The Crow's Nest - November 25, 2016

We recently returned from a road trip to Kansas City and Joplin, Missouri.  Our grandson Houston got married to his beautiful bride Kinsey.  It was such a fun, fun time for us as all our children were together plus my sister Ruth and husband Greg also came to be part of the festivities.  Of course, on occasions such as this, my mind and thoughts worked overtime trying to understand why time flies by so fast.  It seems like only yesterday I would sit with the grandkids and watch Bambi, Cinderella, The Lion King and The Santa Claus.  Now they are all grown up on their own career paths.  Many time’s during the long weekend I was sure my heart was just going to burst.  It truly was a very sweet time for us.

Reality set in when we got home and picked up our mail.  My gosh, during the 6 days we were gone we managed to receive 27 letters of solicitations from different charities asking for donations.  Every request was a legitimate one.  There were letters from the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Breast Cancer Research, Heifer International, Operation Christmas Child and others.  There were local notes from Great Plains Food Bank, Northland Rescue Mission, Lutheran Social Services also.  I piled the envelopes up and thought if only I had the money to give to every one of these organizations who need/want donations during this Christmas Season.  I guess again as in previous years I will pick and choose where I will share a tiny bit.

The people of Edinburg and the surrounding communities plus those with long ago ties to Edinburg have been so generous with their donations towards the Edinburg Grocery Store.  It is unbelievable that the goal of $125,000 has nearly been met.  The giving hearts of everyone is just amazing.  I always knew Edinburg was a very special place, but now I am more than ever convinced that Edinburg and the people who call or who have called the area home are blessed with a wonderful sense of pride and a gift of sharing abundantly.

Community ownership began last Monday with Cindy Vargason as the store manager.  Cindy lives in Edinburg and is the perfect person to run the store.  Ruth Hall has spent time helping Cindy get used to all the nuances of being “behind the counter”.   Cindy plans to keep the store open until 7 pm during the week for those who work out of town.  We all welcome Cindy in her new position and are so happy the way everything worked regarding the store.  We also are thrilled that Ross Langerud will continue to fill the best meat counter in the area with quality meats that people come from miles around to purchase.

I would be remiss if I did not thank the Halls for the 10 years they spent keeping the grocery store open for all of us.  There were long hours and many sacrifices so we could have a place to go to many times a day to pick up milk, butter, bread or whatever we needed.  Now Ruth can get to every sporting event her grandchildren are in – and there are many.  Thank you to Greg & Ruth, Fred & Dorothy and TJ and Katie for your time in the store and service to the community.

Congratulations to Lin Thorson for being named ARC Teacher of the Year at a banquet held in Bismarck last weekend.  Lin has worked in special education for several years.  Lin, you are so deserving of this award.

Also, congratulations to Casey Vargason being named “Player of the Game” during a game between Drayton-Valley-Edinburg vs Finley-Sharon/Hope-Page last August.  This award was given out by radio station KMAV 105.5 FM.  Casey just received the certificate recently.  Casey would like to play college ball in the future.

A memorial visitation service for Dan Hayes was held in Edinburg last Saturday.  Both Patrick and Jonathan plus their wives and children were here.  Bonnie had planned to attend, but at the last minute the doctors felt it would be best if she stayed in Wisconsin at the center where she lives.  Bonnie’s sister Patricia, husband and son were here also.  I had not seen Patty in 55 years or so.  It was nice to visit with the family.  Patrick said Bonnie is doing very well.  He and Jonathan requested if anyone has pictures or memories you would like to share about Bonnie they knew she would enjoy that very much.  If you would like to share please contact me at and I will get addresses and information to you.

We have another new baby in Edinburg.  Michael and Caitlin Evenson have a new baby girl named Audrey Rose.  I talked with Michael’s brother Andrew yesterday and he said she sure was a cutie.  Congratulations to the family!

Thank you so much George Benjaminson for your donation to the Edinburg Store Fund.  That was so thoughtful and meant a lot to many people.  I am so glad you have fond memories of growing up in Edinburg.

 O yes, Happy Birthday to Katie Hall and Happy 28th Anniversary to daughter Kris and her husband Jason.  I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving Day and did not eat too much.  Have a great day and we will talk later.















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November 25, 2016

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1. PROTECT YOUR HAIR: Rinse with club soda after a dip in the pool. The fizz helps combat the damage done by chlorine.

2. MAKE FLUFFIER PANCAKES: Nix the salt and substitute club soda for half the milk in your favorite recipe. The carbonation gives the batter an extra lift.

3. SOOTH A TROUBLED TUMMY: Club soda contains sodium bicarbonate, which is an antacid used to treat heartburn, indigestion and upset stomach.

4. CLEAN CAST IRON PANS: Simplify scrubbing by pouring some soda in a still-warm skillet. The bubbles help keep food particles from sticking.

5. WATER HOUSEPLANTS: Don't pour out a bottle that's gone flat-use it to give your flowers and plants a drink. The potassium and other minerals will enrich the soil.


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It was so much fun having a big part of our family together for the wedding of our grandson Houston and his bride Kinsey. They were recently married in Joplin, MO. College and work kept 4 of our grandchildren from being with us.



gary olson

There will be a benefit for Gary Olson December 3, from 1 - 4 pm at the Mountain Community Center. Gary is fighting ALS. Please come out and support Gary in his battle against this terrible disease.