The Crow's Nest - June 26, 2017

What on earth could justify turning the furnace on this morning.  One look at the thermometer convinced me it may be a good idea.  As I stood shivering, I saw that the temperature had dropped to 45 degrees!  This is enough of this cold weather.  The last few days has required sweatshirts and long jeans.  There is hope though for the area.  The weatherman tonight promised NO SNOW for the 4th of July.

Summer is going by too fast.  We just spent a week at the lakes by Brainerd, MN.  While driving around various towns, I noticed a couple of fields heading out.  In fact, a week or so ago I was having a conversation with my Lord and I asked Him if maybe the summer season could just slow down a wee bit.  I am sure the answer will come with a “Rita, the seasons are in place, you need to embrace every one of them”.  I shall try.  (I just drove over to Hoople – a field was headed out there also!)

I received a call from Chuck Troftgruben not too long ago.  It was so much fun to visit with him.  Goodness, the two of us grew up in the Odalen congregation on the edge of the coulee in Tiber Township.  It is fun to recall all the memories of those wonderful times 70+ years ago.   Thank you to both Chuck and Sharon for the wonderful words regarding the website and caring about the Trinity and Odalen Cemeteries.

Nostalgia reined when the daughters of former resident Al Flaten came to town.  Many of us remember Al as Futzie.  Al died recently and they held his burial here.  His 4 daughters Leann, Trish, Noelle, and Laurie were here as was Marcella (Flaten) Wartman.  Marcella is the daughter of Molly and Winnie Flaten, our postmistress and dentist years back.  Marcella said she would be celebrating her 90th birthday now in June.  Al’s brother, Paul and his wife Susan also came from Florida.  Paul is not well, so his presence here was wonderful.  My cousin Keith Sorbo and wife also came to attend the burial service as they were great friends of the Flaten family.

Unspeakable sadness loomed over the area with the passing of Danielle Bjerke-Hagen.  Danielle was only 26 years old.  Her funeral was held at Trinity and hundreds of people came to pay their respects to her husband Alex as well as her dad, Arnold and mother LuWanna and step-father Francis.  There is a big hole in many hearts when we think about Danielle.  Love and sympathy reaches out to everyone who loved and cared for her.

While down in Minnesota lake country, we decided one cool, rainy afternoon to drive into Crosby, MN.  Crosby has many antique stores.  I am not a collector, but it gave us a place to have lunch and look around.  Low and behold, while quickly walking through a huge antique store what should I find but a bowl I have been looking to find for years!  During the last 50 years of marriage, I had used a huge earthenware bowl to make bread in.  About 10 years ago it started to crack.  I think I had mentioned long ago that when I had to finally give it up both Chuck and I figured about 40,000 loaves of bread and buns had been made in that bowl.  I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s factual.  Anyway, back to the story.   There on a shelf in that antique store stood MY BREAD BOWL!  At this time in my life I could easily get by with the substitute I have, but it seemed I just had to have this bowl.  I actually got a bit choked up as I paid for it.  Many memories will be transferred to this new purchase as I punch and knead down my next batch of bread.

Sympathy also goes to the family of Orville Sunde whose funeral was at Trinity last Saturday.  We are keeping the family of Bonnie (Berg) Hayes in our thoughts and prayers also.  She passed away recently and her memorial service will be held here in July.

Happy 80th birthday to Lyle Amundrud and a special happy anniversary to sister Ruth and husband Greg today.  Have a great day and we will talk later.




















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June 26, 2017

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1. The state insect is the ladybug.

2. Each year the state produces enough soybeans to make 483 billion crayons.

3. North Dakota's state beverage is milk.

4. North Dakota is the leading producer of honey.

5.The teddy bear is named after President Teddy Roosevelt, who had a ranch in Medora, North Dakota.



LeRoy Pederson was honored at the Firemen's Picnic for 63 years of sevice with the Edinburg Fire Department. He was presented this beautiful throw.



Paul Flaten and his wife Susan visited with their good friends Keith and Marlys Sorbo after the burial service for Paul's brother Al.