The Crow's Nest - September 20, 2016

I SO apologize once again for the lateness of the website going online. I could not upload it to the server which is Polar. I had a great technician, Matt Almen helping me figure out the problem. He worked on it for over 5 days so I really appreciate his help. I am leaving the date the wrote this Crow's Nest rather than changing it to today's date.

Well, I took on a task the other day that I had never, ever done before.  I became a human clothesline!  The day was sunshiny and beautiful with a bit of a wind so I thought it was a perfect day to carefully wash 15 beautiful scarves that were purchased back in the ‘70’s when we lived in Germany.  They needed to be hand washed so that was no problem.  The problem started when I tried to lay them outside on the patio table and chairs to dry.  They blew away.  I did not want to get clothes pin marks on them so the only alternative was to hold each one up separately and let them dry in the wind.  I am sure the neighbors probably were thinking “that girl just fell off the turnip truck”!  No, I really didn’t this time – I think there have been times though.  By the way, each scarf dried very fast and smelled so clean and fresh.  It was a nice way to spend about an hour on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Our annual Turkey Supper at Trinity Lutheran is in the rear view mirror.  We held it last Wednesday night and it again it was a great success.  We served about 425 people.  I know I get worn out as do others that are so involved.  None of us are getting any younger, so everything we do seems harder and takes longer to accomplish.  I’m just glad that everyone enjoyed the meal.  A very special thank you to ALL that worked so hard to make this a success.

Sadness rips at the hearts of many as the grocery store, Market On Main, will be closing come November.  Greg and Ruth Hall, Fred and Dorothy Hall and TJ and Katie Hall have been such faithful and wonderful owners of the store for the past few years.  I know they purchased it to keep a grocery store open in town.  Those of us who shop there almost daily have been so grateful for its existence.  There is a community meeting planned this coming Monday to discuss alternatives and actions that possibly can be taken to keep the store open.  A grocery store is so vital to a small community like ours.  I hope we have a great turn-out for the meeting.  I know I am not alone in thanking the Halls for their care and support for our little town by making sure Edinburg and the surrounding community had a place to shop for our everyday needs.

The President of UND, Mark Kennedy, his wife Debbie, father Eugene and coordinator Fred Whitman were in Edinburg the other day to visit and enjoy a meal at the Fireside Inn.   President Kennedy’s group has been going to various communities to have conversations about UND with people.  It was a fun hour spent visiting.  I must say, President Kennedy’s father was such a delight.  He is 90 years young and very entertaining.

I’m sure everyone is probably very tired of listening to the “Misadventures of Rita”, but I have to say I seem to draw trouble wherever I go or whatever I do.  This last doozey is all of my own making.  I was getting ready to go to a funeral the other day.  I had a nice blouse on, a sweater, necklace, earrings, shoes and even make up.  I walked out of the bedroom and Chuck’s first words to me were, “are you going like that?”  I then realized I didn’t have any pants on.  Can you imagine?  I blame it on the mirror in the bathroom – I only saw my upper half.  Anyway, I put my slacks on and left the house fully dressed.  I don’t know which side of the family to blame my ability to always have goofy thing happen.

The potatoes, beans and sugar beets are being harvested, but very slow.  It seems it can rain if you blink wrong. I feel so sorry for the farmers who are trying to get work done.  The fields are so wet that farm machinery gets stuck easily.

I am a firm believer if something is said on Facebook it must be true – NOT!!  But, a hint was given by someone on how to clean pans with stuck on foods.  The hint is to put warm water in the pan then put a dryer sheet in the water.  Wait a while and the pan will be sparkling clean.  I have tried this 3-4 times and it really works!

Our neighbor, Jim Olafson, was recently in a motorcycle accident west of town on #9.  He hit an elk out by the Ken Olson farm.  Jim was really banged up, but has recovered and is now back at work.

Sympathy to the family of Donald Windingland.  Donald passed away recently.  He graduated with the class of 1969.

Have a great day and we’ll talk later. 





















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September 26, 2016

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1. "Everyone looks much better when they smile." Jimmy Fallon

2. "There is a fountain of youth: It is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love". Sophia Loren

3." The "flower rule" says to stop and smell the roses before you wind up pushing daisies." Ted Smith

4."One of the main reasons we lose our enthusiasm in life is because we let what was once a miracle become common to us. We get so accustomed to God's goodness that it becomes routine." Joel Osteen

5. "There is no force in the world better able to alter anything from its course than love--------meeting the world with a loving heart will determine what we find there". Gregory Boyle




Daughter Kris caught a nice fish while fly fishing in Montana last weekend.



Randy Levang visiting with Eugene Kennedy, the father of UND President Mark Kennedy. Eugene is 90 years old and is really full of spunk!!