The Crow's Nest - September 13, 2013

Whew, the annual Trinity Church Turkey Supper is history for another year!  We had the supper last Wednesday evening.  We served 554 diners.  That is a record for us.  226 of those meals were take-out orders.  The crew that dished those up were really hopping all evening.  We roasted 334 lbs. of turkey and 14 lbs. of turkey legs (that was 18 big turkeys).  There are so many individuals that come to help with the preparation and the serving.  That is one of the reasons the supper is such a success and well attended. 

Daylight is getting shorter every day.  We have to hurry with supper each night so we can get a short golf cart ride in.  The air has a feeling of autumn also.  It seems the seasons pass by so fast.

There is an abundance of vegetables around town.  I know we have been pawning off cucumbers, jalapeno and green peppers and tomatoes.  I have canned all that we need.  This morning I canned 28 quarts of grape juice.  The jelly I will make from the juice will keep the orioles and a plethora of other birds happy next summer

Ron Ulberg was in town about a week ago.  He came to Grand Forks for his uncle’s funeral and then on up to Edinburg.  We had a great time visiting.  Richard Mecham just left to return to Seattle.  He visited at the “Table of Knowledge” quite often.

Houses in Edinburg are being bought and sold.  Delores Geir who owned Hoot & Iva Johnson’s house sold as she is moving to Park River to be closer to work.  The L.S. Jensen home has a “SOLD” sign in the yard.  Carrie and Alfred Byron are getting ready to move to Minnesota and Brian and Jill Troftgruben are building a new home just east of town.  Bill and Janice Loftus have their home up for sale also.  They plan on moving back to the Seattle area as that is where their kids live.

I cannot think of any news to let you readers in on.  I think the turkey supper made my brain tired and worn out also.  I suppose the minute I post this on the Crow’s Nest lots of news will pop into my head.  All of a sudden I have an idea.  I think I will stop for a bit and take pad and pen down to the “Table of Knowledge”.  I am sure something very exciting will happen there.  I’ll return in a minute or so.

Well, I’m back!  I learned that Carol Pewe was a daring little girl.  She ‘fessed up today that she and 3 of her siblings used to catch lizards and put salt on them to watch them turn white and they used to throw garter snakes at each other.  Carol also shaved 32 cobs of corn today much to Larry’s dismay.  He likes his corn on the cob but Carol wanted to freeze it all.    I also learned that brother Dave has once again misplaced his glasses.  He is famous for losing his phone, hearing aids and glasses.  When he smoked he was always losing his corn cob pipe.  We love to give him a bad time about that.

I understand Mike Olafson has written a book of memoirs.  A book signing is planned tomorrow at Borg and then at Icelandic State Park the following weekend.  Mike is 90 plus years old.

Life is good in Edinburg.  Chuck and I leave in the morning for northern Germany and probably Poland.  I am looking forward to the trip.  Have a great day and we will talk later.
















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September 13, 2013

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1. Pam cooking spray will dry finger nail polish.

2. To help a sunburn put a whole jar of Nestea in the bath water.

3. Did you burn your tongue? Put sugar on it.

4. Peanut butter will get scratches off CD's, Wipe off with a coffee filter.

5. A slinky will hold toast and CD's.

courtesy of Curt Mecham



toni-ellieWe had a few "owies" preparing for the turkey supper. Here Toni Monsebroten and Ellie Stabo both cut their finger slicing up carrots. Dorothy Hall cut her finger cubing bread for the dressing.


monson cousins

The Monson cousins - back row: David Monson, Mike Loe, Steve Johnson, Brian Johnson and Dori Monson. Front row: Karla Lapinski, Mary McGoran, Ruth Hall, Terry Steel and Rita Mielke.