The Crow's Nest - March 8, 2014

I promised myself I was NOT going to bring up the winter weather again.  That promise is falling by the wayside.  We really have had some erratic weather the last couple of weeks.  There have been warm----10 to 12 degrees above zero
days and then 10 to 12 degrees below zero days.  With snow, blowing snow and ice on the roads and streets it has not been fun traveling in the area.  I know this erratic weather is part of the transition into spring that everyone is waiting for.

Tonight I am sitting in Grand Forks waiting for Sioux hockey.  Grand Forks has been a very busy city this weekend with shoppers from Canada, plus UND hockey and Boys Class B State Basketball Tournament taking place.  Every restaurant seems to have a waiting list to sit down.  Grand Forks does not lack for restaurants.  I guess people just love to eat.

Speaking of UND hockey.  Last night before UND’s win over Western Michigan University, Jocelyne and Monique Lamoureux were recognized for being an integral part of the US Women’s Silver Medal win in hockey at Sochi.  Both young ladies played for UND.  They came out to center ice with their USA jerseys on and wearing their medals.  After being acknowledged they took off those jerseys to expose UND jerseys.  The arena erupted with shouts and applause.  On the jumbo-trom was a shot of Coach Dave Hakstol SMILING!!  You should have seen the reaction.  Dave Hakstol NEVER smiles!  It truly was a moment of history in  “The Ralph”.

We have a new Vet Clinic coming to Edinburg.  I am not sure of the particulars, but the old café building on Highway 32 has been sold.  Work is being done for an opening in about 6 weeks.  I wish I knew more about it.

Everyone who reads this knows I always seem to have something to complain about.  Well, I wouldn’t think of letting you down.  Today my complaint is with the talk shows and morning news shows on television.  Often times when the hosts are together they all seem to talk at once.  It is so annoying because I can’t seem to decipher anything anyone is saying.  I wish they would take their turns expressing whatever they need to say.

We have had sadness in Edinburg.  Bert Eisenmann, who was in a terrible car accident the first part of the year, died last week.  He was in a hospital in Wisconsin close to where his children live.  He will be missed in Edinburg.  He was an avid
gardener.  He loved to can and freeze the produce he harvested.  There will be a memorial service for him at Trinity June 28th.  Stepdaughter Patricia (Nelon) Brommer has kept us informed throughout Bert’s hospitalization and death.

We also lost Elaine Gemmill. Elaine was 87 years old and the oldest of 16 children.  Her funeral was held this past Wednesday at Grace Free Lutheran Church in Edinburg.  Gene is living alone on their farm.

Of course people are traveling also.  Rose Denault is over in the Netherlands.  She went to meet her new grandson Logan Bruce.  He is the son of Bruce and Alicia Holgren.  Rose has sent pictures on Facebook of the handsome little guy.

Lyle and Bonnie Amundrud are on a train trip to New Mexico, Arizona and the southwest.  It sounds like such a leisurely way to see the country.

Ruth and Greg Hall, Bud and Lynette Langerud, Mike and Ina Spanier and Elroy and Vera Brandvold have all been traveling the Midwest going to basketball and hockey games their grandchildren are involved in. 

As you can see, people are “on the move” in Edinburg!  O yes, congratulations to Loren and Debbie Moe on their new grandchild Emmit Thor born to Ryan and Tiffany Moe.

Have a great day and we will talk later.
















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March 8, 2014

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Oh lutefisk, Oh lutefisk,
How fragrant is your aroma.
Oh lutefisk, Oh lutefisk,
You put me in a coma.
You smell so strong, you look like glue
You taste just like an overshoe.
But lutefisk come Saturday
I tink I’ll eat you anyway.

Oh lutefisk, Oh lutefisk,
I put you in the doorway.
Oh lutefisk, Oh lutefisk,
Yest like they do in Norway.
A dog came by and sprinkled you
I hit him with an army shoe.
Oh lutefisk now I suppose,
I’ll eat you as I hold my nose.

Oh lutefisk, Oh lutefisk,
How well do I remember.
On Christmas Eve how we’d receive
Our big treat of December.
It wasn’t turkey or fried ham,
It wasn’t even pickled spam.
My mudder knew dere was no risk
In serving buttered lutefisk.

Oh lutefisk, Oh lutefisk,
Now everyone discovers,
Dat lutefisk an lefsa makes
Norwegians better lovers.
Now all the world can have a ball
You’re better off than Gerital.
Oh lutefisk, with brennevin
Makes me feel like Errol Flynn.

As found in the “SONGBOOK” at
Tufte Manor in Grand Forks, ND

(sung to the tune of O Christmas Tree)



Morgan Ellingson was one of the students who showed her science project last week at the school. Morgan's study is on cervical cancer. Morgan is a senior at Valley-Edinburg.


carWhat a car!!! It was sitting along El Paseo Drive in Palm Desert. I don't have any idea what the name of the car is. I told everyone this was our "rental" car from the airport.