The Crow's Nest - March 18, 2013

“Old Man Winter” just does not seem to want to give up his throne of power.  This whole past weekend has been stormy.  We went down for UND hockey last Friday and it was a bit rough traveling.  Yesterday was blustery, but this morning we awoke to howling winds and drifting snow.  Most of the schools across a big portion of the state must have been cancelled as it took about 10 minutes for all the school closings to scroll across the bottom of the TV screen.

I had my morning entertainment right out our living room window.  I stood and watched Fred Hall and Jeff Momerak cleaning the church parking lot.  Fred had a big John Deere tractor with a bucket and a scraper attached.  Jeff drove a huge pay-loader.  That parking lot was cleaned in no time at all.  Fred and Jeff really moved.  Chuck had been there with Harold’s bobcat and cleaned the sidewalks.  He said he was glad to be done just as they got there.  Those 2 machines could have eaten the bobcat for lunch!

Chuck and I just returned from a week in San Antonio.  It was a fun, fun week of sight-seeing and relaxing.  Of course we visited the famed RIVERWALK.  We took the guided river boat tour.  That was fun and very informative.  We also drove out to the Texas Hill Country and enjoyed touring the LBJ Ranch and visiting the German town of Fredericksburg.  I had the best schnitzel that I have ever had outside of Germany.  We dined in a little German restaurant that I don’t think seated more than 20 people at the most.

Of course, I seem to always get myself into some type of trouble no matter what I do or where I go.  I don’t know if this would qualify as trouble, but it sure was weird!    I’ve been through security countless times at different airports around the world.  I pretty much have the drill down perfectly.  I know what needs to be put in a plastic bag, how to display my iPad, IPhone and such.  I have had to have the body scan quite a few times also.  But, this time after the body scan I was taken aside to be checked.  I asked what was wrong.  I was told it was my hair.  MY HAIR!!!  Everyone who knows me knows my hair is hardly an inch long all over my head.  Next thing I knew the lady was running her fingers through my hair.  I can’t imagine what she would be looking for.  I know my hair is just one big mess of cowlicks, but surely, there was no way I could hide contraband on top of my head. 

Yesterday after church we headed over to Adams to enjoy the Torsk/Roast Beef Buffet.  Torsk is breaded cod that is deep fried.   It is so delicious, especially when you dip each bite in melted butter.  Torsk is also called the “poor man’s lobster”.  The beef is also very tender.  We enjoyed our meal with John and Eunice Evenson, David and Loretta Monson and Gary and Toni Monsebroten.  As we were finishing our meal I looked around and counted 30 people from Edinburg enjoying the buffet.  Every time the Adams Café has their buffet there is a steady stream of cars on #9 driving  the 15 or so miles over to Adams.

O yes, I do have a story to tell-----as told to me by John Evenson.  It seems while we were gone there was a lone deer that took up residence in the city park.  The deer had trouble walking and obviously was not in good shape.  It seems one day the mayor (Bob Halldorson) went over to the park to check on the deer.  The deer was lying down and not moving at all.  Bob picked up an ice chunk and threw it at the deer.  It did NOT move.  The mayor knew the deer was dead as a doornail.  He told them over at the Table of Knowledge that the deer was dead.  Shortly afterwards someone who had been at the “table” decided to go check out the deer.  Lo and behold, the deer lifted up his head.  The moral of the story is:  Don’t fall asleep in front of the mayor----he may call the undertaker!  Poor Bob was harassed a bit by all the guys that spend time down at Cenex drinking coffee and visiting.

Congratulations to DuWayne (Pewe) and Melissa on the birth of their little daughter Alyson (I am not sure of the spelling).  Also, a belated 91st happy birthday to Lois Ydstie   Lois is such a gracious and lovely lady.

Glad to know that James Haug is out of the hospital after suffering a stroke.  He is home and is doing well.  Elroy Brandvold is still hospitalized.  Hope you are feeling better.

Have a great day and we will visit later.  Thanks to Lyle & Audrey Bigwood for the kinds words about the website.








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March 18, 2013

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Class trip to the Coca-Cola factory. Hope there is no pop quiz.

What does a clock do when it gets hungry? It goes back four seconds.

I'm reading a book about anti-gravity--I can't put it down.

Broken pencils are pointless.

Haunted French pancakes give me the crepes.

courtesy of my sister-in-law Norma



Just to give a perspective how high the snowbank is over by the church.



The famous "Riverwalk" in downtown San Antonio.