The Crow's Nest - August 25, 2019

The smell of autumn is in the air.  On the upside, harvest is in full swing with semi-trucks full of grain going by every 10 minutes or so it seems.  The sunflowers are beautiful with their vibrant yellow colors.  People stop by Michael Evenson’s sunflower field by Garfield cemetery to take pictures amongst the perfect blossoms.  The hot weather of July and early August is no longer, so daytime temperatures are ideal.  On the downside, a few leaves are falling already along with the flowers losing their summer glory.  The days are getting shorter and the air cooler in the evening making it not so comfortable eating our evening meal on the patio.

The smell of canning is in the air also---at least at our house.  For two days in a row I made salsa.  The smell of tomatoes, jalapeño peppers, onion and garlic were so strong it probably reached Adams, Park River, Lankin or Gardar---depending on the wind direction.  I love the canning and preserving season.  The satisfaction of seeing rows of dill pickles, beet pickles, bread and butter pickles along with salsa and tomato sauce makes the work very worthwhile.

The “Nelon” family were here for their annual trek to Edinburg.  Dianna and husband, Rusty along with Barbara, her daughter and granddaughter all came from Alaska.  Patricia came from Wisconsin and Mark and wife, Cheryl came from Dallas.  What a fun time they have together along with making it a fun time for the rest of us also.  It is great to see lights in the house across the street along with the laughter.

Take a trip downtown and you will see two new improvements.  Michael Evenson bought the old Anderson Garage.  He has had people power washing the building along with all the cement.  It looks so nice.  Then turn to the north and look at the back of the city owned grocery store, Market on Main.  The old cattle ramp had been torn down a while back.  It looked quite tough.  With Fred’s help, the Hall’s donated siding and paint for the area.  Gary Monsebroten, Loren Moe, Dennis Hammer, Leland Denault and Chuck Mielke volunteered their time and skills making the back of the building look wonderful.  Helping when help is needed is just an everyday thing in Edinburg.  I know this same type of volunteerism is done in all the small towns around the area.

Greg Hall is recuperating at their lake home in Detroit Lakes after having surgery for shattering two bones in his left leg.  He took a tumble in their yard on Lake Melissa.  I feel so badly for him, but know he is in good hands with nurse Ruth by his side.  I am sure he would much rather be driving around to the grain, beets and potato fields.

Jim Kertz is recovering from hernia surgery.  He’s off the hook for a few weeks on stocking the shelves at Market on Main each Thursday.  I want him to be healthy, but also like the extra hands emptying the boxes of grocery items on to the shelves.  We count on volunteers to help do this each week.

Carol Pewe is home after spending a few days at First Care Health Center in swing bed.  She is down each day for coffee at the Table of Knowledge and is back to her feisty old self.  She keeps conversations going.  So glad she is doing so well.

I am going to end this with a confessional story of my doing something I never thought I would do.  This morning I went down to Grand Forks for my second shingles shot.  A thought had been rolling around in my head for quite some time, but my upbringing told me the thought was SO wrong.  These past few months individuals have talked to me about this and I have always said “no way”.  But today I took the plunge.  I plunked down $166.24 and bought 2 fl ounces of CDB!  I ache incessantly and have had so many tell me how the CDB had helped that I just “threw caution to the wind” and bought it.  I bombarded the nice, young salesman at the Nutrition Center with questions like, “would I be arrested for using this”? and can I take it out of state?  I know he probably was questioning my mental state, but I am used to that!  Cannabis, or marijuana wasn’t something in our vocabulary as I grew up.  I’ll hold judgement on it until I see how well it works!!

Congratulations to Elroy and Vera Brandvold on 50 years of marriage.  They celebrated with family and friends a couple of weeks ago at their home.

Have a great day and we will talk later.





























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August 25, 2019

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dave & mike

This picture was taken by Emmett Loe close to 50 years ago. The wagon riders are my two sons, Mike and Dave or it could be Dave and Mike. I honestly cannot tell the apart. Thank goodness for caller ID, as today when they call I have to check the name to know who I am speaking with.


chuck, mark,rusty

So fun visiting with the "Nelon" family. Pictured are Chuck Mielke, Mark Nelon and Rusty (Diana's husband).