The Crow's Nest - March 25, 2018

The day was so dreary yesterday with snow falling a bit along with a cold wind.  It felt so wintery that it wasn’t until 4 o’clock in the afternoon that I realized Palm Sunday was today.  I hurriedly asked Chuck to please go over to church and put up the appropriate banner for the day.  I think winter has hung around just a little too long.

Snow has been predicted for the last 3-4 days.  We have been fortunate enough that the predictions have not happened much around here.  Many other parts of the state have seen quite a few inches.  I know the Minot area was hit with lots of snow.  In fact, daughter Kris was sent home from work on Friday as she was tagged as non-essential.  I have to laugh at that as she is Marketing Director for 5 TV stations!  I just thought that’s a job to have.  She informed me only personnel directly involved with the news had to stay.  Point is, they had plenty of snow.  I dream of green grass and pretty flowers.

March began with me having knee surgery on the same knee that was replaced February of 2017.  The surgeon re-opened the same incision and removed quite a bit of scar tissue, perhaps a side effect of my rheumatoid arthritis.  I have been so diligent about therapy.  I go to Park River 4 days a week plus make sure I do therapy 2-3 times every day.  After the first surgery I only had range of motion to 80 degrees.  I now have reached 108 degrees so far.  It brought tears to my eyes the first time I was able to put on my own shoes and socks in over a year.  I am anxious to see Dr. Schall  this coming Wednesday.  I know he will be pleased as he had told me I only had a 50 % chance of this surgery working.  I’m mighty anxious to get the 38 staples out of my leg also!  Now it’s to get the other knee done.  Hhmmm—old age!

The “snow-birds” are starting to return to the northern climes.  David and Loretta Monson along with Dennis and Beverly Hammer are home from Arizona.  I think Harold and Alida Flom should be back sometime this week.  It is fun to see everyone again.

With the return of the Monson’s and the Hammer’s we will really have a great group to stock the shelves at our grocery store, Market on Main.  The others that have pitched in all winter were Vera Brandvold, Ken Seim, Mike Spanier, Gary Monsebroten, Chuck Mielke and myself.  We get those shelves stocked fast each Thursday afternoon.

Big changes have been made at the store.  Because of the Klub Benefit that was held we were able to purchase two new coolers for the store.  One will be for the meat and one for the produce.  Five new freezers have been purchased and are in place.  These were purchased through a grant that was given to Market on Main.  For those of you who remember, as of last Friday, the old meat locker at the back of the store has been shut down and will be used for storage.  The only part of the store that hasn’t changed are the very uneven floors.  Shopping carts seem to just roll wherever they want when you shop.  Those floors add character and keeps memories alive.

Sympathy to the family of Doreen Nelson.  Doreen’s funeral was held this past Friday with many in attendance.  She was such a quiet, sweet lady and will be missed.

On a happy note, congratulations to Taylor and Alyson Hall and to Tyler and Natalie Cameron on the new additions coming into their families.  Everyone is so happy for both couples.

A bit of trivia:  As of the 8th of April 2018, the Crow’s Nest and the Edinburg website has been up and running for 14 years.  It is hard to believe it has been that long.  Thank you so much readers for indulging me each month by checking out the website.  I hope it has brought memories up for those of you living elsewhere.  As for you local people, I am astonished at how many take the time to look at it!

Have a great day and we will talk later.  THINK SPRING!!


























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March 25, 2018

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1. Spring is the time of the year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade.

2. According to a myth, you can balance an egg on its tip on a flat surface, only on the first day of Spring!

3. Dispite the forecast, live like it's Spring!

4. Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.

5. Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.

An excerpt taken from an article named "AND THEN THERE WAS WINTER".


marshall & mary

Marshall and Mary Burkett were all smiles Palm Sunday morning at church.

childrens sermon

The kids were very attentive while Pastor Jessica gave the "Children's Sermon".