The Crow's Nest - April 21, 2019

Happy Easter to everyone.  I hope the day has been wonderful.  We had a beautiful Easter service at Trinity with lots of Easter Lilies and children.  It made for an uplifting morning.  It is always fun to listen to the young kids sing and today we also got to listen as a group of ladies from the congregation sang.  The 10 or so of them sang so beautifully they gave me goosebumps!

The entry in my journal on April 11th read: “Does winter ever stop?  There are blizzard conditions and schools around Fargo are all closed.  I-29 is closed from the South Dakota border to the Canadian border.”  The next day (April 12) we had snow-snow-and more snow in our area.  April 13 brought melt- melt and more melt of snow in our area.  With such a wide variance of weather I know we are enjoying spring!

The weather has been great the last 10 days.  For all the snow that was on the ground, most of it has disappeared.  Only the big snow piles are still around.  The fields look like they soon will have activity in them.  There is overland flooding around Harwood, ND (just north of Fargo).  Water covers both sides of Interstate 29 in that area.  The other day, the water covered fields had hundreds of majestic white swans sitting on the surface.  What a beautiful sight to see! 

Bernice Flanagan held her annual Customer Appreciation Day Saturday, April 6.  She had Matt Hodek and the Dakota Dutchmen based in Lankin play old time music to the delight of everyone.  Bernice loves to dance the polka and 2 step and still makes the trip to East Grand Forks on some Sunday nights to dance to live orchestras.  She is an amazing lady.  Bernice also served bar-b-cues and potato chips, so nobody went home hungry.  Bernice keeps her Edinburg General Store stocked with everything you can imagine that would be in a general store.  It still is a destination place for visitors to come.

Palm Sunday our small community club served our “Kick It Up A Notch” Spring brunch.  There are not many of us to plan, prepare and serve the meal, but we always seem to manage.  Fortunately, we have about 7 much younger gals that helped.  They can move much faster and have more endurance than some of us older gals (I really am talking about myself).  We served a wide variety of brunch food to include scrambled eggs, oven roasted potatoes, poached eggs, sausage and bacon, pancakes and fruit skewers.  We also had home-made caramel rolls, doughnuts, rullepulse, smoked salmon, cheeses and a variety of breads and crackers.  The “icing on the cake” at our brunch is the Dessert Table.  Their guests can have their choice of many kinds of bite sized sweets.  There were cheesecakes, trifles, tarts, shooter glasses filled with fruit and whipped cream, miniature cakes – the list goes on and on.  I think it is a fun ending to the brunch.  We served over 200 people from all around the area and we noticed how many lingered to sit and visit.  It was a great day.  All the proceeds from this brunch is used to keep main street beautiful with the planters and hanging baskets filled with flowers every summer.

I know I’ve complained in the Crow’s Nest this past winter about my knee replacement surgery last January.  I finally finished physical therapy about 10 days ago.  I will miss going to First Care 3 times a week to have therapy with great ladies who were patient with me as I tried to bend my knee.  I actually had lots of fun at every session.  After my last time, Rhonda, a fun-loving gal who would schedule my appointments, played “Pomp and Circumstance” as I was getting ready to leave.  Now, that was fun.  Edinburg has always been well represented in the Physical Therapy department.  Not to worry.  Sister-in-law Loretta Monson just had a knee replaced 9 days ago and she has started therapy at First Care.  I know she will have fun too.  Already she is doing far better than I did as far as rotation.

We welcome Mark and Jodi Hill and son Aidan to Edinburg from Mississippi.  They bought Jim and Lois Otto’s home.  Mark is a nurse-practitioner in Walhalla and Jodi is a beautician.  Their son Aidan is in high school.  They bought the old barber shop and will tear it down to make room for a new building where Jodi will open a beauty shop. 

If you are on Facebook, look up Edinburg Back When, a site brother David set up.  He and others have posted lots of old pictures that everyone really enjoys!

Happy 89th birthday to Curtis Mecham.  Have a great day and we will talk later.




























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April 21, 2019

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These are the gals + 1 who helped make the Spring Brunch a success. I know it is hard to see each one, but from the left they are: Krystyna Langerud, Jan Nygard, Vera Brandvold, Lynette Langerud, Katie Hall, Julie Byron, Ruth Hall, Jack Langerud, Dorothy Hall, Rita Mielke, Cheri Stabo, Jeanette Gemmill, Aylson Hall and Mariah Hall. ( I so wish I had zoom possibilities for readers.)



Another picture from my grandson, Cole and his girlfriend, Kristeena. This was taken at a temple in Bali.