The Crow's Nest - April 24, 2014

What a spectacular day we had last Sunday.  Easter dawned with a blue, sun-shiny sky.  The thermometer read 27 degrees when I got up about 5 am.  By the time we left for church at 9 o’clock the temperature was already up to 39 degrees----and there was NO WIND!  The day’s temperature topped off at 73 degrees about 5 pm.  It was beautiful.

It was fun to see all the Sunday afternoon activities going on around town due to the gorgeous weather.  Vera Brandvold   along with her daughter Jana and grandchildren Allison and Adley were scooting around town on Vera’s golf cart.  Bonita Olson’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren kept up an Easter Day tradition by flying kites over on the Trinity Parking Lot.  It was a perfect day for kite flying as the afternoon came with a gentle breeze.  The best part for me was going for a 45 minute walk around town listening to my iPod playlist.  The day was ideal, beginning with a beautiful Easter service with our young people bringing in many, many Easter lilies to decorate the altar.

Please bear with me as I know I am all over the map on this paragraph.  It is all about this North Dakota weather.  Easter Sunday was unbelievable---come Monday, it was “windy”.  Tuesday was outrageously beautiful. Yesterday and today we have had cool weather with drizzle. (The moisture is more than welcome though.)  No wonder many of us get “down in the dumps” during the long, cold winter.  Maybe it is time for all of North Dakota to “slide” south to Arizona or New Mexico.

It is unbelievable how the tulips can come up through the frozen ground—but they do.  Tuesday Chuck took up many tulip bulbs, iris bulbs and lily bulbs to replant in another area.  It was surprising to find the ground pliable enough.  That was a good sign of spring to come. He even planted a row of lettuce and radishes!

This Saturday Bernice Flanagan is holding her annual “Customer Appreciation Day” for her Edinburg General Store.  This time it will be a bit different as she is “burning the mortgage”.  She has a big day planned with a celebration at the Edinburg Community Center.  Everyone is invited to attend.  Entrance is a can of food that will be given to the local Food Bank.  Bernice has been a stalwart supporter of every cause that needs attention in and around our community.  Bernice has been a “force” behind many endeavors around the area to include the Park River Bible Camp.  I hope everyone comes out to enjoy this wonderful day Bernice has planned.  There will be dancing from 4 – 8 PM with a live band.  Dancing is a big part of Bernice’s life, so I know she will make sure everyone has a fun, fun time.

Tuesday was Irene Seim’s funeral.  We served about 200 people a noon meal after the funeral.  Irene was such a dear lady who always had the coffee pot on for everyone who stopped by.  She was a wonderful baker.  I know she was known for her doughnuts among other sweets.  I remember Irene’s mouth-watering date cookies---the kind where a dollop of dates is put on top of the cookie with another piece of cookie dough on top of the dates.  They were so soft and tasty.  Now, for someone like me who hardly ever eats sweets, Irene’s date cookies were one of my comfort foods.

Sadness hangs heavily for many, many people on the death of Bonnie Amundrud.  Bonnie suffered a stroke a few weeks back and just never recovered.  She was only 67.  Our thoughts and our prayers are with Lyle and Marcus and Marianne and all the rest of the family.  Hearts are hurting.  Bonnie’s funeral is being held this Sunday afternoon at Trinity.

Belated birthday wishes to Wanda Hall (87), James Haug (91) and everyone else who has celebrated this month.  Our grandson, Houston just turned 22 years of age.  Our sons, Dave and Mike turn 45 this Sunday the 27th.  LeRoy Pederson’s birthday is Sunday too.  He is just a smidgen past 45.  O dear, where do the years go?

Have a great day.  My golf cart is charged and ready to go!  We will talk later.
















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April 24, 2014

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1. You can observe a lot by just watching.Yogi Berra

2. The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. Walter Bagehot

3. I went to a restaurant that serves "breakfast at anytime". I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance. Stephen Wright

4. When they asked George Washington for his ID he just took out a quarter. Stephen Wright

5. Always go to other people's funerals, otherwise they won't come to yours. Yogi Berra



Jacob Larson and Jackson Hall were "the soundmen" at Trinity Church last Sunday. It was great to see Jackson back home.


I put a note on the front page asking whoever had contacted me from Canada to please email me again. It worked! I was so glad as two ladies are coming this summer to visit Edinburg and Union where their families once lived and they were asking for some information.



How cute! Our little Gianna made many trips to the front of the church with flowers Easter Sunday morning.