The Crow's Nest - March 2, 2013

It is hard to find anything to write about when it is icy, snowy and just plain cold outside. Temperatures have decided to warm just a bit.  Now, that puts a “spring in my step”!   More than the temperatures perking me up is the music down
at the store.  During the holidays Katie Hall had Christmas music piped outside of Market on Main.   It sure put me in the holiday mood.  Well, the easy listening music of Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble and others takes any thought of grumpiness out of the picture.  It just makes me smile, or as Fred Hall said, “I feel like dancing!”

A “study” I read about the other day made my heart skip a beat.  I have written how I hate-hate-hate  those monstrous vitamin C  pills.  Well, the study done by some medical group came to the conclusion it is just a waste of time to take pills.  It seems we get enough vitamin C & D from the foods we eat.  I know for sure I get enough vitamin C as cheese and dairy products are my main food group.  Anyway, I was happy with the studies.  I suppose in a few months they will come out refuting this study.

This is old news, but a very belated happy birthday to Julia Lee.  Julia turned 101 years old February 12th.  Both Glenna and Cheryl were home.  Doris Haug turned 90 on the 12th also and Carol Pewe just turned another year older.  They had a Senior Citizen’s Party down at the Community Center for all the “seniors” with February birthdays.  Carol celebrated her birthday in Arizona.

Doran Olafson also had a birthday.  Doran turned 80 years old.  There was a birthday reception for him following Sunday morning services at church.  Doran’s children and Vera and Verna prepared the party.  Doran is such a faithful newspaper deliverer.  He is in town every morning about 5 am to deliver our daily papers.  I know we really appreciate him. 

Morgan Ellingson and Abbie Sondeland  recently received their EMT certification.  I hope you noticed the blurb I wrote on the home page.

Also, congratulations to Rachel Jonasson.  Rachel is an 8th grader at Valley-Edinburg and recently took first place in the Math Count competition.  This competition was for junior high students from both Pembina and Walsh counties.  Good job Rachel.

A very big thank you to Jan Nygard for the work she has done with our Community Lending Library down at the Community Center.  She must have spent hours alphabetizing, categorizing and straightening up all the books in the Post Office/Community Center lobby.  I can imagine it was a huge undertaking.  Jan, the shelves look wonderful.  Thanks again for time spent.

Chuck and I were at UND hockey last night.  Before the game Medal of Honor winner Clint Romesha was honored and recognized for his bravery in battle in Afghanistan.  I wonder if there was a dry eye in the house.  It really was a beautiful tribute to him.  SSGT Romesha lives in Minot with his wife and 3 children.  O yes, UND beat Bemidji State 4-2. 

Bonnie and Lyle Amundrud are traveling the rails around the United States.  I know they are having a great time.   Wayne and Barb Brandvold are going to the Dominican Repulbic to soak up some sun.  I am sure they are more Edinburgers traveling at this time.  I hope they all are enjoying their vacations.

Have a great day and we will talk later.







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March 2, 2013

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I tried to catch some fog, I mist.

Jokes about German sausage are the wurst.

A soldier who survived mustard gas and pepper spray is now a seasoned veteran.

When chemists die, they barium.

I stayed up all night to see where the sun went---then it dawned on me.

courtesy of my sister-in-law Norma


frosty sign

One morning the frost really hung in the air and covered everything.


ambers shower

Many turned out for Amber Nordquist's bridal shower. Amber's mom Cathy, sister Melanie and niece Madison are helping her with her gifts.