The Crow's Nest - March 6, 2020

I think I’m safe in saying we should not experience temperatures way below zero again this winter.  The long-range forecast is for mild weather the next 10 days.  Today the sun is shining so bright it is hard to see after entering a building.  It feels like spring could be around the corner.  Guess it is best to wait and see what surprises mother nature has in store these next couple of months.

I had one of the most emotional moments in my life last Sunday in church.  I felt my watch vibrating, so I looked to see who and what was coming.  It was a message from our grandson Cole saying they were in Budapest.  Until that moment I had not realized how internally I had been holding my breath for about 2 months.  Cole and girlfriend Kristeena were coming home from living in the Far East for 2 ½ years.  The last leg of their journey was spending quite a bit of time in the Middle East.  I worried so about their safety but didn’t realize how it had affected me until I got the text.  I started to cry uncontrollably and could not stop.  Here we were sitting in the front pew at Trinity and I was crying through Pastor Jessica’s sermon!  The countries were unsettled, but the historical places and the landscapes they saw were awesome.  They are now back home in Minot, ND, probably planning their next adventure!

The Table of Knowledge is alive and well.  Seems like the main topics of conversation these days are the coronavirus and the outcomes of the Democratic Primaries.  Super Tuesday led to great analysis by everyone drinking coffee.  Both topics  stir a lot of emotion in everyone.

North Dakota sports is entering into tournament season.  The Girl’s State tourney is being televised out of Grand Forks at “The Betty”.  (Betty Engelstad Sioux Center).  UND basketball games are played in this place.  Grafton is in the tourney, so there is lots of local coverage in the Walsh County Record.

Dan Bakke is home after having a triple by-pass and partially collapsed lung.  Chuck talked with him the other day and he said he is getting along quite well.  That is good to hear.

I received an email this morning from a man named Frank Shifflet.  He was looking for information about Winnifred Lowe, who was his great-grandmother.  He had lost contact with the family years ago.  Chuck looked up cemetery records and found that Winnifred, Hjalmar and Robert Lowe are all buried out at Trinity Cemetery.   It used to be called Calvary Cemetery.  If anyone has information of other family members that would be helpful, please let me know or contact Frank Shifflet directly at .

I’m sure spring planting is on the minds of area farmers.  It is so sad to see so much of last years crops are still in the fields, mostly corn and sunflowers.  My understanding is harvest of these crops can still happen.

A Valentine’s Day Happy Birthday to Ron Ulberg who turned 80 years old on that day.  Joe Holm’s had a great 90th birthday party also.

Bud and Lynette Langerud should be home today from their month spent in Arizona.  It will be fun to visit with them.  I know one local resident who is glad to be home from Arizona also as a few hours were spent visiting a local law enforcement building!!

Have a great day and we will talk later. 
































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March 6, 2020

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QUOTES from a book by Hoda Kotb titled "I Really Needed This Today".

1. Your wings already exist. All you need to do is fly.

2. Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible!

3. The best apology is changed behavior.

4. Sunsets are proof, endings can be beautiful too!

5. Don't look back. You're not going that way!

(This book is a great 5 minute read every day. Sister Ruth gave it to me for Christmas.)




Mode of transportation in the middle east. Do not know if this was taken in Egypt, Jordan or Lebanon by grandson Cole.



Love the sign outside of Culver's in Grand Forks. It reads: Marshmallow Oreo Walleye is Back. Wonder if cousin Allen Sorbo was going to try it!


Taj Mahal

Grandson Cole and his girlfriend Kristeena visited the Taj Mahal in Agra, India. They said it was SO impressive. I have always thought it was beautiful.