The Crow's Nest - June 22, 2016

I have an eclectic choice of music on my iPod – semi-classical, pop, old standards, country and lots of southern gospel.  SO, this morning while walking what should come up for listening?  Why, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” by Natalie Cole!!  I thought I had my playlists separated.  Guess not.  Anyway, it was so enjoyable I listened to it twice.  It was a fun song to listen to on the first full day of summer.

Life is pretty quiet around town.  It seems there has been a mass migration of people to other parts of the country and world.  Many people are at different campgrounds around Nodak and Minnesota enjoying the summer weather.  Others are at the “lakes” and some people are traveling.  David and Loretta Monson along with LeRoy and Louise Pederson are visiting Chicago and the area taking in all the sights.  I thought Judy Geir mentioned she and Richard just got back from Medora where they had a great time.  Vera Brandvold just returned from Italy after vacationing with her sister Verna and other family members.  Vera said they were privileged to see the Pope while in Rome and Vatican City. 

With everyone out and about, Chuck and I are often the lone golf cart riders around town during the evening hours.  We started feeling so sorry for ourselves that we decided to really go wild – we went to Grand Forks on the spur of the moment to spend the night.  Quite daring if I say so myself!

Actually, we spent time out at Lake Sakakawea a couple of weekends ago.  It had been years since I had been there.  Our daughter, Kris and husband, Jason have a home on Mossett Bay.  That is in the farthest south west corner possible (it seems).  The beauty of the area is breathtaking.  It is at the beginning of the Badlands so there are huge, beautiful bluffs around that part of the lake.  Getting to Mossett Bay requires about 6 miles of dusty dirt roads that wind up and down the hills in the area.  Kris says once they are at their place, they do not venture out as grocery stores, etc. are just too far away.  It is a beautiful part of North Dakota that is so different from our flat Red River Valley.  The grandeur of our state should be experienced by everyone. 

Last weekend some parts of our area experienced lots of bad weather.  Right here in Edinburg we had wind, thunder, lightning and rain.  But, other parts of the area had strong, strong winds with so much rain.  Down by Larimore a semi trailer truck was overturned and campers were toppled over at Stump Lake.  Down by Fordville power lines and poles were down.  It looked like the ground was so saturated they just fell over.  Many shelterbelts had trees shirred off and huge evergreens semed like they were ready to give up and lay down.  The wind must have been very strong from the west.  We have had so much rain, so today’s rain was not all that welcome.

It was fun to see Bob Westberg.  Bob went to high school in Edinburg and graduated with the class of 1963.  He was hoping to touch base with many of the people he knew from those high school days.  I am not sure if Bob permanently resides in Arizona or if he just winters there and lives in the state of Washington.  I guess I’m not as sharp in the memory field as I used to be.

Congratulations to Nic and Megan Sveen who recently got married at Trinity.  Nic is the son of Dan and Ann Sveen.

Melvin Obie had triple by-pass surgery last Friday at Altru in Grand Forks.  We visited with him this past Monday.  He was feeling pretty good and was anxious to get home.  As of today he still was in the hospital.  Melvin hopefully now can heal fast knowing all his mowing jobs are well covered.

Our sympathy goes to the family of Ronald Lerud.  His funeral is scheduled this Saturday at Grace Free Church.  He had lived in Grand Forks for many years and was a member of the Edinburg class of 1972.

Hope all is well and we will talk later.





















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June 22, 2016

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The "Table of Knowledge" has been fairly empty lately with so many people gone. Chuck had to sit and read auction sale fliers to keep himself occupied while drinking coffee.