The Crow's Nest - October 23, 2018

O my, just wondering if this is going to be a long, long winter.  On the 10th of October we got hit with a lot in the northern Red River Valley.  We had an accumulation of about 6 inches in the Edinburg area, but down by Larimore they were fortunate enough to win a prize with 14 inches.  Another small town received 16 inches.  We traveled to Grand Forks on the 11th and we made sure we had parkas, boots, gloves and an updated Emergency Kit in the car.  Thankfully we have had a couple of great days when temperatures did reach into the low 60’s.  Residents were out all over town raking up leaves and cleaning out their gardens.  The whir of lawn mowers made sweet music as people bagged up lots of the fallen leaves.  Most days now find the temperatures somewhere in the high 30’s.  The typical statement around here is:  Lately, it seems we go directly from summer to winter.  A nice warm day-cool evening would make for a beautiful autumn season.

I received a phone call and an email from Sydney Gire a few days ago.  He had seen the picture I had posted last month of him and his Stomperz Jazzband.  He said he was drawn back to memories of Emmett Loe teaching him to play the trumpet when he was 12 and how he played in the Edinburg and Park River community bands.  He says he no longer plays the trumpet but does continue to play the bass guitar with small bands in Washington and plays with a large dance band called the “Encores” when he is in Arizona during the winter months.  I am posting the picture of the Encore Orchestra on the website.  He sent another email but unfortunately, I was not able to open it.  I’m sure it held more information about his music life.  Thank you, Sydney, so much for taking time to update the readers on your activities.

I was visiting with a couple of ladies the other day and we all agreed we are so busy.  The problem is our busyness is due not to meetings and coffee gatherings, but due to doctor appointments!  We all are getting older and with that comes health issues.  I am so grateful to have a wonderful primary physician in Joel Johnson at First Care Health Center in Park River.  He is a gem.  I think many, many people feel the same way I do.  He is a very busy doctor taking care of the needs of the young, middle age and elderly population of this area.  He always has time to listen to me when I need his ear.

I’ve heard said that life is like a revolving door.  My question about that is “why does the door have to be rotating so fast?”  There have been so many changes in Edinburg this past summer and fall.  Many people have moved out of Edinburg for various reasons.  I know I have mentioned some of the changes before, but these changes have hit me hard, so I will write about them again.  I stated previously that LeRoy and Lousie Pederson are living in Grand Forks, Jim and Lois Otto are making their home in Fargo along with Michael and Ina Spanier who call Moorhead home.  Beverley Hall has now moved into the Good Samaritan Nursing Home in Park River and John and Eunice Evenson have made the move to Maple Manor Care Center in Langdon.  Very soon Lyle Amundrud will be moving to Minneapolis to be closer to daughter Kim and her family.  I hope you see why I feel sad and miss seeing these wonderful people around town every day.

With sadness I write of the death of Darlene Johnson.  I remember when Darlene first came to the Edinburg area after graduating from college.  She was originally from Starkweather.  Darlene taught at the Tiber School.  I have memories of going to the school for “Basket Socials” and other events.  Darlene and husband John have resided in Gardar for many years.  John comes in for coffee at the “Table of Knowledge” on a regular basis.  His sense of humor keeps all of us laughing.  Our sympathy and love are with you John, and your family.

Also, just received word that Stephanie (Holand) Gestson died.  I believe she was living in Northwood at the nursing home.  Stephanie was 78 years old.  Fond, fond memories of Stephanie and our triple trio singing in in high school.  Alice Arneson was our music teacher and she kept all of us on our toes.  Stephanie sang 2nd soprano in our group.  Many fun times of hard practicing.

On a happier note:  Congratulations to Michael and Caitlin Evenson on the birth of their son, Eli John.  I’m sure this little guy delights big sister Audrey.  Also, word has come that Ben and Sadie (Sondeland) Storhaug have a new little baby girl named Hadley Dawn.  I’m sure grandpa and grandma Peter and Julie Sondeland are over the moon.  These new family additions are wonderful.

We’re heading for Las Vegas for the Hall of Fame hockey game between UND and the University of Minnesota this weekend.  I know there will be lots of cheering “Sioux” fans on hand.  When we played in New York City a couple of years ago UND was represented by approximately 8,000 noisy fans.  We plan on having lots of fun being noisy in Las Vegas also at the game.

   Have a great day and we will talk later. 




























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October 23, 2018

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1. What do early blooming wildflowers tell us about the weather? Fall will be coming by early.

2. What do the rings on the woolly bear caterpillar's body signify? The harshness of the coming winter. If the caterpillar has black bands on either end and a brown middle band, expect a hard, cold winter at the beginning and end with milder temperatures during the middle.

3. What does an abundance of fall leaves on the ground signify about the coming winter? A harsh winter. The leaf cover protects the vegetation underneath.

4. What does it mean when butterflies flit high above the rooftops in late fall? Winter is coming soon.

5. What does it mean if you hear a rooster crow in the evening? A storm is coming. He crows to warn about the upcoming storm because the lower barometric pressure makes him feel bad.

Must say none of these old wive's tales are very encouraging!



Many people took advantage of a nice afternoon to get leaves mulched, raked or bagged. Chuck spent a long day working on our yard.


youth group

The Crossroads youth group helped pick apples out at Harold and Helen Sundvors. These apples were made into pies that were sold with proceeds going to the Park River Hospice.



A beautiful picture of a Kansas sunset.