The Crow's Nest - May 3,, 2021

MAY DAY!  May Day when I was growing up meant making May baskets at home, filling them with candy and rushing to doors of friends to leave the little baskets without being seen.  It was a happy-go-lucky time when I was 8 years old.  My grandpa and grandma danced around a Maypole at their country school when they were little.  May Day conjured up memories of a wonderful Spring celebration.  Well, this year MAY DAY had a totally different connotation.  Our bathroom toilets backed up May 1st about 4 in the afternoon.  There was water on the floors in the basement.  Have you tried getting a plumber on a Saturday afternoon in our little town?  We called different plumbing services and was able to leave a message at one place.  Then we sat down to draw up a plan how we would get along without water until whenever.  Mind you, we are up in age, so we do use the bathrooms quite often during the day and night.  It was becoming a nightmare in my mind.  We ate pizza but I couldn’t clean the dishes, run water, or flush the toilets.  Suddenly, I longed for that old outhouse we had on the farm years ago.  I was quickly losing it---then the phone rang.  It was Ricard Plumbing out of Cavalier.  They got here about 9 pm and finished fixing the problem a little after 10 pm.  What a beautiful sound the running water made as dishes were cleaned and put away.  The best part was we could flush the toilets once again.  Thanks to Ricards Plumbing who came to our rescue.

Our 3 kids and their spouses came to see us last weekend.  Dave and Nadine, Mike and Lea came from Kansas City and Jason and Kris came from Minot.  Our grandson Lane, wife Hope and sweet great grand daughter Ingrid also came.  All of us had been vaccinated so we felt comfortable being together.  It made for a weekend of sheer delight for us---and probably contributed to the back up in our house!

Buds are slowly being seen on the tree limbs and lettuce is popping up in our garden.  We have had very cool weather this spring except for last Saturday.  The temperature got up to 78 degrees.  It was so great to open the windows and let the fresh air in.  Now all we need is rain.  We did get 25 hundreds last night.  The state is so dry so of course we worry about fires and such.

Some of the silliest conversations are held at the Table of Knowledge at the Farmers Union.  Last week the subject of false teeth was the topic of the day.  Many stories were told.  Carol Pewe remembered getting the flu out at the Badlands years ago.  She was at the Medora Musical when she knew she had to leave her seat.  She said rather than having her teeth fly out into the dirt she took them out before she got sick.   That made sense.  Chuck Mielke told of the time a lady was sitting behind him at a high school basketball game when she disagreed with a call the referee had made.  The lady started yelling at the ref when suddenly, her upper plate flew beside Chuck and landed in front of him on the floor.  He said she really moved fast to retrieve those teeth.  On the bright side, I remember when my grandchildren were small, they were in awe that grandma could take her teeth out!  I was a super-hero to them.  That was the only period in my life when I wasn’t so upset that Molly, the dentist, had pulled all my upper teeth on a Friday afternoon when I got home from UND.  That was not the plan of action for that appointment.  He had spent a little time across the street before I got there.  It was not a good day.

School will soon be over for the year.  I know it has been a very trying year for students, teachers, and parents.  We have been getting graduation announcements in the mail, so those celebrations will soon take place.  It is an exciting time for the graduates.

I hope life will soon get back to more of a normal way of living.  I am waiting to sit outside at night and visit with friends as we drive around town on our golf carts. 

Have a great day and we will talk later.
































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May 3, 2021

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Another picture of my little great-grand-daughter, Ingrid Rose. She is wearing the baptismal gown that was made by her great-great-great grandmother, Clara Sorbo. Chuck sent this fabric home from Thailand when he was stationed in Viet Nam. Grandmother Sorbo made the dress by hand for our daughter Kris' baptism. Kris and Jason's 2 sons wore the dress for their baptism and now Ingrid did.


birthday cake

Cindy Vargason made this birthday cake for our two son's 52 birthdays. The cake was absolutely fabulous.