The Crow's Nest - December 25, 2018

A very Merry Christmas to everyone from snowy North Dakota.  The flakes are coming down so softly this afternoon.  According to the forecasts tomorrow, Thursday and Friday should be much different.  I’ve heard predictions of up to 24 inches plus strong winds for the next 3 days.  Most of it is tracking a bit south of us, but there is a possibility we will get some of the winter weather.

It wouldn’t seem natural if we didn’t experience some “bad” weather.  The middle of December was beautiful with warm, mild sunny days.  The snow would melt, but at night it would re-freeze resulting in icy spots everywhere.  The blue skies with strong sunshine made it almost impossible to see sometimes.  The sun really reflected off the ice glazed snow.

We had a beautiful Christmas Eve service at Trinity Lutheran last night.  I am sure many have the same sentiments wherever they went to services.  It is always so much fun to see children (now adults), grandchildren, relatives and friends who come home at Christmas time.  There were many hugs, handshakes and “great to see you” greetings as everyone gathered in the Narthex before and after the service.

We had excitement around Edinburg a couple of weeks ago.  Someone thought they saw wolf tracks in town where the potato houses used to be.  The game warden did come up and confirmed that yes, indeed they were wolf tracks.  In my unknowledgeable layman’s terms, the tracks were big and looked like only 2 paw prints rather than the usual 4 paw prints.  They walk in a straight line (or something to that effect) is my understanding.  I don’t think I should have ever started this paragraph.  Suffice it to say, many people were very excited.

Even though we are missing a few regulars at the Table of Knowledge (due to snow-birding south), the table stays as lively as ever.  The other day the topic of conversation was dreams.  A few people said they can never remember their dreams, while others always had scary dreams.  I know I dream in color and most always remember my dreams.  Jim Langerud summed up the whole dream dialog by saying he only dreams if he sleeps on his back.  The crazy thing about that statement is I think I agree with him!  It seems when I do wake up from a dream I am on my back.  Now, I think this requires a scientific study of some sort.  One of the regulars at the table is John H. Johnson.  He just celebrated his 84th birthday.  He always has a lot to add to the different conversations.  John is a great guy to visit with.

I had mentioned on social media that one morning this past week I was up drinking coffee and watching television at 3 AM.  Lo and behold, I came across the Oklahoma Sooners women’s basketball game against UConn.  Of course, I watched it as Mandy Simpson (daughter of John and Connie (Hall) Simpson) is a starter for the Sooners.  They played a great game and came close to beating the number 1 seed.  Anyway, I mentioned how I had enjoyed the game and Mandy’s connection to Edinburg.  Curtis Mecham messaged me from Seattle saying he watches basketball and did not realize Mandy was John Hall’s grand-daughter.  Mandy has a new cheerleader in her corner now.

We attended Abbie Sondeland and Jacob Hays’ wedding in Grand Forks last weekend.  It was a beautiful wedding.  They both looked so very happy and in love.  Congratulations to both with wishes for a long and happy life.

Patty (Sigurdson) Schoenrock had major back surgery the beginning of December.  She is recovering but says it will be quite a while before she can do much of anything.  We wish her well during this recovery period.  She has been plagued with back pain since she was a child, so hopefully this will do the trick.

I’m having another knee replacement surgery next week.  I will be glad to get this taken care of, so I can get back to walking.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that one surgery will do it.  The other knee was opened twice to get all the arthritic scar tissue removed.  Getting old is tough!!

Have a great day and we will talk later.  Happy New Year to everyone!




























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December 25, 2018

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1.Bert Gemmil went to Park River on Tuesday where he will stay for several days taking treatment for eye trouble.

2. Someone has been feeling blue all week. The bad roads last Sunday account for it all.

3. LOST: Between the drug store and depot, one dark fur gauntlet driving glove. Finder please return to drug store for reward.

4. FOUND: An old gray fur robe on the road between August Nygard's and Tiber Crossing. Owner may have same by calling for it at Mrs. A. P. Herom.

5. Wells located, water guaranteed or money refunded. Wells dug also, for $1 per foot. Call or write: Christian Mahlum, Edinburg, N.D.



I participated in cookie making for the men and women who are stationed at the Grand Forks Air Base. All told, about 520 dozen cookies were brought to the base for the people to enjoy. It is a very worthwhile project.


trinity church

The Christmas Eve service at Trinity church was beautiful. There were 5 sets of twins in attendance!! Laith & Landry Hall, August & Jack Sveen, Everly & Aria Nygard, Axel & Oliver Sorbo and Abbie (Hays) & Aaron Sondeland. There were also two people there that are twins - Pastor Jessica and Vera Brandvold.