The Crow's Nest - December 20, 2012

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  It was one of those days when “all is right with the world”.  Big, huge snowflakes drifted lazily to the ground.  There was no wind to push them side to side.  The temperatures were in the 20’s and Christmas music was playing from outside speakers on Market On Main.  I went downtown, got out of my car and proceeded to get back in.  Nostalgia suddenly hit me from all sides.  I had memories of years ago when I treasured Christmas time with great innocence.  Listening to the music and watching the snow fall reminded me how excited I used to get when our Luther League would go from house to house caroling.  How much fun we all had traipsing through the snow.  My reverie was broken when Inside my car Elvis came on the air singing “Blue Christmas”.  Now, that just about did me in.  I thought I would melt right in the driver’s seat.  O, how I loved that song when it first came out---and I still do.  For me it has to be Elvis’ version.  It was a beautiful day for me.  I hope you all have memories also that bring you happiness.

Talking about the weather.  Yes, it was beautiful in our corner of the world.  Not everyone experienced the same quiet snowfall.  I just talked to our son Dave in Kansas.  He said they had a full-fledged blizzard going there early this morning.  He said the roads were very icy, snow was falling and winds were blowing at 50 miles an hour.  He said it was a long drive from Tonganoxie to Topeka at 4 AM.  (He’s District Manager for Coca-Cola so he said he had to be at work at this time of the year.)

Happiness is important.  There is way too much sadness at this time.  The shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in New Town, CT has left a profound hole in many, many hearts throughout the world.  What a tragedy for all the families, friends and all who feel this pain.  I am sure everyone is remembering terrible time of grief in their thoughts and prayers.

I brought some crockpot chocolate candy down to the “Table of Knowledge” yesterday during their coffee time.  It didn’t take long for it to get eaten.  That makes me happy as sweets just aren’t eaten around our house.  I like to make them especially at Christmas.  I usually end up throwing a bunch after the holidays.

We are looking forward to our Christmas Eve service at Trinity.  We are without a pastor at this time, but Eunice Evenson and Jan Johansen have prepared a service of word and song for us.  I know the service will be very meaningful.  They did the same thing a couple of years ago when we were without a pastor.  It truly was one of the most beautiful Christmas services I had ever experienced.

It is fun to see Sadie Sondeland down at Market On Main manning the cash register.  She is on Christmas break from UND.  Sadie is a freshman and is majoring in nursing.  Jackson Hall has been home now for a while also.  I am sure by this weekend we will see more college kids home.

I was stunned with the news that Norma Mathiason had suffered a huge heart attack and is hospitalized at Sanford in Fargo.  Also, Ellie Stabo is having many tests done to determine symptoms she is having.  Ellie also is at Sanford.  Both these wonderful ladies are in our thoughts and prayers.

O yes, happy birthday to nephew Thomas John (TJ) Hall today.  He is one great guy.

I am getting ready to SKYPE with our 20 year old grandson Brogan who is spending his college break in Europe visiting many countries via Euro-Rail Pass and hostels.  He is with 2 of his cousins.  A fun trip!  We will talk later.  Have a Merry Christmas.





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December 20, 2012

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CHRISTMAS THOUGHTS (I asked people what made Christmas special for them)

1. KIM OLSON: Family and friends and the beautiful atmosphere.

2. JULIE SONDELAND: The "softness" that seems to show through in many personalities. There seems to be more forgiveness and more smiles.

3. SHEILA LAXDAL: The joy of family.

4. KATIE HALL: Christmas family memories.

5. SUZIE KARTES: Family and friends.

6. JIM LANGERUD: Lutefisk and lefse.

7. BOB HALLDORSON: Getting together with family and friends.

8. LYLE AMUNDRUD: Grandkids

9. JOHN EVENSON: Family getting together.


santa helpers

Santa had his helpers who planned all the games for the kids. Kneeling left to right are Cheri Stabo, Julie Byron and Katie Hall. Standing are Jeanette Gemmill and Jill Troftgruben. These gals did a whole lot of work to make our Community Christmas Party a huge sucess.


madison directing

Personal pride in our grand-daughter Madison. She is a senior in high school in Lawrence, KS and directed the Concert Band during a recent Christmas performance.