The Crow's Nest - February 3, 2020

Well, I’m glad that’s over!  I am talking about the Super Bowl.  No matter how it ended, I had decided not to write the Crow’s Nest until it had been played.  I could hardly go to sleep last night as I was so happy and excited about the outcome of the game.  I have been a huge Chiefs fan since 1970 when the Chiefs beat the Vikings in the Super Bowl that year.  Len Dawson was the Chiefs quarterback.  In later years, Len Dawson was a much-loved sportscaster in Kansas City.  I used to watch him nightly when we lived there.

It is good to be home.  We went to Ft Mohave, Arizona the first of January and got home a few days ago.  We had a wonderful time in the great southwest, but it is nice to be back in familiar surroundings.  Ft. Mohave is in the very southwest part of Arizona-a couple of miles from the California border and almost as close to the Nevada border.  We were near Needles, CA, a place that is often cited as the hottest place in the United States during the summer months.  Ft Mohave is connected to Bull Head City and Laughlin.  We were about 100 miles from Las Vegas.

We rented a beautiful home in a gated community.  My brother David’s friend from childhood, Dale Bakke and his wife Helen (Nygard) Bakke live in this development.  David and Loretta decided not to go to Arizona this winter, so we were able to rent their place.  Each home is situated around a small lake.  Small electric watercraft can be used on these neighborhood lakes, so it was fun to watch the paddle boats and kayaks glide across the water.  It was so relaxing to sit outside knitting or reading with temperatures ranging in the high 60’s and low 70’s.   Dale and Helen were gracious neighborhood hosts who made sure we enjoyed the local dining establishments.  As we left, Bud and Lynette Langerud were arriving to spend the month of February in the same house.

Old age is creeping in very fast.  Got home and I had trouble remembering how to use the new remotes we had recently gotten for our TV sets and on top of that I couldn’t figure out my new microwave.  I guess I am in trouble

I may have trouble with appliances and electronics, but I had no trouble figuring out the Table of Knowledge.  There is something very comforting going down to Cenex at 2:30 in the afternoon knowing that the people who would be there are your friends and neighbors.  Anyone listening in may wonder about the friendship and neighborly aspect of the group.  The “trash” talk that goes on is a riot.  This can be traced to the fact we all know each other way too well and feel comfortable giving each other a bad time.  But I know, if push came to shove, everyone would be “johnny-on-the-spot to help if help was needed.  What a fun way to spend cold, dreary winter afternoons!

The Super Bowl wasn’t the only sports activity this weekend.  Saturday, I watched our great nieces and nephew, Halle, Haidyn and Jase Crockett play basketball for Northern Cass High School.  (This school is outside of Fargo).  WOW! Can they play basketball.  It was just amazing.  In the boys’ varsity game Jase must have made more than half of the points for the Jaguars win over Mayville-Portland.  All 3 are great athletes, and they have a younger brother, Brooks, who also shines in the sports he participates in.

Sunday, before the Super Bowl, I watched Mandy Simpson play for Oklahoma University.  She is a starter and seems to be a real motivating force for the team.   They were down by 22 points at half time and came back to beat the Kansas  Jayhawks by 11 points in overtime.  What a game that was.

Carol Pewe has a birthday coming up this month—so Happy Birthday Carol.  It’s not easy getting old.  At least you will be caught up with me!  Carol is having a little bump in the road.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer in both breasts and is now undergoing chemotherapy.  Carol is a trooper and is handling this the way she handles everything—Everything is met “HEAD ON”!

Thanks Dale and Helen for being so hospitable and fun.  We had a great time.  Jim Langerud, you are in my prayers.  Hope your doctor appointments have favorable results. 

Lastly, would somebody please tell Chuck to quit leaving his Kleenex in his sleeves?  I’m getting tired of what happens in my washing machine……(don’t think it’s his fault!) 

Have a great day.  Talk with you later.
































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February 3, 2020

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QUOTES (found on the wall at a restaurant somewhere in Colorado)

1. "Santa Claus has the right idea - visit people only once a year." VIctor Borge

2. "I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury." Groucho Marx

3. "My wife has a slight impediment in her speech - every now and then she stops to breathe." Jimmy Durante

4. "By all means marry; if you get a good wife, you'll become happyy; if you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher." Socrates

5. "A man in love is incomplete until he has married. Then he is finished". Zsa Zsa Gabor

Don't think these quotes would "fly" in this day and age!


Taj Mahal

Grandson Cole and his girlfriend Kristeena visited the Taj Mahal in Agra, India. They said it was SO impressive. I have always thought it was beautiful.



Love watching great nephew Jase Crockett play basketball. He's a super ball player. Made 30 points the other night for the Northern Cass Jaguars.


pickle store

Cole and Kristeena visited a pickle store in Istanbul, Turkey. They said it was really an interesting store.