The Crow's Nest - May 23, 2013

The “backspace” bar will most likely be used a lot today to correct spelling.  I am writing this as we are traveling northbound on I-29 headed towards home.  The sun is shining in the car so it is hard to see my laptop screen.   We have been down in Tonganoxie, Kansas since last Sunday.  We went there to be a part of our grand-daughter Madison’s High School graduation from Free State High School in Lawrence, KS.  It was so much fun to be a part of all her festivities.  It sure makes me reflect on how very fast years go by.  It seems only yesterday Maddie was a wee child.

We left this morning at 5:00 o’clock and just finished having breakfast in Council Bluffs.  We have stopped at the same Perkins for many years.  We ordered eggs benedict.  The waiter came out and started apologizing profusely.  It seems our order had been put up for him to deliver, then the chef told him to tell the diners the plates would come minus hollandaise sauce as they were out.  Well, the hollandaise sauce is what makes eggs benedict what they are!!  We re-ordered and the manager said our meal was on them.  That was SO nice.  I just felt so sorry for the waiter as he felt so badly about the whole situation----I did not really think it was that great of a deal---but I truly appreciated his care and concern.   O well, we are back on the road ready for the rest of our 12 hour trip home.

What is going on in northeast North Dakota??  Through family and the news we heard about all the rain in Pembina County and the evacuation of Cavalier and Crystal.  It sounds like there has been lots of overland flooding also.  I have been on my iPhone checking the Grand Forks Herald and KVLY Live (an app for our local NBC station) trying to keep up with the weather reports and conditions.  It is trivial that I worry about my flower pots while this must be disastrous for the farmers.  We had planned on going directly from Kansas to Minot, but realized it would be just as easy to travel up I-29 as there is no direct route cross Nebraska and South Dakota.  We also wanted to check on our flowers and basement (although I know others are doing that for us also).

Field work was going in full swing before this huge rain.    Big tractors with discs, cultivators and seeders were steadily going by our house.  Hot weather just seemed to come out of nowhere.  It seemed like one day we had snow banks and the next day everyone was doing yard work.  I know these varying climate conditions are common to North Dakota but I still get surprised.

I made grape jelly and hummingbird syrup the first part of May just waiting for the birds to return.  Finally on the 14th the orioles made themselves known in our yard.  The hummingbirds were back the next day.  I can rest easy now that they are here for the summer.

I had a few sleepless nights last week.  After an eye exam the doctor thought I possibly had a tumor on the optic nerve in my left eye.  I was referred to another eye doctor.  After an extensive exam Dr Gaul said my eyes were in perfect health---I only had a little mole (freckle) on it.  He said this was common and I should not worry, Wow! It is amazing what stress does to the system.  I really was concerned.

Congratulations to Andrew and Kayla Sorbo on the birth of their daughter Hadley Mae on May 8th.  Baby Hadley has a big sister Sophia.  Andrew, Kayla and family live in Grand Forks.  Also, congratulations to Chris and Courtney Nygard on the arrival of their new little girl.  Her name is Asypnn Noelle.  I know grandpa’s and grandma’s Danny and Shanna Flanagan and Rod and Jan Nygard are so excited about this new addition to their family tree.

I am so glad Toni Monsebroten is home after cancer surgery.  She is doing great.  Sympathy goes out to Hartley Troftgruben on the passing of his wife Vonnie.  Hartley and Vonnie were always so faithful in coming back each summer from Oregon to visit their parents when they were alive.  I have such fond memories of what a sweet, sweet lady Vonnie was.

Graduation for Valley-Edinburg seniors is this Saturday.  I know there is excitement in many households.  Congratulations to all the graduates.  We are leaving tomorrow morning for Minot to attend the graduation of our grandson Lane from Minot High.  I know we will have a great time.

Flood waters are not good, but to put it in perspective, the tornado that went through Moore, OK makes me realize how very destructive Mother Nature can be.  Son Dave works for Coca-Cola and he said they would be loading up their trucks with bottled water to take down to Moore.  They did the same for Joplin.  He said it is hard to imagine the destruction through the “eyes’ of the television camera.

Have a great week and we will talk later.













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May 23, 2013

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1. Lars the bartender asked Ole, "Do ya know da difference between a Norvegian and a canoe?"

"No, I don't," answered Ole.

"A canoe will sometimes tip," explained Lars.

2. The judg had just awarded a divorce to Lena, who had charged non-support. He said to Ole, "I have decided to give your wife $400 a month for support:.

"Vell, dats fine, Judge" Ole said. "And, vunce in a while I"ll try to chip in a few bucks myself!"

3. Ole bought Lena a piano for her birthday, A few weeks later Lars inquired how she was doing with it.

"Oh," said Ole, "I persuaded her to svith to a clarinet." "How come?" Lars asked.

"Vell, vith a clarinet she can't sing" Ole answered.


courtesy of Dan Bakke


hadley Mae

This is Andrew and Kayla Sorbo's little Hadley Mae and 4 days old. She is beautiful.



These beautiful and fragrant daffodils brought spring indoors. The FCCLA club at the high school were selling them as a fund-raiser.