The Crow's Nest - September 26, 2013

I DRAW TROUBLE LIKE A MAGNET!  Let me tell you my sad tale.  We were leaving Hamburg, Germany early last Sunday morning.  Thank goodness we got to the airport early.  We checked in and then went through security to head towards our gate.  It was 6 am and we were hungry so we stopped at a small BackStube to get a quick German breakfast (brotchen, meat and cheese).  I thought I had picked up a knife so I could butter my roll.  I couldn’t find it when we sat down so Chuck grabbed me another one.  We ate and proceeded towards Gate 24.  Well, we had to go through security again.  I was not exactly a “happy camper” as I hate going through security as I am ALWAYS given the full body scan and patted down.  I do not like having my skin touched in a manner that I think is inappropriate.  Well, I got frisked and then was told to empty out my purse.  I did-----and out fell a KNIFE!  O boy, security came a running---Chuck just looked the other way.  I stammered and stuttered saying it must have fallen into my purse at the BackStube.  I finally convinced them I was innocent.  The next thing knew they took me in a room and wiped down my iPad to test it for drugs.  It is becoming a running joke with Chuck about how high maintenance I am when I travel.  Before landing in Minneapolis we went through security 3 times.  I know it is for our own safety, but in stressful times logic just escapes me.

The morning we flew into Hamburg we went to the Hertz Rental Agency to pick up our car.  We got a 2013 Volvo with less than 100 miles on the odometer.  We asked the technicians to please program the GPS into English.  While doing that they discovered in was set in the Russian language.  Now that was a bit of a problem as no one spoke Russian.  After conferring with other technicians 2 nice young men finally got it in to English for us and we were off on our adventure.

Northern Germany is beautiful. The landscape is made up of lush green grass, dense forests, huge fields of summer fallow and corn.  The homes were all brick and so neat.  What impressed me the most were the beautiful old, old churches and cathedrals.  Every church we explored had been built between the 1200’s and the 1400’s.  One cathedral had a pipe organ that was built in the 1400’s.  It had 53 registers and 4500 pipes.  We attended a church service Sunday morning.  Listening to the organ was a real “moment” for me.  Unbelieveable.

Our whole trip was awesome and I am already conjuring up in my mind where I want to go next.  We love to travel and see everything we can.  Nova Scotia is on my bucket list for the near future.

The weather seemed to have been great while we were gone.  Chuck picked in a pail of cucumbers and tomatoes yesterday morning.  I was hoping there would still be some to enjoy.  The trees are beginning to turn beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red.  This truly is a spectacular season of the year.  It sounds like we may have a little rain headed our way with a bit cooler temperatures. 

It looks like potato and beet harvest is in full swing.  We met many trucks driving home from Minneapolis.  This weather has been ideal for the farmers considering the late plantings this past spring due to all the rain we experienced.

Well, we have some couples in Edinburg that still have it in them to go out and have the type of fun that is usually left for the younger generation to enjoy.  David and Loretta Monson, Gary and Toni Monsebroten, Mike and Ina Spanier and Larry and Carol Pewe went out 4 wheeling in Tiber coulee last week.  By the pictures on Dave’s Facebook page they must have had a great time!

We welcome Ryan and Katie Scogg to Edinburg along with their 3 ½ and 2 ½ year old children.  Katie has a due date of this Saturday for the birth of their 3rd child.  They bought the Jensen home in town.  It is great to see toys outside on the driveway.  I believe Katie is Wilma Gemmill’s granddaughter.

Rose Denault is having a tough time with her knee. Rosie suffers from rheumatoid arthritis so I know how miserable she is.  Rosie even closed down the eating part of the Fireside Lounge for the week to give her knee a rest.  I am thinking about you a lot Rose.

Have a great day and we will talk later.














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September 26, 2013

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1.Erase stubborn black mark lines on your wood floors by rubbing them with a clean tennis ball. The marks will quickly transfer to the felt on the ball, leaving you with a shiny, streak free surface.

2. To open tough jars: Cut along the white line of a tennis ball until it is split open, then place one half on top of the jar with the rubber side down. This will provide the friction you need to get a grip on stuck on lids.

3. To keep a bike upright: Poke a hole in a tennis ball and slip it on to a kickstand. Your bike will not be wobbly and will stay in position.

courtesy of Womans Day Magazine



schnitzelThis was my favorite meal in Germany. Always has been and always will----schnitzel. I loved every bite. This was a "kinder" portion (child's). Can you imagine what an adult portion would be???


pipe organ

This may be a bit hard to see, but this is the pipe organ at St Johannis church in Lueneburg, Germany. This organ was built in 1551. It has 51 registers and 4500 pipes. Yes, you are reading me right. This is the church that Johann Sebastian Bach learned to play the organ. We attended the services last Sunday. I got goose-bumps listening to the organ.