The Crow's Nest - March 12, 2015

WHOO, WHOO, spring is on its way!  Our temperatures the last couple of days have been awesome.   On the 9th we had a high of 53 degrees.  Yesterday we got into the high 40’s.  This is SO different than the last 86 months (or so it seems) of 30 and 40 degree below temperatures and wind chill factors.  I feel my demeanor getting better every day.  The end of winter is a “wonderful thing”. 

On the contrary, spring brings the endless gravel trucks driving back and forth on all our roads.  I went to Grand Forks
today and met 16 trucks on Highway 32.  Every time I meet one I find myself “ducking” just a bit.  Don’t know what good that will do, but I have encountered enough rock dings on my windshield to warrant a duck or two.  I know the gravel trucks traveling daily are necessary, but I guess I will complain anyway.

Oh why, oh why has the BBC made many of our lives miserable?   Season 6 of Downton Abbey will NOT air until January of 2016.  The 9 weeks of Season 5 went by way too fast.  Sunday nights are not the same.   It is amazing how addicting this show is to me.   I know a few others who feel the same way.

The tragic news of Brian Barclay’s death has been in the hearts and minds of everyone.  Brian was the husband of Tracy Gustafson.  He had cancerous lumps removed around his thyroid a week ago Monday.   He unexpectedly died the following Thursday.  Brian was only 31 years of age.  He leaves behind Tracy and 3 young children.  Tracy lives in Buxton where she teaches school.   This is such sad, sad news.

I mentioned Tracy is a school teacher.  Well, my daughter in law Lea is also a 5th grade teacher in Tonganoxie, KS.  Last Monday she had her whole class sing “Happy Birthday” to Chuck through her iPhone.  It really was a fun moment and it meant a lot to Chuck to listen to the young voices singing.

Sharon (Johnson) Hodge posted a note in the “Guestbook” wanting the class of 1965 to think about having a 50th class reunion.  Any of you ’65 graduates out there should possibly contact Sharon with your thoughts.  Her email address is on the Guestbook Page.

It won’t be long before we will be able to open our windows, let the spring breezes in and listen to the farm implements drive through town on their way to the fields.  Awwww, what sweet music that will be to the ears of many.

AN UPDATE:  Thanks to all the hints I received about how to revive my bay leaf tree.   Something worked!  Chuck cut it back for me and we set it in direct sunlight.  I checked yesterday and there were new buds on the branches.  That brought a grin on my face.  I really did not want to lose this plant.

Our sympathy goes to the family of Walter Wellman.  His funeral was last Saturday.  He had spent the last few years at the Good Samaritan Center in Park River.

Gary and Toni Monsebroten returned from Lake Havasu, AZ.  Larry and Carol Pewe will be home in April from the same place.  Greg and Ruth Hall are now spending a couple of weeks again in Arizona.  Safe travels for everyone returning to the NORTH country.

Congratulations to the NDSU Bison Men’s Basketball team on their win over SDSU last night.  They are on to the “Big Dance”.  Now it is to cheer on our UND Men’s Hockey team as they start play-offs this weekend at The Ralph against Colorado College.

 I’m going to be optimistic and send my flannel  PJ’s  “on vacation”.   Have a great day and we’ll talk later.








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March 12, 2015

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cupboardThis child-size cupboard was made for me in 1948 after our house burned to the ground. Edroy Troftgruben built it. It even had a pull out bread board. 3 generations of kids have played with this as the inside is full of dishes. What a beautiful gift this has been in my life.