The Crow's Nest - September 18, 2012

Whew!   We bit the bullet again and made it through another Turkey Supper.  Every year I pronounce it will be MY LAST YEAR!   Then I find myself writing an after-action report with things we should do differently next year.  I am my own worst enemy.

Once again the supper was a huge success.  We served 474 people.  That was a bit down from previous years, but most all of the custom combiners have left the area.  Many of our take-outs were for those very people.  Despite the smaller number of people served 199 take-outs were ordered.  It is just unbelievable how well supported this endeavor is.  People come from miles around to enjoy the food.  It really is a wonderful event for our church.  We could not do it without many, many people pitching in.

One story about the supper.  We were in Boston the weekend before the supper and my mind was a whirlwind planning a strategy for mincing onions and celery for dressing and then drying the bread.  We got home Sunday night and Ruth and Greg came over.  I mentioned about hitting the floor running Monday morning and Ruth just looked at me and said, “Rita, everything is done”!  I thought I would go into cardiac arrest.  Tears started to flow and I just could not hug Ruthie enough.  Ruth and Dorothy with help from Lynette Langerud and Carol Bjornson had gotten all of the onions and celery ready AND toasted 40 loaves of bread.  I slept well Sunday night.  There just is SO much preparatory work getting ready for the supper.  I cannot thank these gals enough.

We had a wonderful, short trip to Boston.  Our three kids and their spouses also were there.  We all went for a family wedding.  But, we had lived outside of Boston for 4 years from 1980 – 1984.  Kris graduated from high school there.  We took a sentimental trip back to Ft Devens and Ayer, Massachusetts.  The kids loved seeing their old high school and I loved seeing our huge colonial brick house we had lived in.  With a lifetime of moving around so much, it is always fun to go back and revisit.  The northeast is a beautiful part of the United States.  Boston is especially a wonderful city to explore.  There is so much history in the whole area.

Okay, in the last Crow’s Nest I complained about cucumbers.  This time it is jalapeno peppers.  I had 6 plants and I am not exaggerating when I say I have picked in over 300 peppers!  I have canned peppers and froze peppers.  We have eaten many stuffed peppers.  I have a 2 gallon bag stuffed with more jalapenos.  Any suggestions?  I also thought I was totally through with canning.   Well, Chuck brought in 10 gallons of tomatoes yesterday.  My first thought was to toss them at a wall or something.   Common sense jumped in (I hope it is common sense) and I went down to the General Store and bought some pint and ½ jars and will can tomato sauce tomorrow.  I really don’t need anymore, but I just can’t let them go to waste.

Autumn is definitely here.  Days are getting shorter and a whole lot cooler.  Today it struggled to reach a high of 52 degrees.  Just last week we had temperatures in the 80’s.  O well, we still have leaves on the trees.

Vera Brandvold and her sister Verna are on a 2 week tour of Norway.  I have posted a couple of pictures Vera sent from Norway.   Kathy Clapp and family are traveling also.  They went to the Philippines,  Viet Nam, Cambodia and other places in the Far East.  These exotic places are a long way from our little utopia of Edinburg!

Have a great day and we will talk with you later!



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September 18, 2012

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1. Why do retiree's count pennies? They are the only ones who have the time!

2. What do retiree's call a long lunch? Normal!

3. What is the biggest advantage of going back to school as a retiree? If you cut classes, no one calls your parents!

courtesy of Curt Mecham



What a beautiful night we had for our reunion. Pictured sitting outside our home is Dennis Hogfoss, Rose Adele Sigurdson, Judy Evens and Cecil Sigurdson.


les singing

Les Jensen entertained everyone at the Community Center with country music he sang and accompanied himself on guitar.