The Crow's Nest - September 13, 2014

Whew!  These last 3 weeks have been a whirlwind!  Let me work backwards!!!!  Yesterday morning I was busily cleaning house when all of a sudden a little dog came running into my kitchen!  First thought was how did Mabel (Arnold Bjerke’s) dog get inside?   I turned around and there was my college age grand-daughter standing giving me the biggest grin.  Our son Mike, Lea and grand-daughter Madison had driven all night long from Tonganoxie, KS to spend one night with us!!!   It is an eleven hour drive!   Madison has only one class at Kansas State University on Fridays so she skipped that class to come.  My legs started to wobble as I had NO idea they were coming.  Chuck knew, but didn’t tell me as he knew I would be so concerned about having the “house” ready for them.  What a fun, fun time we had for less than 36 hours as they left tonight to begin that long trek home.  I hate the fact that they are driving all night long, but realize how much they care to have made this quick trip.

The annual Trinity Turkey Supper is over.  Once again we served almost 500 people.  Our small work force is getting thinner every year.  It is SO amazing to see people come from miles around to enjoy our meal.  Our dining room was full of people enjoying turkey and all the trimmings.  I just wish we all were not getting older.  This is a project that will need some serious “re-thinking”.

Our community had a coffee hour last week for our beloved postmaster Kim Olson.  Because of down-sizing and such within the US Postal Service, Kim had to give up her job in Edinburg.  Kim lives in Fordville, but had become a very important member of our community.  It was a sad day for all of us.  Everyone wishes Kim the best.

Harold Flom held a big auction of his “toys” last Saturday.  He sold his bobcat, trucks, trailers and other stuff.  A  lot of people were there bidding.  Trinity WELCA had a food tent and did very well selling brats, sandwiches and BBQ’s.  I think Harold was happy with the turnout and the results of the sale. 

Chuck and I returned from a “bucket-list” trip to Nova Scotia last week.  What a fun, fun time we had.  Chuck’s brother Jon and wife Carol, and his sister Norma and husband Ted came along.  Nova Scotia was everything that I thought it would be----lots of coves surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.  We only encountered 2 semi-trucks the whole time we were there.  We so enjoyed the small fishing villages along the coastlines.  We rented a cottage for the 10 days on Deep Cove Bay south of Halifax.  It was beautiful and so peaceful with many sailboats in the cove.  The cottage had every amenity you could ever want.  Nova Scotia still is primitive in that they do not have huge shopping centers, strip malls and big box stores except in Halifax and a few other larger towns that were miles apart.  That is exactly what we wanted!!  We had to drive 20 minutes to a small grocery store if we needed anything.  LOVED THAT!  My only complaint is the province does not promote itself enough.  There is SO much to do and see, but once you get there, it is hard to find out where to go to see these gems!  I would gladly go back again.  Chuck ate seafood every day-----unfortunately, I am allergic to it!!  I got along just fine.

Our weather has gotten much cooler these days.  That means the garden is slowing down.  I still hope more of my tomatoes ripen before we get the dreaded first frost.  The leaves are starting to turn a bit, so I don’t suppose it will be too long before we can bring the rakes out for all those falling leaves.

Today was ESPN’s “College Game Day” in Fargo for the second year in a row.  What fun it was to watch it all take place in downtown Fargo.  The streets were a sea of gold and green.  The paper said there were approximately 9,000 fans cheering during the broadcast.  It sounded like the commentators from ESPN really were impressed with the people and this area.  The Bison beat Incarnate Word from San Antonio soundly—58-0.  They are a fun team to watch with very avid fans in the stands making lots and lots of noise.  This is college ball at its best.

I have no funny story about anyone except to tell you a little tale about Carol Pewe and all the work she went through.  A couple of weeks ago Carol called and a bunch of us went over to the Pewe’s to sample the rhubarb wine that Carol had so diligently made.  She poured up a little glass for each of us and sat back waiting for reactions from everyone.  Comments went from “hhummmm” to “this is good” or “it tastes like rhubarb”.  Nobody asked for a second taste.  Now, that was a mistake as after we left Carol just dumped it all down the drain.  I felt so bad about that as it actually was very good!  Carol, you just make too much work for yourself.

A former Edinburg resident, Chris Tveit died last week.  He and his wife Peggy had been living in Fargo for the last few years.  His funeral was held in Minnesota.  Chris had been a very active member of the Edinburg American Legion when he lived here.  Our sympathy goes to Peggy and the family.

Rose Denault and Barb Brandvold are leaving  this Wednesday for the Netherlands.  They are going to visit Rose’s daughter Alica, husband Bruce and grand-baby Logan.  Barb is SO excited about going as she has never been overseas.  They plan to take a trip to Venice, Italy while there also.  I know they will have a wonderful time.

Chuck and I are celebrating our 50th this Friday.  Just where do the years go?  It seems like only yesterday I was up at Odalen an hour before the ceremony getting into my wedding dress.  I remember I made all the hats the bridesmaids wore out of cardboard.  Those hats were some real cuties in bronze/orange!!  Have a great day and we will talk later.




























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September 13, 2014

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deep cove bay

This is a picture of Deep Cove Bay, the place where we rented our cottage south of Halifax, Nova Scotia.


two toilets

I could not resist taking this picture. We had stopped at a little pub and eatery in a little seashore village. The place was very quaint. I went into the bathroom and much to my surprise there were 2 toilets side by side. We asked why? The owner said she just never got around to finishing a remodeling project and now it was a topic of conversation. I must say the bathroom was spotless!