never remember having a toothache.  My tooth really ached for 3 days.  I finally decided I had better find a dentist as our long-time dentist Dr. Larry Legacie in Edmore had retired this spring.  I had heard great things about a young dentist   named Nicholas Beneda.  I was very apprehensive because of childhood trauma in the dental chair.  I finally called and got an appointment.  I was glad as the tooth really hurt.  I left for Park River and as I got to the junction of Highway 32 and Highway 17 it dawned on me that my tooth had quit aching.  Should I turn around and go home?  No, I thought it was best to keep the appointment.   I slid into the dental chair and did what I am best at.  I apologized that my tooth quit aching.  I felt so silly telling Dr. Beneda that my tooth quit hurting five miles west of Park River.  He smiled and said this does happen more than one would think.  Turns out, it was a wonderful decision to see him that day.  Dr. Beneda was so kind and gentle to this old lady and put me at ease.  I have already made another appointment just for a checkup!

The flowers were planted on Main Street a couple of weeks ago.  They are putting up a good fight to grow and flourish in the heat and wind we experience. 

Have a great day.  We will talk with you later.
































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June 16, 2021

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Chuck Mielke is changing banners at Trinity Church.



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Some of the youngsters that attended Bible School at Trinity. Young adults from the Park River Bible Camp were in charge of Bible School.