The Crow's Nest - October 20, 2012

O, I apologize profusely for being so late in posting a new Crow’s Nest.  I am getting old (er) and just have too many things on my plate!!

We spent a few days at the Lakes in Minnesota and then drove down to Tonganoxie, Kansas to visit our two sons and their families.  We usually drive I-29 when we go to Kansas.  This time, because of being in Minnesota, we took I-35 down through Iowa.  It was hard to look at all of the corn fields and the devastation caused from the lack of rain.  The crops really looked so bad---and it truly made me sad to look at them.

It is always fun to visit our “kids” in Kansas.  We got to be part of Tonganoxie High School’s Homecoming.  I enjoyed watching our grand-daughter Madison Rilee get ready for the big dance.  Hours were spent getting hair, nails and whatever else done.  When Madison left with her date Cody for the dance, I could not have been more proud.   What a beautiful and wonderful young lady she is.

We also got to meet our other grand-daughter Madison Anne's (yes, we have 2 grand-daughters with the same name) friend Lea Nickel who was in Kansas staying with Madison as an exchange student from Eutin, Germany.  Madison and Lea interacted as if they had known each other forever.  I know it was hard when Lea had to leave for her home in Germany.

Okay, it would not be normal unless I had something to complain about.  Well, I have something!  In fact, I have two things—one is the size of the calcium pill I take every day.  Why on earth does it have to be SO huge?    It is a calcium pill with vitamin D and it is humongous.  I honestly have to choke it down every morning.  Give me hints on how to take this pill.

The other thing that drives me nuts---and I may have written about this before---are PASSWORDS.  I cannot keep all of them straight even though I have a special folder with every password written down.  Life was much easier when all I needed to remember was my telephone number.  I really am my own worst enemy as I as I am so attached to technology.  I have an I-Pod, I-Pad, 2 laptops, I desktop and a smartphone.  But, I am old enough where I can complain for no reason at all.  I guess I truly am my own worst enemy----and a cantankerous one to boot!

The only thing else I have to complain about is playing the game “SCRAMBLE WITH FRIENDS”  I play it with sister Ruthie and she always beats me.  I am not a happy camper!!  Katie Hall gave me a hint to use my finger rather than my stylus to play the game.  What a difference that made.  I ALMOST won a game!!! 

I just read a study in some magazine that says people are happiest when they are 9 years old and when they are 68 years old.  Of course special events like weddings also come in to play.  Thinking about this makes me totally agree.  I remember being very happy when I was 9 and now I am 68 years old and I am very, very happy with life.  The study also said that in family dynamics grandparents are the most fun people to be around.  Well, I agree with that also.

Condolences go to the Spanier family.  LaVerne Spanier passed away last week.  Her funeral was last Saturday.  It is very hard to lose a loved one.  I also am mourning the loss of a great family friend.  Steve Johnson died last Thursday.  Steve grew up in Edinburg and was a great friend to my folks.  Whenever Steve and his wife Marilou came to visit Steve would fill me in on the history of Edinburg.  He seemed to know so much.  He remembered that basketball games used to be played in the building which now is the museum in our city park.  He often called and would reminisce about life in Edinburg years ago.  Steve was close to 90 years old.  He too will be missed.

There is happy news also.  Congratulations go to Tom Holm and Kristi Byron Seim on their recent marriage.  This afternoon Richard Geir and Judy Olafson will be married up in Mountain.  There is an open house reception from 3 – 5 following their wedding.  It is a very happy time for everyone.

I will leave you with one last thought:  Won’t it be great when all the negative campaigning is over?  Have a great day and we will talk later.



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October 20, 2012

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1. An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.

2. The only real person to be a Pez head was Betsy Ross.

3. When the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers play football at home, the stadium becomes the states third largest city.

4. In England the Speaker of the House is not allowed to speak.

5. It's impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.



Grand-daughter Madison with Lea (the exchange student from Germany) who stayed with Maddy while attending school in Lawrence, KS.



We got to be a part of watching grand-daughter Madison leave for the homecoming dance with her date Cody.