The Crow's Nest - February 26, 2021

I have kept “putting off” writing a Crow’s Nest and posting it as I have absolutely nothing to write about except for my stupid escapades.  I have had more than my share this winter.  The latest was a rather scary situation for me.  I was sitting at my sewing machine just a sewing away when I tried to scoot my chair up a bit.  In doing that, I knocked a very, very sharp, and long sewing tweezers off my sewing area.  Suddenly, I felt such pain as the tweezers was caught between my knees.  I could not move my legs as the tweezer had penetrated my skin.  All I could think about was, is this is what it feels like being gored at the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Italy?  I did not need any more damage done to my knees!  After finally getting the tweezers out, the wound washed and bandaged, I continued knowing this was just another day in the life of a klutz.

We are having beautiful weather up here in the north country.  We did have about 10 days or so of temperatures down as low as 30 degrees below (actual temperature).  But all and all this has been a very mild winter.  We do need moisture so hope that will come in the form of snow or rain come springtime. 

Quilting over at Trinity Lutheran Church is still happening every Wednesday.  Loretta Monson has done such a great job of organizing the weekly gathering.  I think Loretta said 34 regular sized quilts and 14 baby quilts have been made with more quilts being made by individuals at home.  Many of these quilts will be sent to Lutheran World Relief.  Judy Sorbo has offered to head up a group to gather things for baby layettes to be sent to LWR also.  We plan to use one Wednesday to put the layettes together.  They do not want disposable diapers, so I have been making flannel diapers from a pattern put out by Lutheran World Relief.  It is lots of fun working on these projects.

What a fun day yesterday was.  The community owned grocery store, Market on Main, had two new dairy coolers installed a few days earlier.  The store qualified for grants that made these coolers possible.  Yesterday I helped store manager Cindy restock everything in the cheese cooler.  There is so much more room now for the cheeses, yogurts, bagels, hash brown potatoes among other items.  Each week it is my job to stock this dairy case.  I smiled the whole time I was putting stuff away.  We also got a new milk case.  Wow!  So fun to see all the milk, cream, eggs, butter, and other products that now have room to be nicely displayed.  We have an awesome store and an awesome store manager in Cindy Vargeson.  Our butcher, Ross Langerud is terrific also.  He fixes specialty meats which really draw customers from around the area.  We are so fortunate to have Cindy and Ross in the store!

NDSU and UND Football has recently started.  Both teams have won their first game.  UND Hockey is being played also.  UND won the Penrose Cup named for Julie and Spencer Penrose.  It is awarded t o the NCHC’s regular season champion.  So proud of the Fighting Hawks (Sioux).

Being stuck at home has been made much easier as we have been able to watch boys and girls high school basketball.  It has been so much fun watching Greg and Ruth Hall’s grand-children, Jase, Halle and Haidyn play for Northern Cass (outside of Fargo).  Jase is a senior, Halle is a sophomore and Haidyn is in the 8th grade.  Both Jase and Halle have scored over 1,000 points.  Haidyn has been playing varsity ball this year even though she is still in the 8th grade.  We will be able to enjoy this game as the youngest, Brooks will soon be eligible to play school sports- (that will be televised).

Dave Folson let us know that Jerald Hjelmstad, class of 1961, died.  Jerry and his wife lived in San Antonio.  Jerry, Ken Kadlec and Dave Folson got together a few years ago and had a wonderful time.  I know Jerry will be missed.

We got our 2nd COVID shot today!  We got our shots about 8 hours ago and have no symptoms as of yet.  Last weekend we were able to finally meet our first great-grandchild, Ingrid Rose.  She is beautiful!

A huge “shout out” to Steph Forsgren Jones from Fargo for ALL THE HELP she gave me when I add a problem with this website.  Steph is always ready to help me and I appreciate her so much.  Have a great day and we will talk later.
































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February 26, 2021

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Because this is Martin Luther King, Jr. month, here are some quotes attributed to him.

1. If you were born in March, your birth flower is a daffodil.

2. March is the equiivalent of September in the Southern Hemisphere.

3. Every year, March and June finish on the same day of the week.

4. Back in the older days, March was when military campaigns would resume that had previously been put on hold for winter.

5.On March 10, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell made the first ever phone call. It was to his assistand and he said, "Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you."




Ingrid UND

Had to post a more recent picture of our great-grand-daughter. I had to make her a UND quilt as both her parents are UND graduates. The tutu is quite appropriate as Ingrid's mom was a member of the UND Dance Team while going to school there.


What's a great-grandma to do? Needed to add one more picture of our sweet Ingrid She is all ready for the hockey game.