The Crow's Nest - April 24, 2018

Buds are forming on our Ohio buckeye in our front yard.  Will we soon smell the sweet fragrance of the lilac bushes?  If you walk around the area and you see smiles on everyone’s face, then you know that SPRING MUST TRULY BE HERE!  O yes, as an ongoing complaint each month, this has been a long and hard winter.  I know my spirits are lifted just knowing warm, sunny weather, green grass and plant life will soon be in our landscape.

Another sign of spring is the notices, posters and newspaper articles of proms, spring concerts, music competitions and sporting events being held around the area.  Graduation announcements are showing up in our mailbox, so we know the “Big Day” is just around the corner.  Each year as graduation day nears I just marvel at how fast time goes by and how fast these kids grow up!

This is a bit of old news, but the Klub Dinner held for the benefit of the Trinity Church Roofing Fund was a huge success.  I understand about 300 people came to enjoy the meal.  John Evenson’s dumplings have a reputation of being wonderful.  The crowds can attest to that.  It is amazing to watch the “kitchen crew” at work.  They had 5 stoves set up in the kitchen at the Community Center.  John was helped preparing and serving the klub by his sons Andrew and Michael plus help from Margaret Thorfinnson and Lisa Sappa. Dale Sondeland was in the kitchen also overseeing the preparation of his famous corn that goes along with the klub.  To round out the meal Lisa Sappa made desserts for everyone.  The whole operation is run like a more than well-oiled machine.  It is amazing to see the kitchen group at work.  It truly was a great day and event.

The new coolers have been installed at Market on Main – our wonderful community owned grocery store.  They look so nice and are a great improvement.  The old cases must have been in place for years.  Cindy Vargason, the store manager, has made available many new products and services for those who shop there.  If you haven’t been in, please take the time when in town to check out the store.

Sympathy goes out to Laurie Foseide (along with Heather and her family) on the death of Laurie’s mother, Marion Hajicek.

Congratulations to Abbie Sondeland and Jacob Hays on their engagement.  The proposal came on Valentine’s Day.  Very romantic.  I’m so happy for the two of them.  Once again, it just seems like yesterday Peter and Julie were bringing twins (Abbie and Aaron) home from the hospital.  Abbie and Jacob are a very sweet couple.

The Sondeland families will be busy as Abbie’s cousin, Amanda Sondeland is engaged to Adam Weber.  Their wedding is planned for next fall.  Dad Dale mentions the upcoming wedding when he stops in for coffee at Cenex.  He is one very proud father.

Another wedding will take place also.  Congratulations go out to Morgan Ellingson and Andrew Evenson on their engagement.  Andrew went all the way to Alaska to propose to Morgan.  That is love!  There is lots of happiness going around in the family as Rose Denault, Morgan’s grandmother, just found out that she is going to have a new grandchild.  Daughter Alica and husband Bruce are expecting their 3rd child.  I’m sure the airlines will appreciate Rose’s trips to Alaska.

It was so much fun visiting with Keith Johannesson outside the Edinburg General Store the other day.  Keith lives in Fargo but says when he is in the area he stays in Gardar at his family home.  Thank you, Keith, for taking time to check in with the Edinburg website and reading the Crow’s Nest.  I enjoy hearing that the site is still relevant after all these years.

Have a great day and we will talk later.


























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April 14, 2018

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Ally Knutson and Sierra Jensen headed up a FCCLA project at Valley-Ednburg High School for the program called Real Hope for Haiti. They worked along with Katie Skoog (our local designer-owner of The Simple Life Pattern company) to make available simple dresses. Their project plan was to get 100 dresses made that would be sent to Haiti. Unbelievably, they presented 1007 dresses to the Real Hope for Haiti organization last week. Rather than a project named "A Hundred Dresses for Haiti" they had to rename it "A Hundred for Haiti X 10". What a beautiful project for the local FCCLA Chapter. These dresses were sewn by individuals from 39 states and Canada. Lori Fingarson is their advisor and has been very involved with them. What a beautiful story this has been for those of us hearing about it and what committment for those involved.


Pictured are Zach Zachary & his wife Lorraine (on the left & right). In between are Sierra Jensen, Katie Skoog, Lori Fingarson and Ally Knutson. The Zacharys came from Minnesota to pick up the dresses and tell the students a bit about life in Haiti.


Ally Knutson and Sierra are pictured with the storyboard and arc of dresses.