The Crow's Nest - July 31, 2019

I think I am getting this column posted just under the wire, as it is the very last day of July.  Where oh where has the month gone.  It is hard to believe that tomorrow is August the 1st.  One only has to take a drive around the countryside to see that, yes indeed, it is August.  The fields are ripening, the sunflowers are starting to bloom, and the corn, beans and potatoes look ready for harvesting very soon.

Chuck and I had a wonderful trip to Europe where we took a Viking Riverboat Cruise.  The cruise is just like the ads that appear on television for Viking River Cruises.  The accommodations are top notch with personnel that are so kind and helpful.  It was fun to go this time without the hassle of car rental, daily reservations for sleeping and all the other little annoyances that come up when traveling alone (not on a tour).  We flew into Budapest, Hungary and someone was there to meet us to take us to our boat.  We sailed the Danube River to Passau, Germany with stops in Bratislava, Slovakia, Vienna, Austria, Krems & Linz, Germany and other places along the river.  We flew home from Munich via Amsterdam.  It was a lovely time and I would go back in a heartbeat.  Chuck doesn’t think we need to as this was our 12th trip to Europe.  I guess he has a point!

Our good friend, Carol Pewe, is on the mend after shattering her leg a couple of weeks ago.  She just stood up and her leg gave out.  She was taken to Fargo by ambulance where they gave her a new hip with a longer steel rod going down her leg.  She had had a hip replacement on the leg before.  Carol is now in swing bed in Park River and has daily physical and occupational therapy.  Hopefully she will soon get home as we all miss her down at the Table of Knowledge”.  Every time I go to Park River to see her the “old, feisty Carol” is gaining momentum.  That is a sign she is on the mend.

The annual Volunteer Firemen’s Rib Fest was held a couple of Saturdays ago.  It was a beautiful day with 22 entries grilling ribs with their secret recipes.  The city park was full of people from all around the area.  Citizens State Bank provided lots of watermelon for everyone to enjoy.  It was a fun afternoon for everyone who came to eat and visit.  Edinburg’s own DuWayne Pewe took 1st place with his prizewinning ribs.

It is less than a month until school once again starts.  For me, the start of school means it is time to think about fall house cleaning.  I will procrastinate, but eventually get at it.  The biggest hurdle I am facing now is all the “stuff” we have accumulated these last 55 years.  I have slowly been trying to get rid of some of the items, but there is still lots of things around the house that I don’t know what to do with.  Lifestyles have changed so none of our kids are too excited about taking any of our stuff.  There was a time when we entertained formally 2-3 nights a week.  That no longer takes place.  Consequently, my cupboards are filled with an overabundance of china, crystal and silver.  For instance, I happen to have 5 twelve place settings of china.  Isn’t that just ridiculous?    I wish there was a big “dumpster in the sky” where household items could be left.

Those with gardens are busy enjoying the harvesting of vegetables.  I think many of us have lots of green beans as it seems hard to even give them away.  We have enjoyed many meals of beans, peas, beets plus cucumbers and tomatoes.  I have frozen quite a few peas and now it is pickling time.  The house always has a nice aroma as I am dehydrating herbs from my herb garden.  Love this time of the year because of all the fresh fruits and vegetables.  I still have lots of lettuce if anyone wants some!!

What a fun time we had last Saturday.  Family was home visiting so we all went to Frost Fire near Walhalla to enjoy the musical, “Life Could Be A Dream” ----a trip down memory lane of music from the late 50’s.  I think they announced this was the 35th year for the Frost Fire musicals.  The open-air theater adds to the ambiance of the place.  The Pembina Gorge and Frost Fire are a must stop for visitors to our state.

I just returned from Trinity Lutheran Church where our WELCA held its annual Deli Days take-outs of pulled pork, macaroni salad, baked beans and buns.  The food is sold in ½ pints, pints and quarts so it really meets the needs of everyone who purchases the food.  All the proceeds go to a needy cause in the area. 

Sympathy to Chuck, Suzie and Brandon Kartes on the death of Chuck’s dad.  His funeral was in Walhalla today.  Your family is in our prayers. Sitting here waiting for the “Nelon” family to come.

Have a great day and we will talk later.





























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July 31, 2019

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pizza oven

This was my mother's day gift from my kids. I received this pizza oven for my Weber grill. The insert sits on top of the grill. It comes with all the equipment to make pizza in an outdoor pizza oven. I use charcoal and oak chunks to get the temperature up to and over 700 degrees.



This is the the pizza as it was coming out of the grill/oven. We made 4 pizzas and they were delicious!