The Crow's Nest - April 25, 2016

Here it is almost May and I am finally getting around to writing another Crow’s Nest.  I have a terrible time trying to figure out how time slips away from me so fast.  I try to explain it away by saying I’m good at procrastinating, but if truth be told, I just am much slower than I used to be at getting things done.

Spring is having an awful time coming to our area of the world.  It has been so cold and windy.  Every once in a while Mother Nature will sneak in a beautiful day.  Ah, how those few special days are greatly appreciated!

It is rather nice having a front row seat to this elusive spring season.  We have been privileged to have the experience of watching the farmers go back and forth on County Road 9 as they work their land in preparation for another year of putting in their crops.  Many fields have been planted already.  Nephew Thomas Hall said last Friday they were almost done with washing potatoes.  When the weather is more like winter than spring it is hard to realize how much field work has taken place.

Congratulations to Lois Ysdtie.  Lois was named “Volunteer of the Year” at the Good Samaritan Center in Park River.  Lois is 90+ years of age, but still goes down to Park River weekly to visit with the residents and provides Bible Studies.  Lois is quite a lady and is admired by everyone.

I have to put in a blurb of happiness about our Fighting Hawks (Sioux) winning the Frozen Four Championship in Tampa, FL the beginning of the month.  There was lots of excitement everywhere over this 8th time national championship win.  The banner will hang proudly in the “Ralph”.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Do you know how to drive your adult kids absolutely nuts???  Group text them.  Include the wives and husbands also.  Just sit back and enjoy---at least I enjoy it.  Truthfully, we text lots in our family and usually after the group text has gone back and forth it has sunk to “who does Mom love best?”  The other night after a three hour session our son Mike sent a suicide emoji---no explanation.  So, at 10 o’clock at night I was on the PHONE calling him to find out what was going on.  His answer was, “Ma, I need this texting to quit for the night”.  Other son Dave took a picture of his eye that was red and wide open.  His response was he needed his sleep.  Enough was enough.  Drive them nuts?  You betcha!!  Next morning I got a good morning text in Norwegian from Dave.  Poor kids have a lot to put up with this mom!

This upcoming paragraph has NOT been solicited, it is just my own thoughts.  My niece, Katie Monson Knobloch loves to sew.  She makes many of her own clothes along with clothes for her children and husband.  Recently Katie, along with her mom, Loretta, have been making some awesome western wear and also performance wear for dance recitals, ice skating recitals, etc.  The outfits are covered in jewels, sequins and beads.  The work they do is absolutely stunning and so well done.  I am amazed when I look at the one-of-a-kind costumes they have made.  If any reader ever has a need or an occasion for a costume let me know and I will get you in touch with Katie.  Like I said, Katie has never asked me to advertise on her behalf, I just did it because the quality and beauty of what she and Loretta make is the very best.

It is with sadness I report on the death of Arden Seim.   Arden grew up in rural Milton and was a member of the L&T 4-H club that my family was a part of.  There were many events during the 1950’s when events were held with the club that would bring everyone together for fun times.  Our sympathy goes to Roger, Ken and families and the rest of Arden’s family.

Thank you to Julie Sondeland for her kind words to me regarding the Edinburg Website and the “Crow’s Nest”.  It means a lot to me when people mention they enjoy reading it.  Sometimes I get down in the dumps when I feel everything I write is so repetitious.  At times like those I think I should just hang it up, then a quick remark is made and the joy seeps back into me.  It amazes me how many people actually read this.  In fact, Greg Hall, thank you for making this a stop during the day!  I know there are many others also, and I want you to know how much I appreciate it.  (It was fun seeing Richard Mecham the other day at Cenex.)

Happy 47th birthday to our sons Dave and Mike. The years have just flown by. Have a great day and we will talk later.



















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April 25, 2016

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1. Healthy food was anything edible.

2. "Kebab" was not even a word, never mind a food.

3. Pineapples came in chunks in a tin can; we had only seen pictures of a real one.

4. Chickens didn't have fingers in those days.

5. Prunes were medicinal.



We spent time with grandson Brogan Mielke when we were in Kansas City recently. He has been out of college for a few years and is an established "young professional". He is very special to us.



I couldnd't resist putting this picture on the site. Being huge UND hockey fans we were so excited when they took the NCAA championship in early April.