The Crow's Nest - August 21, 2014

Summer is slowing giving away to autumn.  The fields are ripening and being combined, the leaves on the trees have a hint of the beautiful foliage that will soon appear, the flies are thick as molasses and late evening or early morning brings that pungent odor of skunks in the area!

Harvest seems to be going full steam ahead.  We’ve had a couple of small showers of rain in the area.  It has been spotty and is sorely needed.  The main topic of conversation often heard is about our gardens and what is being produced.  I know it gets to sound like a broken record as every year I expound on the same subject:  Why is everything ready at the same time?  It is hard to decide every evening which of the many fresh vegetables just picked should go on our dinner table.  Everything tastes so good.  Most delicious of all are the beautiful, tasty red tomatoes that are so juicy.  I can’t get enough of them.  I don’t know what kind of cherry tomato plant I put in this year, but it is taking over my green peppers and jalapenos.  I had a yellow variety of cherry tomato that came up as a volunteer from last year.  I love the taste of them.  They are to be eaten like a piece of candy.

Along with the garden harvest season comes canning, freezing and drying all the produce.  Lots of homes smell of vinegar as it is time to pickle those cucumbers.  I have an abundance of dill in my herb garden that I share with anyone who needs some.  My warning this year is the dill is so full of little green bugs  - I don’t know if they are aphids or what.  I end up shaking the dill vigorously, then dipping each head into boiling water.  This works well as the dill heads are “clean as a whistle” by the time they go into the quart jar.  The tomatoes are coming along fast also, so it will be tomato sauce, salsa and anything else tomato(y).

LeRoy and Louise Pederson’s 60th anniversary celebration was such a fun evening down at the Community Center.  Their son’s Merle and Robyn and their families hosted the party for them.  The place was full of friends and family who came to honor their 60 years of marriage and LeRoy’s 60 years as a barber.

We also celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary a month early down at Horseshoe Lake near Brainerd, MN.  Our 3 kids and spouses and some of our grandkids were there.  We had a wonderful time being together doing all the fun activities one does at the lake.  Lots of great memories were made.  Where do the years go?  It seems like it was just yesterday Chuck and I were married out at Odalen Lutheran Church.  Now even our children are “empty nesters” as all the grand children are either in college, out of college and holding down jobs in the workforce.

Rod and Jan Nygard returned from Norway last week.  Jan said it was wonderful as there were 30 family members that went over.  This included Rod and Jan’s daughter Stacy and husband Brad and their son Chris and wife Courtney.  Stacy and Courtney posted beautiful pictures on Facebook of their time over there.

Our hearts and prayers go to the family of Wayne Meyer who passed away last week.  Wayne was such a kind and gentle man who always had time for everyone.

It is always good to spread just a wee bit of gossip.  This came directly to me from the purveyor of good news – Dale Sondeland.  He stopped me to tell me he was driving by the gardens the other day and lo and behold, here come Vera and Elroy out from the thick rows of corn.  Dale didn’t want to be nosy, so he thought since I take care of the local news via the Crow’s Nest it was my duty as a reporter to find out exactly what was going on.  Every time I ask Vera she just gives a little giggle.  So, now you know as much as I do, though not as much as Dale does because HE WAS THERE!!

Congratulations to TJ and Katie Hall and Gianna on the upcoming births of TWINS in December.  Everyone is so happy for them.  Also, WANDA, I am glad that Sandee prints out the Crow’s Nest so you can keep up with your old home town.

Have a great day and we’ll talk later.



















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August 21, 2014

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1. The person who forgets the language of gratitude can never be on speaking terms with happiness.

2. Prayer at its best employs four statements: Thank you, I'm sorry, Teach me, Go with me.

3. The longer you dwell on your misfortunes, the greater is their power to harm you.

4. No one is so old as the one who has outlived enthusiasm.

5. We must give not only what we have, we must also give what we are.



vet clinic rooms

Here is a picture of one of the examining rooms at Dakota Animal Care clinic.


A squad

What a fun picture of the "A" 1957-58 Scottie basketball team! Thank you Dave Folson for sending it. Left to right: Loren Kadlec, Bob Solberg, John Brevik, Hartley Troftgruben, Derry Peterson, Ron Ulberg, Jack Rustan, Chuck Troftgruben and Jim Byron. Marlow Gudmundson was their coach.