The Crow's Nest - January 11, 2013

What a night!  A blizzard is raging outside our window.  I cannot even see Trinity Lutheran Church!  Rain, then sleet started falling south of us early this morning.  Fargo streets along with highways were and still are a mess.  Many vehicles went into the ditches along roadways.  The brunt of the ice storm seemed to hit just over the “river” into Minnesota.  Snow started falling here this morning.  The wind really started picking up this afternoon.  Storm warnings kept popping up on the television and my phone.  Predictions were not good for this weekend.

Thankfully, we had the good sense to NOT go down for hockey tonight.  UND is playing Denver College.  We will just have to be content to watch the game on TV.  Even Mike Spanier did not venture out in this weather!  Mike figured the recliner would be a great place to watch the game.

Winter and its activities are back in full swing after the Christmas break.  The kids are back in school.  These next couple of months will seem long as everyone waits for spring.

I was visiting with Lana (Windingland) Larson the other day down at Market On Main and she mentioned my reminiscing about Christmas’ past.  That made me stop and think about how many, many memories all of you readers must have about time spent in Edinburg.  For me, tonight is a perfect example with blizzard conditions outside.  This area has not had weather like this is many years.

I remember one year when there was SO much snow that drifts were up and over businesses in town.  If memory serves me correct, there were snow banks along highway 32 that went up to the high-line poles.  These banks were there when the community choir presented an Easter Cantata.  This may have been in 1957 or 58!

Other memories for me are Dave Folson’s red pickup, high school freshman initiation, the Edinburg band playing on Main street every Wednesday night and going out to the drive-in theater to watch a movie------or not!   I remember car-hopping at the Drive-Inn across from Cenex.  I think Marie Peterson and Alice Christianson owned it.  I made 50 cents an hour.   I loved Saturday nights when the “TIBER  COULEE” guys would come.  They would come from the dance in Lankin and wow!  THEY WOULD TIP WELL!   I would get a $5.00 tip.  I hope everyone can relate to fun times in Edinburg

Last week at this time many local folks were down in Texas ready to cheer on the NDSU Bison football team.   I saw Thomas Hall and Neil Bernhoft on TV during a pre-game show.  The Bison fans did a great job of cheering on the team as NDSU beat Sam Houston State 39-13 to win the FCS championship.

Many of us helped John and Carol Bjornson celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary last Saturday night.  Their family hosted a wonderful party at the community center.  It was a great evening.  My, it seems like only yesterday Carol and I were attending Bible Camp together.

Harold and Alida Flom, Larry and Carol Pewe and Dennis and Bev Hammer are missing out on all the fun tonight.  The Flom’s are in Arkansas for a few weeks and the Pewe’s and Hammer’s are in Arizona.  I am sure they all wish they were back in Edinburg listening to the howling wind.

I am glad to report Bert Eisenmann is back home.  Bert had been in the Mayo Hospital then spent time with his daughter in Wisconsin recovering.  Bert’s grandson is here with him now for a few days.

It is with sadness I write that Runa Sveen passed away.  She was 93 years old.  Runa’s funeral is this coming Monday.

It is time to go to bed and dream about warm sandy beaches and sunny weather somewhere in the Bahamas.   Have a good day and we will talk later.     






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January 11, 2013

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.The first turnpike in the US was chartered by the Virginia Assembly in 1796. It led west from Alexandria toward the lower Shenandoah Valley, and it was owned by a private company. Tolls were collected at intervals where the road was barred by a long pole or pike, which had to be turned to allow passage---hence the name.


The first commerically produced chewing gum made from the resin of spruce trees, was manufactured in 1848 by John Curtis of Bangor, Maine. The first chewing gum made from chicle, the taffy-like milky sap of the Mexican sapodilla tree, was produced by Thomas Adams and sold in Hoboken, New Jersey. He followed it up with a licorice flavored gum called Black Jack, that is still sold today.


bjornson family

John and Carol Bjornson are pictured with their children and grandchildren. John and Carol were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.


madison directing

Personal pride in our grand-daughter Madison. She is a senior in high school in Lawrence, KS and directed the Concert Band during a recent Christmas performance.