The Crow's Nest - June 17, 2014

I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record; but, we have really had our fair share of cool, rainy weather.  More rain is predicted for this coming week also.  Temperatures have only risen into the low 60’s many days.  We even had to turn our furnace on last Thursday.  I guess I should not complain as I remember one 4th of July a few years ago it was so cold we again had to turn up the heat.

Gardens are flourishing all around town and countryside.  The flower beds look so beautiful as the flowers start to bloom and spread.  The bright array of vibrant colors can make even the grouchiest person smile.  What I love most is being able to go to the garden and pick fresh lettuce, radishes and spring onions.  My herbs are growing fast also.  I made Chuck his favorite rhubarb pie last week.  He was in heaven over that.  It has taken a long time for me to match the wonderful rhubarb pies that Effie Ulberg used to make.  She always had a couple of pieces saved just for Chuck.

We were riding around on our golf cart the other evening and as we went by the old softball diamond I suggested to Chuck maybe we should round up people for a game!  He looked at me like I was nuts------well, I suppose I am.  That’s beside the point.  About 25 – 30 years ago I remember a fun, fun evening of a mixed couple’s softball game on that diamond.  We had such a great time.  I guess it is just fun to conjure up in your mind what you would like to do, knowing full well your body could never respond to the idea.  There is nothing wrong with dreaming!

I just returned from “The Table of Knowledge” down at Cenex.  I was hoping to get some breaking news that I could put on the Crow’s Nest.  The most exciting news I could find was that Vera Brandvold was there and didn’t yawn once!  The table participants love to give Vera a tough time about her yawning during coffee time.

Larry Pewe is still wearing a pump with antibiotics to help heal his leg of infection after surgery to remove some hardware.  Larry broke his leg years ago and had to have metal plates inserted, but it was becoming a problem, hence the recent surgery.  He says he can still vacuum even with the pump attached to him!

LeRoy Pederson mentioned that a number of people have inquired about family “stuff” in the museum.  Les Jensen was up over Memorial Day and was able to get some family memorabilia.  It is a good thing that people are responding by removing things that are part of their heritage.  Other folks have also gone into the museum.

A very happy 60th wedding anniversary to John and Eunice Evenson.  They will be celebrating their big day this Friday, Jun 20th.

It is with sadness that we mourn the death of Norman Hall.  His funeral was last Saturday.

David and Loretta Monson left last Thursday morning for the west coast and then on to Carson City, NV to visit son John, wife Christina and granddaughters Madelyn and Olivia.  They will be gone a couple of weeks.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.  Have a great day and we’ll talk later.
















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June 17, 2014

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What a cutie! Gia sure can whiz around on her bike.


chuck kartes

Chuck Kartes "posed" for me at the firemen's annual steak fry. (I actually snapped the picture without him realizing what I was doing.)