The Crow's Nest - July 24, 2017

These last two weeks have been awesome as far as the ideal growing conditions for us in this part of the world.  We have had enough rain and heat that I can stand in the garden and almost watch the vegetables grow.  It has been amazing how suddenly every plant is producing an abundant crop.  The corn in Vera Brandvold’s garden shot up overnight.  Peas, beets, potatoes, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes and all the other vegetables are begging to be picked.  I’m freezing peas almost every day.  And then there are raspberries.  Chuck has been out at Melvin Obie’s picking so of course, jelly and jam is added to the downstairs fruit room.  The fields are also doing so well.   I just love this time of the year---if only it could last longer.

I realize I must temper my joy when I know the central and western part of the state is struggling with a horrid drought.  Our daughter and son-in-law’s yard in Minot looks like it has been sprayed with RoundUp it is so dry.  Kris says she waters her garden constantly and it is like dust in just a short while.  I understand farmers are even baling their wheat crops for hay as lack of rain has caused them not to produce.  That is so sad.

We’ve been fortunate also with the stormy weather that has blown up all around us a few times this summer.  This very immediate area has been lucky as some parts of the valley have seen devastating winds along with heavy rains and hail.

The Fire Department’s annual Rib Fest was once again a huge success.  The day was perfect with a huge crowd coming to enjoy the ribs and all the side dishes.  It is amazing how many people come from all over to attend.  Our beautiful park was the perfect place for this fun party.

Yesterday Bernice Flanagan treated everyone with her 80th Birthday Party.  Yes, you read that right.  Bernice had cake and ice cream at the Community Center for the older generation in the morning.  We were even treated with accordion music by Mike Helt of Park River.  Mike’s daughter also had her own accordion to play.  Mike is the son of Dennis and Patty (Flanagan) Helt.  At noon Bernice had hot dogs plus cake and ice cream for the younger generation.  She had face-painting plus a clown who made balloon figures for the kids.  She didn’t stop there.  At 4 pm through 8 pm Bernice had a meal for everyone at the Community Center.  People could also dance to the music of Matt Hodek and the Dutchmen.
Bernice did this for her 70th birthday, so she wanted to do it for her 80th and promises to do it again for her 90th.  That lady has more stamina than anyone I know.  She loves to go to East Grand Forks on Sunday nights to polka.  I so admire what she can do.

Steve and Mary Langerud celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last week with an open house at the Community Center.  Many came to enjoy the afternoon with them.  It was a very fun time.

More and more we are appreciating that young people are deciding to either come to Edinburg to live and work, or they have grown up in this community and have decided to stay.  We have just one such couple with Jared and Christine Ohma.  Jared is a Master Electrician with 10 years of experience working for others.  Recently Jared and Christine decided to build a company of their own by starting an electric business here in the area.  It will be wonderful to have Ohma Electric right here in Edinburg.  We welcome Jared and Kristine along with their daughter Claire in their new endeavor.  It is so much fun to go to events in town and see how many young families there are in the area.  It is wonderful.

Stephanie Gestson is in the Rehab Center at Grand Forks.  She had surgery a couple of weeks ago for an obstruction.  She had a very tough time for a while, but is on the mend.  Her daughter Lori set up a Caring Bridge page for her so it is easy to keep up with her recovery.  We wish her the very best.

Sadly, funerals were held for Bonnie Hayes last week and for Gene Gemmill this week.  Sympathy to family and friends of these wonderful people.  It is hard to lose people we all care about.

Vera Brandvold just returned from almost 2 weeks in France.  She said she had a great time – who wouldn’t??  Also, Rose Denault is once again off to Anchorage, Alaska to spend time with daughter Alicia and her family.  Rose posted a picture of the sun shining brightly at midnight.  Rose has a 2nd knee replacement surgery the first part of August.

A speedy recovery to Alida Flom who had a knee replaced last Friday.  And, a special Happy Birthday to brother Dave who turned 71 today.  We have an abundance of Monarch butterflies around town.  They are beautiful.

Take care and we will talk later.

























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July 24, 2017

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1. Stealing someone's coffee is called mugging.

2. Pasteruize: Too far to see.

3. Whoever invented "knock-knock" jokes should get a no-bell prize.

4. I put my Grandma on speed dial - I call that instagram.

5. The other day I held the door open for a clown. It was a nice jester.

6. No matter how much you push the envelope, it will still be stationery.

7. Energizer Bunny arrested: charged with battery.



TJ Hall is taking a break from making his wonderful ribs. Sitting next to him is my future grand-daughter in law (come next October). What a fun time we all had at the ribfest.


rhubarb pies

Rhurbarb pie is a favorite in our household. I use Effie Ulberg's recipe----and it is good!