The Crow's Nest - January 31, 2013

Bbbrrrrrr---It is cold outside.  The wind is blowing and the snow is drifting.  Wind chill factors for east central North Dakota are in the minus 40’s.  Highway #2 from East Grand Forks to Crookston is closed as are many schools in that area.  We truly were spoiled last winter with the weather being so mild.  This latest cold snap is supposed to be over by tomorrow afternoon.  I sure hope so!

The “STONE SOUP BUS TOUR” is coming to townLoretta Monson mentioned the other day that a group of UND students would be coming to Edinburg over their Spring break.  They will be going around to various communities in the area to learn about the communities and hopefully be involved in some community projects.  Loretta is hoping people will think of areas of service the students can help with around town.  There will be no more than 12 people coming.  Two of them will be advisors.  Credit will be given for this project.

Congratulations to Hayley Fingarson.  She represented Walsh County as a 4-H member at the 90th National Round-Up Conference held recently in Denver, CO.  Haley along with 4 other Walsh County 4-H members took 5th place in the Consumer Decision Making Contest.  This contest is designed to help youth make knowledgeable, rational decisions when purchasing goods and services.  Over 950 4-H and FFA members representing 32 states and Alberta, Canada participated.  These 5 girls really did well.

Also, congratulations to Hayley and Elizabeth Pilon   for being chosen for the All State Mixed Chorus.  We have some very talented young people in our midst.

Okay, I have to ask if I am “going over the cliff” so to speak.  A couple of mornings ago I was getting ready to go down to Park River for breakfast.  I took a shower and hurriedly got dressed and ready.  My hair is about 1 inch short at the most all over my head.  It was cold out so I did not want to leave with a very wet head.  I did the most logical thing I could think of----I started running  - well maybe trotting- in a circle around our kitchen and living room.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw Chuck look at me like I was nuts or something.  I thought it was very logical.  At my pace, just a bit of a breeze was flowing through my hair.  It was dark outside so I suppose vehicles driving by would wonder what kind of antics were taking place in the Mielke household.  At least I wasn’t wasting electricity!

Maybe my family is not so normal.  I got a call from son Dave last Saturday.  He led a group of guys from his office at Coca-Cola on a Polar Plunge.  They even had to break the ice in the water for them to jump in.  Now that’s GOOFY!

The flu bug has hit many in the community.  I know James and Doris Haug along with Bud and Lynette Langerud have been down and out.  Elroy Brandvold said it took him about 10 days to recover and Richard Geir has been down and out too.  I know there are many more that are not feeling well also.

I am so glad “Keeping Up Appearances” is back on our local Public TV station weeknights at 6:30 PM.  The British sitcom must be really old.  I have seen every episode many times over, but I still find it SO funny.  I guess it does not take much to keep me entertained.  I have been told that more than once.

Greg and Ruth Hall and Wayne and Loretta Bernhoft just returned from Arizona.  They were there for about a week just soaking up the warmth of the sun.  O, how wonderful that sounds.  Brian and Jill Trofgruben just returned from Phoenix.  Brian said it rained the whole time.  Not so good.

Have a great day and we will talk later.







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January 31, 2013

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How come when you have your appendix removed it is called an apendectomy and when you have your tonsils removed it is called a tonsillectomy, but: if you have a growth removed from your head it's called a HAIR CUT!!

courtesy of David Monson while seated at the "Table of Knowledge" down at CENEX.


gladys pic

Here is a picture Gladys Patterson painted many, many years ago. Gladys was the telephone operator in Edinburg. She also had a card shop in where the switchboard was.



I think these gals were all set to go shopping. Great picture of Carol Pewe and Donah Christianson.