The Crow's Nest - AUGUST 22, 2013

The thermometer is no indicator September is almost here.  The first part of the week temperatures soared to 97 degrees.  Yesterday was a little respite with temps only into the 80’s, but the forecast for the weekend into next week call for temperatures once again registering in the 90’s.

This warm weather is helping to ripen grain fields and gardens.  I thought the tomatoes would never turn red.  These last few days has made a huge difference.  I have canned about 40 quarts of dill pickles.  I will can a couple batches of bread and butter pickles and then call it a day.  There was a time when I would can up to 200 quarts of dills, but those days are long gone.  What a bumper crop of peas we have had this summer.  I just wish it didn’t take so long to shell them.  All of the produce tastes so good in the dead of winter.

O, what fun we have in Edinburg.  The other night there were many of us out on our golf carts.  The weather being so hot means staying in air conditioning during the day.   Not when evening comes---that is when people venture out to peruse the streets of Edinburg.  A couple of nights ago Mike and Ina Spanier, David and Loretta Monson, Larry and Carol Pewe and Chuck and I were parked on the street where Larry and Carol’s son lives.  We were having lots of fun until Duwayne came out telling us it was against city law to congregate.  (Duwayne is on the city council)----and it was all in good fun.   We have a great time!

The “Monson Cousin Reunion” in Seattle the end of July was SO much fun.  Eleven first cousins spent 4 days catching up and reminiscing.  One of our cousins, Leil Monson, I had not seen since 1958 when his family was back in Edinburg for our Monson grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary.  This reunion created lots of great memories for me as I am sure it will for the rest of the Monsons.

It was great fun to see Dale and Helen Bakke.  They were here last week staying with David and Loretta Monson.  David and Dale were such great buddies when they were young.  They always got into some type of mischief.  There is no doubt in my mind if they could get away with it, they still would.  Helen and Loretta try to keep them on the “straight and narrow”.  The four of them did lots of exploring around the area.  They drove over to Thief River Falls to visit Helen’s brother Alvin Nygard who is 90 years old.

Harvest is just starting around this area.  I saw a combine out in a field outside of Park River yesterday.  Ruth Hall said they started combining last Monday.  I notice a little fall color coming to the trees also.  I love autumn but do not look forward to the time all the trees become “leafless” and the days seem so drab.

School started today for Valley-Edinburg.  I am sure many of the school systems started today also.  I went by the school this morning on my walk and the parking lot was full of vehicles belonging to the high school students.  It seems like May ’13 graduation was just a few weeks ago.

Sympathy goes to Paul and Pam Wooldridge on the death of their mother Alice.  Alice was living in Florida before her death.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you both and your families.  Alice’s ashes will be brought to Edinburg the middle of September for burial.

Elaine Tanke is substituting for Mary Langerud as cook up at school for the time being.  Mary will have shoulder surgery soon.  I told Elaine we would bring up cucumbers and carrots for her to use.  Mary, I hope all goes well.

Welcome home to Lana Larson, daughter Angie and grand daughters Alexa and Amanda. They just returned from a week in Boston and Nantucket. Lana said she loved the east coast.

Congratulations to Darin Lee and Kyann Pokrzywinski on their wedding this Saturday in Lankin.   Three more Edinburg men are getting married this fall also.  They are Cory Sondeland, Jarrod Nygard and Andrew Olson.  Love is in the air!!

Life in Edinburg is great.  Have a wonderful day and we will talk later.














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August 22, 2013

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1. People call at 9 PM and ask. "did I wake you?"

2. There is nothing to learn the hard way.

3. You enjoy hearing about other people's operations.

4. You no longer think of speed limits as a challenge.

5.You quit trying to hold your stomach in no matter who walks into the room.

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dale on tractorDale Bakke is sighted driving around Edinburg on Dave Monson's Ford tractor. Dave is following close behind!


monson cousins

The Monson cousins - back row: David Monson, Mike Loe, Steve Johnson, Brian Johnson and Dori Monson. Front row: Karla Lapinski, Mary McGoran, Ruth Hall, Terry Steel and Rita Mielke.