The Crow's Nest - November 17, 2018

Got up this morning to a thermometer that registered a big, fat ZERO.  It has been a few months since I have seen that temperature reading.  The day is beautiful to look at from the inside of a warm house.  The sun is shining so bright and the US flag is hardly moving so at least we don’t have the wind.  Too many winter days are cloudy, so this sunshine is wonderful.

What a fun trip we had to Las Vegas, Nevada to cheer on our UND hockey team as they went up against arch rival University of Minnesota.  The hockey arena was a “sea of green” with about 7,000 Fighting Hawks (Sioux) in attendance.  There was an outdoor pre-party before the game with an estimated 11,000 fans there.  We took a charter flight from Grand Forks through Bon Voyage Travel.  A great way to go as every ride, accommodation and need was seen to by the agency.  Our accommodations at the Aria Hotel were top notch.  What a great place to stay.

The downside to the trip was all my fault.  Because I have had a knee replacement and a bad other knee, I asked Dr Johnson if I could up my prednisone, so I would be more comfortable walking in Vegas.  He okayed that.  The prednisone worked great and I logged in 6-7 miles a day with just a little discomfort.  The problem was when I came home, I forgot to taper off the drug and dropped to my usual daily dose of 5 mg.  O Brother, if you want to feel pain, just try doing that some time.  For 10 days I thought I was going to probably fall off the face of the earth.  I finally went back to Dr Johnson and I am now tapering down.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.  O yes, UND won the hockey game.

There is snow on the ground, but a few farmers are still in the fields harvesting corn.  I have many childhood memories of cutting corn for silage.  On the farm we had a below ground silo attached to the barn.  In the fall it would be filled with the newly cut silage.  David and I were allowed to go into the silo and “stomp down” the corn.  Come spring we were not supposed to go near the silage bin as by that time it was mostly moldy, stinky water in the bottom.  The place was way too dangerous to be around lest we fell in. 

Once again, the landscape of Edinburg is changing.  Dale Gemmill recently moved into the apartments attached to the Good Samaritan Home in Park River.  Beverley Hall has moved from her apartment in the same complex into the nursing home.  Glen Haug is a resident at the Good Sam Home also.  He had surgery a couple of weeks ago to have one of his legs amputated.  He was not in the hospital very long.  He says he feels so much better and has such a terrific attitude.  If one must be in a nursing home, the Good Samaritan Home is a great place to reside.  The caregivers there are mostly local people who have known some of the residents for years.  This makes for extra special attention I think to the quality of care and love shown by everyone connected with the home.

It was sad news for many when we heard that Jack Rustan had passed away.  Jack had lived in Dickinson for many, many years.  The deaths recently of Leslie Jensen, LaVaughn (Nygard) Cernik, Stephanie (Holand) Gestson and now Jack really hit close to home.  My sympathy to Jack’s family.

I am keeping Vicki Seim in my prayers as she is hospitalized in Fargo with a bad infection.  She was in Grafton, then Grand Forks, back to Grafton before being transported to Fargo.  I talked with Ken yesterday and he said she was in a lot of pain.  Everyone is thinking about you Vicki.

We are on our way to Minot for Thanksgiving with a short stop before hand in Bismarck.  As soon as I get home, I will start to bake cookies for the men and women at the Grand Forks Air Base.  We made cookies last year with a goal of 320 dozen.  By the time all the cookies were delivered there were 520 dozen.  I wonder if that amount will be surpassed this year?  It is a fun project that is very much appreciated by the single and unaccompanied soldiers.

Have a great Thanksgiving and we will talk later.




























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November 17, 2018

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1. What year was the celebration that is most commonly attributed to as the first Thanksgiving? 1621

2. How long did the first Thanksgiving celebration last? 3 days. It was celebrated much earlier than our current celebration - possibly in late September. There were about 50 European settlers and 90 or so native Americans who attended the first 3-day feast.

3. What animal did the native Americans bring to the first Thanksgiving? Deer (venison)

4. What is the wobbly red piece of flesh on top of the beak of a turkey? A snood. The red bit of flesh under the beak is called a wattle.

5. What decade was the green bean cassserole first introduced? In the 1950's - specifically 1955. It was created by the Campbell Soup Company, specifically by Dorcas Reilly.


bison fans

Niece Jodi (Hall) Crockett, Mike Vendsel (brother of my son-in-law), Katie (Currie) and nephew TJ Hall happened to meet while tailgating next to each other at a Bison game. Mike thought it was great to run into them as he got a bag of Hall's potatoes to take back to Minot.


UND Party

A crowd estimated at 11,000 filled the outdoors for a UND party prior to the hockey game. It was hard to move!