The Crow's Nest - November 29, 2019

Thanksgiving Day has come and gone.  We had planned to go out to our daughter and son-in-law’s place in Minot, but weather predictions for storms kept us at home.  The country has really seen its share of winter storms.  Three different ones were on the radar screen for this weekend.  Our son and daughter-in-law were going to drive to Madison, WI from Kansas City, but ended up flying to Milwaukee.  They are spending the weekend with their kids.  Our granddaughter flew into Milwaukee also from Richmond, VA.  The weather makes all of us sit up and take notice before we make too many plans.  Mother Nature has a way of humbling all of us!

Our Community Club is planning a community Christmas Party for Monday, December the 2nd.  These parties are always so much fun.  We haven’t held a party for the last two years.  Last year we had to cancel because of the weather.  We are keeping our fingers crossed for a beautiful clear, star-lit night next Monday.  Santa will be there, bingo will be played, gift certificates and/or gift baskets will be given away.  Our master woodworker in town, Richard Geir, has made the most beautiful wooden tray to be given in a raffle.  The craftmanship is unbelievable.  I have the tray here at my house.  I wish I could substitute another tray and keep this one for myself.  I guess my best chances are to buy lots of tickets on it!

I am almost 76 years old and I want to share the evolution of night-time wear.  The other night (which means early afternoon) I was getting my “evening/bedtime” attire on.  Suddenly, I started giggling out loud.  I remember 55 years ago my mom going with me to help me pick out a beautiful nightgown and negligee set.  O my, it was so billowy and dreamy.  Yards and yards of nylon fabric gave the negligee an ethereal effect.  Then, a few years later I moved on to silk pajamas that were flannel lined.  They really were very comfortable.  Those were the years we were raising our family of 3 children.  Fast forward to the last 25 years.  The most comfortable attire I find is a soft sweatshirt and stretchy PJ bottoms.  Life has been good over these last 55 years.  The first part of marriage was so romantic and wonderful, but now in our twilight years I revel in the noise of the C-PAP machine knowing Chuck is still breathing!!  Love is wonderful.  Life has been good and true love is a blessing.

By now, everyone has heard about the oil spill just outside of Edinburg.  It was not a good thing as about 9400 barrels of oil were involved with the spill.  Men and women came from all over the country to help with the cleanup.  This has been quite an event for Edinburg and the surrounding area.  Many workers have now left, but approximately 70 remain.  The big dining facility (semi-truck) they had at the site left, so those in charge asked for organizations to prepare a noon meal 5 days a week.  They wanted to keep the meals locally.  The Gardar WELCA has served quite a few meals.  They want to upgrade their church bath rooms and this is a wonderful way to earn money towards that goal.  Cenex in Edinburg has brought meals to the site and now our Trinity WELCA is planning a meal for next week.  The oil spill was not good, but it has been a real boon for Edinburg.  An added bonus is, the workers seem to enjoy the Edinburg area and the people.  Some who are here have never seen snow!

Growing up in Edinburg for many of us meant going to Gardar Wednesday evenings for band practice with Emmett Loe.  The Hall in Gardar was quite small but held many fun Community Club programs and basketball games.  As the years passed, the hall was needing repairs and thoughts of tearing it down were discussed.  Well, it did not get torn down.  Instead, a band of men and women decided to fix the hall up.  Donations for the cause were given and volunteers stepped up for the reconstruction part.  It is a beautiful building ready to stand proudly in Gardar for another 100 years.  The group of workers are now adding an “Eldhus”, which in Icelandic means the word kitchen.  It will be semi attached to the hall and will house bathrooms besides the kitchen.  I know Tom Mullen and Bruce Langerud were part of the driving force behind this wonderful undertaking.

Welcome home Dave and Loretta Monson.  They returned from a trip of over 6,000 miles exploring and visiting much of the southwest.  They were missed at the Table of Knowledge every day.

I will be thinking about Rose Denault as she soon flies to Florida for thyroid surgery.  She said there were only two places in the United States that did this surgery.  She will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Sad times in Edinburg this past week.  This morning Doris Haug’s funeral was held at Trinity Lutheran Church.  Doris had recently moved into the Good Samaritan Center from the Edinburg apartments.  Doris was 96 years old and was very active up until the time of her death.  Our sympathy to all of Doris’ family.

Also, this past Wednesday we got word that John Evenson had passed away while a patient at Sanford in Fargo.  John and Eunice moved into the Good Samaritan Center in Park River last spring.  We would stop in to visit often at the center.  John never lost his dry sense of humor.  What a wonderful legacy John leaves.  It is hard to comprehend all the lives he touched as a teacher and principal in the Edinburg school system.  Everyone cared very much for John and Eunice.  It hurts to see how the landscape is changing.  Our sympathy to John Jr, Janelle and the rest of his family.

To end on a more upbeat thought:  Let me add another layer to my personal repertoire of dumb things I do.  Last night I was cutting fresh herbs with my kitchen shears.  Somehow, I missed the sage and cut my finger.  It bled lots so I applied a bandage.  Later, the finger started to bleed again.  Off I trot to the bathroom to get a new bandage. I cleaned the cut and put on a new bandage.  This morning I sheepishly came out to show Chuck my wrinkled finger where the bandage had been applied.  Next to it was a finger with a distinct cut in it.  I apparently put the bandage on the wrong finger!  No wonder Chuck is often asked how he has lived with me for 55+ years!!

Thank you, Carol Kadlec Howe for reading the Crow’s Nest and keeping in touch.  Take care and we will talk later.























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November 29, 2019

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african dancers

This is a beautiful picture of African ladies in their native attire. Carol (Kadlec) Howe sent this photo of a picture she had purchased. She said it reminded her of me dancing with the ladies of Kenya in a prior picture I had posted. I can't hold a candle to this wonderful picture. Thank you, Carol for sending this.


gardar ladies

These ladies from the Gardar Church are such go-getters. They have served 4 noon meals so far up at the oil spill site. They have been sering between 70 and 80 people. Pictured from left to right are: Rose Moore, Shanna Flanagan, Judy Geir, Nancy Lawson, Dawn Eckhardt and Sharon Laxdal. I know Naomi Myrdal has been a busy lady with this group also. If I have left someone out, I apologize. Money that is realized from these servings will be used for updated bathrooms at the Gardar Church.



Jodi Hill

Jodi Hill is the owner of the new hair salon in town apty named Main Street Salon. We welcome Jodi as a new business owner in town. It seems she is staying busy cutting both men's and women's hair. We are fortunate to have her with us. Welcome, Jodi.