The Crow's Nest - July 4, 2015

A very Happy 4th of July to everyone!  I know everyone is aware that our great country is on “high alert” do to possible terrorist activities, but my hope is that everyone gets to celebrate with lots of great food, games, parades and fireworks in peace and safety.

We have had very warm weather these last few days.  Today our thermometer registers 93 degrees.  The air is very hazy.  This haze is partially due to many forest fires in Canada that crosses the border and is even reaching as far south as Tennessee.  For 3 days the sun was so obscured that it was hard to see.  One could even look at it and just see a big round red ball.  The atmosphere was almost eerily “fun” to be in.  My kitchen counters turned a weird color of mustard as the light streaked into the house through our skylights.  This phenomenon surely was different. 

Gardens are flourishing all around town.   We have enjoyed fresh asparagus and have had a couple of meals of new potatoes and beets.  There are blossoms on the cucumbers and tomatoes and I have lots of jalapenos begging to be picked.  The dill is starting to head out.  Chuck said he would have to pick peas tomorrow.  All this means that harvest is not very far away!

Polar Communications has crews in town putting in fiber optics.  They are running the cables underground.  I think they are doing a nice job as the yards are really not getting very disrupted by the digging.  I don’t know how long this will take to finish.

The Fire Department’s annual Rib Cook-Off is scheduled for Saturday, July 18th.  They gather a huge crowd in the park to sample the ribs made by the entrants.  The 1st place winner will take home a $300 cash prize.  This is a fun way to spend a late Saturday afternoon.  I will put more details on the “Events” page.

Edinburg seems like a ghost town – especially on the weekends.  So many people head out to various lakes or many take their campers to Renwick or Homme Dam and beyond for a few days.  It is pretty quiet around town when we go for an evening golf cart ride.  We plan on going to Horseshoe Lake down by Brainerd this coming week.

Harold and Alida Flom left this past week for a month long trip around the country.  They took their motor home.  I know they were going to Arkansas, North Carolina, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon and possibly other places also.  I hope they have a great trip.

Jan Nygard mentioned their whole family was headed to Disney World this month also.  What a fun time for their grand-children.  O yes, Rod and Jan’s son, Chris and wife Courtney are expecting twins.  Their daughter Aspen will then be a big sister.  The old saying “There must be something in the water” seems to apply to Edinburg as TJ & Katie Hall had twins last December, Andrew and Kayla Sorbo are expecting twins any day, and now Chris and Courtney.

Muriel Paulson came home from Minnesota with daughter Marla.  Muriel will be permanently moving to Minnesota so I am guessing her house will be for sale.  Her address is:  Muriel Paulson, 14021 County RD 38, Eagle Bend, MN  56446.

Sympathy goes out to the Johansen family on the passing of Veronica (Ronnie) Johansen.  She passed away just a few days before her grand-daughter Kassandra got married at Trinity.

We welcome Brad and Darlene Hendrickson to Edinburg.  They moved into the apartments.  Darlene is doing well after having triple by-pass surgery.  Dale Gemmill is in swing bed in Park River and Larry Pewe is still receiving in-patient therapy in Grand Forks.  We try to keep up to date on everyone as much as possible.

Have a great day and we’ll talk later.












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July 4, 2015

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1.How many people signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th?

2. Do you know which president was born on July 4th?

3. Which 3 presidents died on July 4th?

4. The Nathan's 4th of July Hot Dog contest has become an annual tradition. How did it start?

5. Which president first held a 4th of July celebration at the White House?



1. Two

2. Calvin Coolidge, the 30th president - 1872.

3. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson & James Monroe.

4. Legend has it that 4 immigrants got into an argument over who was the most patriotic. To prove themselves they ate as many hot dogs as they could handle - because nothing says American like excess!

5. Thomas Jefferson



Cousins Axel, Gia and Greta loved playing croquet over at Dave & Loretta Monsons.


single petunia

This single petunia is so vibrant in color.