The Crow's Nest - JUNE 8, 2013

It is June 8 and guess what I fixed for dinner (supper) last night?  Beef Stew!!  It was just cool enough that something hearty and a “stick to the ribs” type of meal seemed to be the ticket.  We both love beef stew------but in June????  This has been such a cold and miserable spring.   Vegetable gardens are so slow in coming up and flowers are way, way behind.

Of course, these small problems are so trivial compared to what the farmers are experiencing.  Not only have we had so many cool days, but the rains have been pounding the area.  I wrote about rain and flooding when we were in Kansas,  We returned home to another big bout of rain.  Basements are wet and sump pumps are running constantly.  We have to drain our well 24/7 because the water level is so high.  Water is everywhere.  Grafton has really been hit hard.  Their “Fair Oaks” Golf Course is completely under water.  I was in Grand Forks this morning and ditches west of the Forx are full.  There is lots of overland flooding between Edinburg and Grand Forks, especially around the Fordville area along highway 18.

URGENT!!!  I am putting out a plea for a “Benefit” for me!!!!  My gosh, the orioles and hummingbirds are costing me a mint!  The orioles are eating about 5 pints of grape jelly a day and the hummingbirds are sometimes 12 strong all at once at our feeders.  Every batch of grape jelly I make takes 7 cups of sugar and so far this spring I have used 49 cups of sugar.  This is only the start!!  I “put up/can” juice  each year from the grapes we grow.  I know I should not complain as we could just stop feeding them.  I guess the pleasure of watching them outweighs the expense of the jelly.  And YES-----I receive Social Security so I am flush enough where I can afford the sugar!!

Despite the cool weather we have been able to sit out 2 nights on our patio to enjoy our evening meal.  That is so relaxing.  Golf carts with riders go by and wave or stop in to visit.  That is what is so much fun about summertime in Edinburg.  Hopefully the forecast for the next few weeks will bring warmer weather.

Trinity Lutheran and Pembina Hills Lutheran (Gardar & Mountain) Churches have been taking pictures the last 4 days for a pictorial directory.  Everyone involved knows it is a good thing.  Chuck and I worked yesterday at signing people in for their time slots.  It seemed that everyone who came to have their picture taken all said, “O, I dread this”, or “O, I hate to have my picture taken”!  I guess we all feel that kindred spirit where we really do not want to see what we really look like?  I know I hate it with a passion.  My mind says I am 45 years old----but pictures don’t lie!  Enough said.  Chuck was right to the point:  he said we only need to have individual pictures taken so we would have something current for our obituaries.

With summer comes lots of traveling for residents of the area.  Rose Denault just returned from the Netherlands where she visited daughter Alica and husband Bruce.  Now Rose’s daughter Jessica, husband Jared, daughter Morgan and Morgan’s boyfriend Andrew Evenson are over their visiting.  I know they are having a wonderful time.

Lynette and Bud Langerud are ready to go on an Alaskan Cruise in a few days.  What an adventure they will have.  From experience, it is one of the most fun times I have ever had.

Our world traveler Vera Brandvold is off and running again.  She is on her way to Paris.  I know Vera once again will experience all Paris has to offer.  Our daughter Kris, husband Jason, son Lane and his girlfriend Hope are in Paris right now.  Kris and Jason took them a week early to visit as Lane and Hope will meet their French Class from Minot next week to spend a month in France living with host families.  Kris texted they went to the French Open Tennis Tournament and are enjoying fresh croissants every morning at the little outdoor cafes.  They have seen all the mandatory tourist sites.

Just one little “rant” from me.  Chuck and I work hard at having a nice yard with green grass and lots of flowers.  About 10 days ago someone must have thought it would be fun to tear up the “Mielke” yard.  Tire tracks spun across the whole front yard from east to west.  They not only went through the yard once, they did it twice!!  It really makes me so sad to think that someone would do this.  Hopefully this is not a vindictive move (for what I could not phantom) , nor do I want to think that someone would consider this as a fun thing to do.  I just hope whoever did this will feel some remorse someday.  Despite my sadness, have a great day and we will talk later.  Edinburg is a great place to live.













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June 8, 2013

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1. I didn't like my beard at first, then it grew on me.

2. What does a clock do when it is hungry? It goes back for seconds.

3. England has no kidney back, but it does have a Liverpool.

4. I got a job at a bakery because I kneaded dough.

5. I used to think I was indecisive, but now I'm not so sure.


courtesy of my sister-in-law Norma


tracks in yard

These are the tracks left by someone who thought it would be fun to mess up our front lawn. Whoever did it knew exactly what they were doing as they drove through the yard twice.



These beautiful and fragrant daffodils brought spring indoors. The FCCLA club at the high school were selling them as a fund-raiser.