The Crow's Nest - January 12, 2014

Happy New Year!  I hope this finds everyone full of resolutions that haven’t been broken yet!  I must say it is great to report I only sat up for 26 nights during December due to a horrible cough that was just a cough.  Nothing more!  And then December 27th I quit coughing.  What a relief.

January 2014 came in with cold, cold weather.  I know practically the whole United States was affected one way or another.  A week ago today we had wind chill factors of minus 50 below.  Along with the cold temperatures we also had blizzard conditions.  It was not fun.  The last couple of day’s temperatures have warmed.  Unfortunately with that, we are experiencing icy roads.  I drove on very slick roads last Tuesday to Grand Forks and back.  My hands and arms ached so much the following day from holding on to the steering wheel so tightly.

The Edinburg General Store recently was put on the National Historic Register.  It also was featured on a segment during the evening news on local television.  The Edinburg General Store definitely is a unique and “one of a kind” experience.  It truly is a destination place for the many visitors who come to Edinburg.

The Bison fans are home from Frisco, TX after cheering on the NDSU football team to victory Saturday, Jan 4th.  Many Edinburg people went down to Frisco to watch the Bison win the FCS Championship for the 3rd year in a row.  They beat Towson 35 – 7.  Fortunately the game was broadcast on ESPN so we all could watch the game.  It really put North Dakota sports on the map.

There is a new full time member at the “Table of Knowledge”.  Loren Moe retired from Polar recently so he has a chair at the table a couple of times a day.  I invaded their space the other day looking for news worthy items to put in the Crow’s Nest.  Unfortunately, most everything I heard I could not “publish”!  I will say, it was so much fun listening to John Evenson reminisce about Edinburg and its people.  He remembers many things that happened years back. Both John and LeRoy Pederson are so knowledgeable about past things and they are more than willing to share with everyone.

Congratulations to Joe and Karen Kertz.  I understand they are grandparents for the 2nd time as their son Jeff and his wife had a new little baby.  I am sure they are delighted with this new addition to their family.

Well, by now Larry and Carol Pewe and Dennis and Beverly Hammer are well ensconced in their winter homes in Lake Havasu, AZ.  I hope they are having wonderful weather.  I only dream of temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s.  O well, in about 4 months there will be flowers sitting outside Walmart and all the other stores.  At least the days are getting longer.  Sunset is now 2 minutes past 5 PM.

Our mayor, Bob Halldorson just got out of the hospital.  He spent time at First Health Care in Park River due to a leg infection.  His daughter Jeanne comes over from Hoople twice a day to take care of his leg.  That is true daughter dedication.

This has not been a good time for injuries this past week.  Muriel Paulson fell and broke her arm.  Beverley Hall had just gotten to Boise, ID to visit daughter Connie and family when she fell and broke her hip.  Three days ago Bert Eisenmann was on his way to Grand Forks when he hit black ice and his pick-up rolled on I-29.  He broke his 6th and 7th vertebrae.  He is in ICU at Altru.  He had surgery yesterday.  Chuck was up to see him this morning.  He had a very serious accident.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all 3 of these wonderful people.

We lost Don Nerenburg this past week.  He lived alone in Edinburg with his faithful dog Beau.  Fred Holm also passed away last weekend.  His funeral was yesterday.  Again thoughts and prayers are with the families.

Congratulations to Michael Evenson and Caitlyn Waslaski on their recent engagement. They plan to be married 12-13-14 (December 13, 2014) at Trinity Lutheran Church in Edinburg.

Keep happy thoughts and happy 50th birthday to Cheri Stabo.  Have a great party!  We will visit later.


















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February 10, 2014

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Trinity Church Council-most likely taken in the early 1960's. Front row: Orlin Nelson, John Hall, Rev S.O. Kvaale, Paul Bjorneby and Frank Wylie. Back row: Merlin Fingarson, Joe Bakke, LeRoy Pederson, Oscar Haug and Leonard Jensen.


carWhat a car!!! It was sitting along El Paseo Drive in Palm Desert. I don't have any idea what the name of the car is. I told everyone this was our "rental" car from the airport.