The Crow's Nest - June 26, 2018

There is an old song from the 1940’s titled “June is Busting Out All Over”.  Well, I think June has already burst!  It is hard to believe that July is here next week.  My intentions each month is to write and post the Crow’s Nest about the middle of the month.  You can see how well I do with that.

We have been experiencing a beautiful summer so far.  Temperatures have been warm and wonderful and the rainfall for our area has been so timely.  I know I repeat thoughts each year, but summer in the Edinburg area is great.  Our Japanese Lilac is so fragrant I find myself sometimes having to move away from the kitchen window as it gets almost too strong at times.  It is beautiful, but short-lived.  Blossoms do not last very long at all.

Life is at a slow pace around town.  Those with gardens spend time hoeing around the plants trying to keep the weeds at bay.  Peas are blooming along with the green beans.  Our asparagus has run its course, but we do have beautiful, little new potatoes ready for devouring.  Rhubarb season has been enjoyed by most everyone.  Pies, tortes, cakes and jams have been shared.  I imagine it won’t be long until there will be an over-abundance of cucumber’s so bags will be found at the Community Center for people to help themselves to their bounty.  Then the raspberries will soon be ripe, ready to be eaten off the vine or made into jam or jelly.  What a joy this time of the year is with all the fresh fruits and vegetables ready for us to devour.

The “Table of Knowledge” is slowing shrinking.  Vacations and travels, plus moves has made a difference.  First LeRoy and Louise Pederson moved to Grand Forks, then Jim and Lois Otto moved to Fargo.  Now Mike and Ina Spanier will make a new home in Moorhead.   It is tough to see them go.  One of the redeeming qualities of the table is it still is a place for morning and/or afternoon coffee where the conversations can be serious or take off in utter silliness.  It is a fun place to sit and converse and listen to all the good-natured bantering that goes on by people who know and care about each other very much.

Visitors to Market on Main, the community owned grocery store, will see many changes.  Old produce cases have been replaced with new cases and coolers.  The old locker area behind that very, very heavy wooden door has been cleaned out of all the lockers.  I remember coming into town from the farm to get meat out of our locker.  It was so cold in there.  I always worried about not being able to open the door and would be found frozen solid at a later date.  My thoughts are this area will be used for storage.  Now the task is to encourage people to shop locally rather than going to the big box stores in Grand Forks.  Specials are always being offered along with a wide array of in-store freshly made breads and sweets.

Jan Nygard, Cathy Clapp and 6 other friends just returned from a sight-seeing trip through the United Kingdom.  Pictures posted looked like they had a wonderful time throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  What fun!

Sadness has hit the community with the death of loved ones. Alfred Byron passed away last week. His funeral was held in Perham, MN. Alfred and Carrie lived in Edinburg before moving to Minnesota just a few years ago.

Sympathy goes out to the Sondelands (Pete – Dale – Jim) and their families plus the other brothers and sisters on the death of their brother-in-law, Don Hardy.  He was married to Karen Sondeland.  We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.  Don died suddenly of a heart attack.

Also, we just learned that Loren Mairs passed away yesterday.  So very sad for Sue and family.  We will also remember them in our thoughts and prayers.

I’ll leave you with some great poetry courtesy of John H Johnson:  Roses are red, violets are blue, I sure hate grasshopper stew.  P-U!!!  John said this came from a relative during an infestation of grasshoppers during harvest in the early 1940’s.

Happy 47th Anniversary to sister Ruth and brother-in-law Greg.  Here’s wishing you 47 more great years! 

Chuck just walked in with 4 cucumbers   Mmmmnnnn good.  Have a great day and we will talk with you later.


























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June 26, 2018

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1."There is no 'we' in summer. Only 'u' and 'me'." - Unknown

2. "Sun is shinf. Weather is sweet. Makes you wanna move your dancing feet."- Bob Marley

3."My favorite weather is bird-chirping weather." - Terri Guillemets

4. "If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it inented romance." - Bern Williams

5."Summertime and the livin' is easy." - Porgy and Bess



rhubarb pie

Nothing tastes better in the on a spring or summer day than a piece of rhubarb pie.



What a beautiful sunset last week.




This little hummingbird got into a tussle with another hummingbird. He was stunned enough where Chuck held him in his hand while I took a video of him. So little and so fast.