The Crow's Nest - May 30, 2016

It is almost impossible to find enough adjectives to describe a May early morning in Edinburg.  I breathe in the crystal
clear air as I take my morning walk.  Just watching the sunrise is an awesome experience plus looking at the many, many shades of green around me on the trees, lawns and gardens.  It is so soothing listening to the mourning doves coo and the other birds sing their good morning greetings to the world.  The only annoyance is the sound of a couple of woodpeckers who insist on pecking away at anything that is NOT wooden!  The experience is breath-taking.  I must add I do miss my walking partner, Rex (Ross & Krystyna Langerud’s dog).  He used to march alongside of me to keep me company.  Recently he has been confined to the Langerud yard so I do miss him  Many of us spend our winters here enduring the cold, harsh, gray days so when spring comes to Edinburg it is a special time.

As I walk around town daily I automatically start remembering the families who lived in the various homes throughout Edinburg when I was a youngster.  There was the Ordahl House, the Johnson House, the Myrdal House, the Flaten House’s and the Steen House to name a few.  It is fun for me to go back in time to think about those years growing up in such a wonderful area.

Well, the “Table of Knowledge” is never far from the forefront of cutting edge information of what goes on around town.  The rotating group of individuals keeps news fresh and new.  John Evenson informed us the other day he had been to every nursery in the area looking for a certain plant – THE MIXED VEGETABLE plant.  He couldn’t figure out why no one carried it as mixed vegetables are a popular food to eat!  He thought the next place to try would be “Bed, Bath and BEHIND” in Grand Forks.  There just may be a chance they might carry the seeds.  Everyone learns a lot sitting down at that special table!

One thing I have learned at the table is the antics of the class of 1969.  I know for sure Jim Kertz and Tom Mullen used to find themselves in hot water often.  Jim loves to tell stories of their exploits.  Just ask him sometime!  John Evenson was Principal at the time so he often just shakes his head as Jim reveals stories of the class.

Edinburg looks so spiffy with flowers planted in gardens around town and hanging flower baskets gracing Main Street.  Everything looks so nice.  There was a politician in Edinburg last Saturday.  When he came to our door he mentioned he had been in Edinburg 3 different times and was very impressed by the neatness and beauty of our town.  He said he had told friends of his how beautiful Edinburg is.  That was great to hear.

A big thank you to Tim Stabo (a hometown boy) from Ottertail for volunteering to put up the hanging flower baskets downtown.  He said Ottertail encourages their employees to help when they can with community projects.  He and Chuck got those baskets up in no time.  This also meant one thing less for TJ, Jackson and Taylor (Hall) and whoever helps them hang everything on our streetlights downtown.

Bill Nowatzki broke his leg recently.  I cannot think of a worse thing to happen to Bill.  He is a huge gardener and spends his summers tending to all his vegetables and flowers.  Thankfully he got his cast off the other day so maneuverability should be easier.

The Edinburg community was saddened by the sudden death of Lon Nygard a week ago Saturday.  He was only 65 years old.  His funeral was held at Grace Free last week.  The church was standing room only attesting to the many friends and family Lon had.  We hold Melinda and family close in thought and prayer during this trying time.

Today is Memorial Day.  Yesterday the American Legion held their annual visits to cemeteries in the area.  A program and lunch was held following the ceremonies at Trinity church.  A big crowd attended.  I think the Memorial Day programs began about 1925 out at Odalen church.  There would be so many people there that chairs would be set up out in the church yard.  Let us not forget our fallen soldiers.

Congratulations to Rose Denault and the birth of grand-daughter Tenley Elaine (daughter of Alicia and Bruce).  Big brother Logan is waiting for grandma to come visit this Friday. 

Sympathy goes to the family of Earl Kjelaas who died last week.  Earl and his wife Amelia were from Adams but have lived in Edinburg the last few years.  Lynette Langerud and Nancy Seim made sure the two of them were well taken care of.  Amelia is temporarily staying with Nancy.

ALso, a shout out to Lynette Swartz and Lynette Langerud for the very kind words they have said to me.  I am so appreciative of their remarks and so delighted they enjoy the website.  It makes my job much easier knowing that people like to read it. 

Finally, congratulations to Michael and Caitlyn Evenson on the news that the stork will visit their home in November.  What great news!!   Have a great day and we will talk later.




















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May 30, 2016

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1."Spring is the time of the year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade." Charles Dickens

2. "Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world." Virgil Kraft

3. "People ask me what I do in winter when there is no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring." Roger Hornsby

4. "Spring is nature's way of saying, Let's party!" Robin Williams

5. "An optimist is the human personification of spring," Susan J. Bissonette


apple tree

I don't remember if this apple tree was in the Einar Myrdal yard when I was growing up, but I do know it is old! John Olson now owns the home and he has trimmed the tree way back, but it still has blossoms. This is one tough cookie!!



Dave Monson was the official "potato peeler" for the Memorial Day dinner following the program at Trinity. He is an expert at running this mechanized peeler. Thanks Dave, for your help.